Republican Leadership Press Conference – John Boehner – Eric Cantor August 01, 2011 News Corp Twitter: Facebook: CPS WIR…
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2 thoughts on “Republican Leadership Press Conference – John Boehner – Eric Cantor

  1. NanoEmpyrean

    why should we keep granting american companies tax-breaks for their job
    creation in´╗┐ china? Funneling american currency into a comunist, economic
    blackhole, doesn’t seem to be helping our recovery. I understand why
    wealthy foreigner like Rupert Murdoch would want to make it easier to
    siphon funds from my country. But what educated american would support the
    tea party movement? Cutting funds to the pentagon, is killing that who
    protects our wealth and freedom.

  2. Bean Cube

    Republicans and Democrats have no idea about wars and military cuts except
    Ron Paul. It is time for Americans to vote them all out of the Congress.
    Young people, you have to be determinate. These evil monsters in Congress
    don’t see values of human lives. Money to them is nothing neither. All they
    want is the power to see the population under them suffer.


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