Republicans Abandon The Sinking Trump Ship

Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have distanced themselves from the Trump administration and the investigations that plague it. Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder and Farron Cousins talk about the White House leak scandal.

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Adolf Hitler from “Downfall” has his say on the Republican choice for President in 2016.

38 thoughts on “Republicans Abandon The Sinking Trump Ship

  1. Michael Ledford

    You pinhead beta male mush spines make me laugh at the rhetoric you spew ,your wholey corrupt Democratic party pals are causing the mass chaos while your Democratic party senators are acting like petulant children by refusing to hold the hearings needed for the President to fill his cabinet ,the Russia Russia Russia deal is a red herring when we should be focused on Obama & Hillary stacking the state dept with known Whabiests and Muslim brotherhood.

    don't even post a stupid reply about proof because 4 have already been fired for looking at classified Intel ,then we have all the mass crimes of Hillary being on the Chinese payroll and Huma Abadine being on 5 payrolls at once .

    you 2 are a frigging joke with your Russia witch hunt ,durring Obama's reign exactly how many country's did Russia topple and leave destroyed ,how many drone strikes did Russia do under Obama's reign ,how much stress did the debt free Russia place on the global reserve currency under Obama watch ,the answers are a big fat ZERO .

    China and George Soros and their owning Clinton & Obama are what needs investigating ,as well as who the hell the man calling himself Barack Hussein Obama really is since 5 experts agreed his birth certificate is a forgery ,how about investigating Michelle Obama's multiple social security numbers and how nobody can explain ,how about Obama's SEALED records ?

    I can't wait until President Trump unsealed Obama's records legally & instructs the doj to immediately comply with a fifa request from judicial watch lmfao

  2. Barb Dallaire

    These bums are living in a fantasy world wishing that P. Trump wasn't as successful as he is . Job creation is what he campaigned on and he is doing just that. Crooked Hillery, belongs in Jail, not the WHite House nor the Mayor of NYC either.

  3. Dion Puzon

    Why can't you accept the fact that the Americans knew the criminal that Hillary is. And how can a rightious people vote for her? During the campaign cycle, Hillary and the Dems were rife with scandals. The Obama scandals alone were enough to dampen the interest of the Americans to vote Dems. Now , Trump won. Can we just pay attention to what matters now?

  4. paula null

    Lately the smirks on  Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan faces are disgusting!   Once again money is more important that the people of the USA.  Maybe if this so-called medical plan is passed we should start gluing locks of hair to the white house gates from people who have died because of them.  Gorilla Glue anyone?

  5. Lance Williams

    Thanks for the warning, haven't you guys gotten tired of spreading lies and keeping fake issues in the front? Losers seem to cry the loudest.

  6. Niva Ruvio

    Its amazing how these clowns completely ignore the facts and continue to try and hype this nonsense I guess they are willing to give up their careers because they are self destructing it doesn't even make sense are they that stupid.

  7. Hayabusa Dragon

    Investigate Trump? Yeah keep the false Russian narrative going you FUCKING ZOMBIES!

  8. Hayabusa Dragon

    This whole video is based on the PIPE DREAM that Trump will somehow "go down" hahahaha these two are fucking morons and just like ALL SJWS THEY LIVE IN A FANTASY LAND!

  9. Willie Speirs

    Rand Paul – More than a hint of arrogance here – It's not the Repubs. decision whether to investigate wrong-doing – that may well be OK for something known to be minor and within the Republican Party.
    He appears to think that the Republicans hold the patent on virtue. I would go as far as to say it's not looking that way – not by a distance – and their apparent acceptance of the president's outpourings does nothing whatsoever to improve their reputation.

    He (RP) may hold these views but it's clearly un-wise to voice them publicly as if he was speaking only to Republican supporters. It may well be that what he really meant was that there are already other investigations in play – why do more ? That's all very well – but that's not what he said. He's not coming across as an icon of trust or integrity. It will have been noticed and noted.

  10. Garland Davis

    Just as many petiphiles in the Republican Party as in the democrat party. Cia giving trump all the problems because they are controlling congress with bribes and black male.

  11. Psychotic Panic Attack


  12. Natty Bumppo


  13. Vern Hallett

    Title of this video is bullshit. Should read RINOS Are Losing Battle Against Americans And National Sovereignty.

  14. Raymond Patrick

    it would be funny if it made sense. I understand comedy is all about exaggeration but this was just pure lies that made no sense. Trump never skipped out on any bills or ran any businesses into bankruptcy. Trump started 354 businesses from scratch into major companies that make big money. Only 3 failed. Those 3 he put the loans and equpment , well anything bought or used in those deals on title 19. Title 19 is bankruptcy but only a form of it, it doesnt mean the person went broke. It means they wont lose anything outside the failled attempt on that business . Its legal and if it didnt exist then this country would have been lke the poorest parts of Africa.

  15. James Moeller

    As a professor of history, this makes me sick to my stomach. It is full of half-truths, outright lies, and misinformation. So who should we approve, Hillary, "The Butcher of Benghazi," who because of her inaction allowed 4 people, including the US Ambassador to Libya die. Perhaps Trump did make these errors, but they did not result in the death of American citizens.

  16. The Feral Sage

    You should see my face every time someone says "but he can still change his ways and make a difference!" AH!!! I wish we could have taught Donald " <3 Bern "

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