President Obama to speak on failures

Millions of Americans have tried to sign up for health insurance through the website. President Obama is expected to speak on the website’s fa…
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Get more economic collapse news throughout the day visit More news In the last couple of weeks there have been…
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25 thoughts on “President Obama to speak on failures

  1. teargardens

    My take in a nut shell is it’s all about the ongoing Spiritual battle.
    Luciferians against the rest of humanity. And if one wanted to quantify it
    a little more. I would add that it also concerns a COVENANT with God &
    EVERYONE, BOTH JEW & GENTILE. The zionist satanists are always behind these
    major events. They are apart of the 10 “kingdomless kings, of the New World
    (dis)Order.” As spoken of in Revelations by John.THE ENTIRE WESTERN FIAT

  2. greg thescaleymanfish

    I’ve seen “22” so much that it’s no longer a coincidence it’s become a
    natural phenomena, I feel like it’s a message from “someone”.

  3. Stefanovic Marijan

    in house of my father there are many rooms, it boils down to divinity in
    each and everyone of us, if so there would never be need for quarrel argues
    between us, nor need to label, condemn or chose as one and only right,
    words are crude and often taken for granted, much more is included in whole
    deal and big picture, but denying is also part of the acceptance phase..

  4. greg thescaleymanfish

    I’ve been seeing 22:22 ever since I was 12, I’m now 19, Apparently it’s a
    message from your spirit guide telling you that your life is heading in the
    right direction,That’s what the internet says, but I personally think it’s
    a specific date or time that ‘Something’ bad or good will happen.

  5. greg thescaleymanfish

    I’ve seen people who LITERALLY look dead/soulless. Btw I had one of the
    worst nightmares in my life a few months ago, guess what, it was about a
    zombie apocalypse, it’s 100X much more scarier witnessing it in a
    dream/nightmare than watching any Zombie film, I pray to the God of Fate
    that this NEVER happens for our reality.

  6. mcmilione

    No! The road is narrow because we need to obey the law, but not believe
    that we are saved by it. Only grace can save us, but that does not mean we
    should cast off the law. CHRIST said: I have not come to do away with the
    law or prophets, but to fulfill both. There is nothing that we can do or
    have ever have done to save ourselves, hence the extreme sacrifice of GOD’S
    son, required to rescue us from our condemnation. We should do our best to
    please the LORD, + not take license with our salvation.

  7. barbara oconnor

    I refuse to participate in Obamacare, the help line for Obama care is
    1-800-FUCKYOU. It is also unconstitutional in it’s current form because it
    is a tax and all taxes have to originate in the house of representatives.
    The supreme court ruled that in it’s current form it is unconstitutional.
    It has to originate in the house. We need to began the arrests for treason,
    there is evidence of a conspiracy to overthrow our government by traitors
    for the benefit of foreign nationals..

  8. barbara oconnor

    we have evidence of treason involving former president’s and vice
    presidents, head of the IMF, all the board members of the federal reserve
    banks, all ceo’s of the international bankers. this has been happening for
    the past 50 yrs, do not allow them to lie to you again like they did with
    9-11 see my article at before it is news dot come

  9. buddhatrue

    Going to war with China??!! That would be a HUGE mistake on the part of the
    US government. China can shoot back and America can’t win.

  10. Leandro Albornoz

    Does anybody else find strange that all this crap is happening on the eve
    of the comet of the century’s arrival? They terribly f’n quiet about it,
    aren’t they?

  11. suzie q

    Studying ww2. It seems that Russia was communist. Stalen. Ok and Germany
    was solciaslisf right wing. Hitler Ok so hitler craned out the bankers who
    were stealing the money and Jewish. Ok so which country the the us and
    England fund. Russia Wtf

  12. MrJustice36 .

    Say good-bye to the US dollar soon, say hello to the North American
    Alliance (Amero). The Alliance consists of Mexico, United States, and
    Canada. It is coming soon, folks. Obama Care is the final nail in the
    coffin. The game is, you pay more for less coverage coupled with a $5-6,000
    deductible. Forced higher rates with less coverage, welcome to the Dollar’s
    death, folks.


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