Republican Presidential Debate Fox News GOP Debate 3/3/16 Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich

Republican Presidential Debate Fox News GOP Debate 3/3/16 Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich

DONALD TRUMP vs EVERYBODY ELSE Republican Debate In Detroit Michigan (FULL DEBATE)

March 03,, 2016 News Corp News









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40 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate Fox News GOP Debate 3/3/16 Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich

  1. Kello1231

    Does anyone actually know where the trade deal losses are coming from or do you all just take his word as fact?

  2. Jew Fro

    Why is one of the main topics given to the candidates about Trump? It is as if they are forcing them to fight with each other on stage with such discriminating questions. A question to Kasich at 1:39:08 "Do you think that Donald Trump is naive about the threat that Vladimir Putin represents?" Who cares if Trump is naive or not, he is sure enough to argue on stage in front of people once again, and those people can figure out that answer themselves. There are much better questions to be asked and answered, the insane amount of Trump questions is doing nothing but giving him more popularity and the opportunity to make himself look better by reversing the question. Sure questions like this are part of the debate, but he is getting an unfair amount of attention compared to the other 3 republican candidates.

  3. Captian Chris

    1. i don't like when they tak about florida because i live there and half the shit they say about the state is false.

    2. i don't do shit and i have calluses on my hands?

  4. Yet Mel

    JOKE, JOKE, JOKE, the whole thing. Embarrassing circus!!! Next elections, they should have rules as to whom enters the race. Psychological examinations that test tolerance to difference of opinions, political correctness, diplomacy, good polite manners and just plain good old civility.

  5. Barbara Jansen

    Here is my bottom line. The government is nothing but a business. Anything that takes money and provide a service is a business. Everything else is about negotiations and decisions that make a profit and uplift and provide a context for society. Mr. Trump is an excellent business man. He understands people and he knows how to negotiation. He cares about what people think of him because if he didn't, then nobody would want to work for him. He's all about American Interests, not international interests just to look good on a pedestal. I believe he can bring business back to America because nobody takes that kind of a stand just to benefit themselves. He has employed thousands of people and I think he is capable of employing more. I think he can bring America back because when push turns to shove, he knows the work it takes to get something done. I know because I am self employed and I know what it takes. I limit my company because I can only do what I am capable of. God bless him if he can handle more responsibility than most of us. We need to get rid of the waste, fraud and abuse and I think he can spot these shysters a mile away.

  6. Barbara Jansen

    Blame blame blame blame blame. How LAME. Just ad a B to it. Taking up precious time. This keeps their responsibility to a dull roar. Its all a smoke screen. This is obviously a program designed by the Establishment. Its about personality disorder complaints. This is not a mental health facility and I am not a trained or licensed therapist. Its mostly all rhetoric with a splash of relevance here or there. Its all about performance and this is a show.

  7. Shortpants MVP

    MAN OF THE YEAR – Donald J. Trump 2016 — Obama…you're fired!
    MAN OF THE YEAR – Donald J. Trump 2016 — Obama…you're fired!
    MAN OF THE YEAR – Donald J. Trump 2016 — Obama…you're fired!
    MAN OF THE YEAR – Donald J. Trump 2016 — Obama…you're fired!

  8. Charles Ashurst

    Moderators did pretty well, I thought.

    Holy Cow. Donald Trump is a fascist dictator wannabe. He'd deliver a smoldering pile of wreckage.

  9. gorgeous george

    kasich sits there and is ignored,,and he says nothing about it,,,i would be hollering my head off to get heard,,,kasich is not the man,,

  10. gorgeous george

    these debates have to change,,this is not the way to get to know candidates,,,this is a farce,,,,trump looks to be the man,,the others are roodypoops,,

  11. SAINT

    government has unsuccessfully ruled for 150+ years and done nothing but shit on everyone and make things worse.. he has some bad things in mind but most good and he's not part of government therefore I say vote trump

  12. Tristan Levy

    I love seeing all these gestures that politicians employ in all their speeches. Like they honestly believe it's important to walk, talk, gesture, like a politician to be better suited as a leader. These little things give away a lot about what a person prioritizes when speaking about issues that are haunting most citizens and depriving them. To me, all I see are people in suits talking about how they care about the people using stage acts to win. To WIN. Because winning is more important to these guys than reason or empathizing with the horrendous reality of every day working class citizens. The dull, grey zone life that the average Americans live every day who simply do not have the energy or the will to knock down so many walls for a chance to live as a middle class. Like the lottery. Like ballots. You have to go through SO MUCH. You have to sacrifice unspeakable things. All these issues a politician or a wealthy businessman will NEVER have to experience from the ground up in these times. All these things taken for granted by a bunch of power hungry self-proclaimed intellectual human beings (who just want to be accepted by the masses over others who struggle to achieve the title of leadership). What they're really doing is stomping all over the people while raising their voices at another candidate saying "I CARE ABOUT THEM MORE THAN YOU". But they aren't really looking at you. They just feel like their morals are being attacked.

    I wouldn't render myself knowledgeable when it comes to what's best for the economy or about politics, but I can see when people are lying. Lying, as in they don't really feel what they are expressing. I can determine when people are just performing stage acts. I've worked with servers at a restaurant and it only took me a less than a year to see the blazing hypocrisy in people. I certainly didn't appreciate their dishonesty, why should the people they are serving appreciate them? They don't. That's why servers get treated like shit most of the time. I was even expected to suck up to the owner of that restaurant, and I know for a fact that that well-suited-up 'big shot' owner knew that everyone was being fake with him. The point I'm trying to make is the issue of hypocrisy. I can't judge all people and I certainly can't say they are men of bad intentions. But maybe misinformed. Maybe they are just another product of what this disgusting society generates and they are just a number in a formula created to try and fix SOME issues. White blood cells trying to figure out the better way to close an open wound that is inflicted by OLD practices. OLD routine.

    None of these old men are willing to accept that they've wasted their entire lives educating themselves in something that simply doesn't work on a global scale. Our governors….. no… our BANKERS are just as human as you. They eat, shit, sleep, and drop a glass of water once in a while. They're no better. So they can be as corrupt as you would hope to think otherwise. They ARE corrupt. No objection. Your leaders are corrupt. No objection. So why do we lower ourselves and render ourselves ineffective to our society by looking up to our leaders, scientists, and other BIG titles as the most important people when we are the taxpayers. We make THEM happen. Because the average American has devalued themselves. That's why they don't vote (not that I have a problem with that). It's just the result. We are being abused in our power to elect those IN power, through propaganda funded by those IN power because we thought those IN power were actually good people. As it turns out, they weren't. And people change. And many things can be hidden from us. And we can always be lied to. And we're unable to see everything.

  13. plum

    Kasich ruined american businesses and welcomed Chinese, Japanese Industries…you fucked USA…Kasich is FIRED!

  14. Official Marlow James FilmCenter

    im gonna miss these guys arguing with each other once the election is over

  15. Magneticitist

    what if the 'people talking about ISIS' map was gathered not only from social media metadata but email and cell phone metadata collected by the NSA =)

  16. bluewren “bluewren8” Reilly

    Be that as it may but Donald Trump is being beaten by  Hilary here right now  in March 16th.  2016 .Amazing what three days in an election  can make, isn't  it? The powers that be in the GOP just don't want him anymore.They think if he wins it will be the end of the GOP. But maybe they have left it too late to move against him?There is no way he can win against Hilary Clinton in the final election  for she does understand policies and how to handle  leaders of other countries. She has experience .smile the twin psychics predicted it any way*smile*.Well then let us wait and see.

  17. Legion Reaver

    Trump is a boss… literally and figuratively… I also like how everyone goes over their time and he's on point. I for one welcome our new overlord.

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