Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses Health Care, Ethics On NBC’s “Meet The Press” (1/2)

Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses Health Care, Ethics On NBC's

Republican Whip Eric Cantor discusses health care and ethics on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Please rate this video five stars, favorite it, post it to your YouTu…
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Republican Whip Eric Cantor on the Democrats heath care overhaul.
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16 thoughts on “Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses Health Care, Ethics On NBC’s “Meet The Press” (1/2)

  1. shananagans5

    @jay123jd You are clearly not paying attention. Nobody wins with this bill.
    It does nothing to control costs and basically just forces you to buy a gov
    approved policy. We need to control costs, not just force people to buy a
    policy. That fixes nothing and gives the gov a great deal of control over
    your life. Tell me how that fixes anything.

  2. alwaysguapo

    Debbie!!! Hello??? What about the abusive practices of the lawyers!!! WHY
    do you never want to reign them in. YOU would create another huge problem
    if punish the insurance companies before you end the frivilous lawsuites.
    Give us TORT REFORM first and then go after the insurance companies.

  3. jay123jd

    Did you see how Cantor spent more time trying to get out Luntz talking
    points and not want to even qualify a response to anything that would move
    the debate forward. Typical republicon insurance shill, just kick the can
    down the road so he will get millions to stay at the top with the best
    health insurance money can buy. Republicons know the insurance companies
    will lose big time if this passes. With every man woman and child covered
    the insurance companies will have to lower prices to survive.

  4. jay123jd

    Day in and day out people tend to forget the last 8 years of republicon
    rule in the whitehouse. These republicons could not manage an outhouse. But
    they can fill one without much trouble. Our depressed economy is a direct
    result of poor leadership at the highest levels( and a total disreagard of
    managing a war that tripled our national debt). And Cantor kept hiding the
    salami with the American public while Rome burned.

  5. VAKirk

    Congressman Cantor, you are a tremendous supporter of Israel. Israeli
    citizens have enjoyed government-run health care system since their nation
    was founded in 1948. Every Israeli citizen is covered. Pres. Obama’s plan
    only covers the American people without health care insurance. Would you
    criticize Israeli’s health care system as being terrible? Obviously, the
    conservative government in Israel has no plans to eliminate it. Why?
    Because their health care system works overall.

  6. kopi3nnn

    Eric Cantor and Republicans think offering afforable healthcare to
    Americans is a crime, worse than anything Hitler did to the people of

  7. CarribeanBeachbum06

    When these Government workers deny you what will you do? Can you fire them
    like the private sector? NO! There will be no private option after the Dems
    run them out of business. You will be left with greedy Government
    bureaucrats! Hope you are happy then!

  8. ojdidit34

    Healthcare “as we know it” – needs transformation bub! Republicans need to
    get over it. just because they couldn’t do anything about it when
    republicans held a majority is no reason to derail this effort. Healthcare
    in america is irreducibly complex, but you have to start somewhere and
    tweak it as needed over time.

  9. 1kkyu

    Day in and day out the Democrats in Congress are working to expand
    government control and limit citizens’ rights.

  10. Rowegue

    @badasschill Wow you definitely give credit to your cause with your
    exceptional and extensive vocabulary. Retard.

  11. Curtis Murkey

    It certainly does “bub”. Government has far too much involvement in it
    already on both the state and federal level. They’re largely at fault for
    why it’s as screwed up as it is. The “start” you suggest is letting them
    play an even larger role. No thanks. Quit being so eager to spend everyone
    else’s money.

  12. CarribeanBeachbum06

    You apparently haven’t worked with Government A**Holes. I have and do! You
    can’t argue with these power monger Government workers. They LOVE your
    misery. To them it’s funny. I can only imagine how these Democrat backed
    Government egomaniacs will treat you in Health Care!!!


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