Republican Whip Eric Cantor Talks Regulation & The Economy On CNN

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Eric Cantor discusses health care reform with Sean Hannity.
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18 thoughts on “Republican Whip Eric Cantor Talks Regulation & The Economy On CNN

  1. Paulo Villafana

    all the us public should watch Sicko, it will reveal a lot about why we
    need universal health care, but it will never happen because of idiots like

  2. JohnRhysMusician

    Join the facebook group “Republican men are just better looking”. Seriously
    its true. Coming from one.

  3. Belinda Stevens

    Can you honestly comment on anything Obama said??? Didn’t I see you
    texting? Or were you twittering?? Nice job showing up though and
    embarrassing yourself and Virginia!

  4. JPK7777777

    Saul Alynski would have been proud of Obama tonight! It is not what they
    say, it is what they do. It is illogical that one can increase the number
    of people being covered while not increasing costs or lowering the quality
    of care and coverage. Please, see my page for the dangers of the
    possibility of mandated H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine containing Squalene. This is
    in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Please, see my page for critical
    related information. Thanks.

  5. JohnRhysMusician

    Along with Aaron Schock, Jason Chaffetz, and Paul Ryan. Cantor will be
    speaker of the house someday.

  6. amu23

    DangerGirl6, SICKO is a very good movie. In it, Moore pays the HC bill of
    one of his critics even. I’m sure he’s donated more money than most to help
    others trapped in the HC nightmare. Here’s another good documentary to
    watch: Bill Moyer’s showed ‘Money Driven Medicine’. As for Cantor, wake up,
    he’s a selfish, self-centered, self-interested idiot, like most Republicans.

  7. raiseup151z

    he deserves a slap or two….this fruit cake needs to get a new job since
    caring for people is not in him. Eric Cantor = Epic Fail.

  8. MrAndy500

    What about private education against public education? that seems to work
    just fine… and why so many insurance companies in Europe can be
    profitable and compete with a public company at the same time?

  9. Phillip Galey

    In his soft soap criticism of Joe Wilson, I felt like some one should’ve
    popped a pacifier into Eric Cantor’s mouth–I know, he wouldn’t want to be
    seen sucking his thumb, . . .

  10. creamone

    My health insurance is with B/C B/S under FEHB. (Federal Employees Health
    Benefits) The benefits are great and the premiums for a family plan
    compared to the private sector is very affordable. This is the same program
    your Congressman/woman, Senators, our President is recieving. This is
    basically a Public Option. We have a variety or Health Insurance carriers
    to choose from. What is wrong with the American people getting the same


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