Rep Jim Jordan Talks HealthCare gov Security Risks

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6 thoughts on “Rep Jim Jordan Talks HealthCare gov Security Risks

  1. moverling5

    “ could not handle traffic when it launched on October 1,
    slowing enrolments and creating a political embarrassment for Mr Obama”

    Like this botched launch is the only politically embarrassing thing for
    Obozo LMAO He has a VERY long history of things that should be considered
    gaffs, lies, high treason, forgery, conspiracy to commit murder along with
    the planned genocide of millions.

  2. Iconic Meerkat

    Wow, he’s going to tarnish his own reputation. I wonder what monstrosity
    will be spawned from this unholy alliance. The undisputed master of the
    blue screen of death, and CTRL +ALT +DEL, and I’m always right, I didn’t
    know, and I only work for the President, it’s going great, Kathleen
    Sibilius. Now that’s a horror show! All that’s needed for the completion of
    this unholy trinity, is the commander in thief himself, Barack Husein
    Obama! All that’s needed for these ghouls to take complete control is the
    spawn of satan…MONSANTO. 0_0!

  3. MultiHungryeyes

    he cant seem to fix microsoft windows issues, maybe his presence at the
    health care site will make it even more broke down, kinda like his
    microsoft product thats always needing patches,lol,lmao


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