Republican Whip Eric Cantor & Ambassador Dore Gold Speak At Iran Press Conference

Earlier today, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Ambassador Dore Gold spoke at a press conference on Iran. Please rate this video five stars and favorite it. Subsc…

Rep. Eric Cantor went up against Rep. Rahm Emanuel and completely whipped him.
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26 thoughts on “Republican Whip Eric Cantor & Ambassador Dore Gold Speak At Iran Press Conference

  1. Dawn Moriarity

    Since when do poor kids not have health insurance? It is called title 19. I
    would rather have the government control my health insurance than greedy
    insurance companies and that is really sad. I didn’t hear any whipping

  2. chaztikov

    To Mastabiff, Personally, I respect the argument for police, but really, I
    would be so much happier if there were fewer around. Honestly, I have NEVER
    found myself in a situation where I could thank the police you might say
    “that’s because police prevent it!” well, you’re right to an extent…but
    I’ve been robbed, had property invaded, and you know what? I’ve paid about
    5x that amount in unwarranted tickets and threats from police alone! So
    don’t just assume we all desire these institutions

  3. Margaret Davey

    @minorityattack Why must you resort to illerate cursing? When anyone finds
    that someone is getting the best of Obama an his administration you all get
    to crazy-talking. Did you vote at all? I did and I didn’t vote for this
    admin. Didn’t think much of the Republican ticket, but knew that this move
    toward government control would be coming.

  4. leoo1313

    After watching this atrocity please pass it on to every one. The entire
    Nation needs to see this one. This is just blatant corruption and TOTAL
    disregard for the people at its best.

  5. lpcrooks11

    actually you have no idea what ur saying, The VA system typically rates
    higher in almost all areas than privatedly run hospitals, the Walter Reed
    hospital is not run by the VA, its run by the deparment of defense,

  6. mastro82mp

    @joshng01 Are you kidding me? Bush increased the role of the federal
    government more than any President in a long time. Get a grip.

  7. lpcrooks11

    first of all, dont judge the entire VA system by the one facility that
    youve been to in hawaii, of all places, 2nd, the lack of funding for VA
    hospitals has nothing to do with expanding health insurance to millions of
    additional kids, so what is your point?

  8. 1kkyu

    Cantor was very impressive here. I wish he was the president now instead of
    the false messiah who was installed by the media.

  9. yeahlikewhatever

    Emanuel is an old-school Chicago machine politician. Now he’s Obama’s Chief
    of Staff. So much for ‘change’.

  10. EphesiansSixTwelve

    91 people in a 1948 TERRORIST BOMBING in Jerusalem. They play this false
    left vs right (Dem vs Rep) game to con the marks every 4 yrs into thinking
    they have a ‘choice.’ Sorry but it’s all DECEPTION.


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