7 thoughts on “Repeal & Replace – Stuart Varney: Obamacare Will Collaspse – Hannity

  1. William Paul

    We are witnessing the last days of the Democratic Party for at least a
    decade. It’s entertaining to watch the Communist Obama and his regime of
    boot lickers utterly destroy themselves.

  2. 666sigma

    Wait until the employer mandate kicks and the bulk of Americans get
    hammered by this idiotic health insurance law. It is the Unaffordable
    Health Care Act.

  3. richardcarr0555

    Every month we pay out 23 billion in interest on the nation debt, we’re
    funding other countries medical programs (e.g. Japan) 23 bill would buy a
    lot of digital rectal thermometers or bongs (lol) — preparation is 99% of
    the endeavor when positioning for national healthcare.. We need a “voter’s
    rebate” a re-vote now that it’s obvious the goods cant be delivered.

  4. Mass Tea Party

    Repeal & Replace – Stuart Varney: Obamacare Will Collaspse – Hannity #msnbc
    #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc #massteaparty #teaparty


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