President Obama Super Committee Statement (November 21, 2011)

President Obama Super Committee Statement (November 21, 2011)

President Barack Obama says he will veto any effort to get rid of automatic spending cuts that would take effect in 2013 if Congress can’t find other ways of trimming government deficits. Those spending cuts include significant reductions to the Pentagon that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said would be devastating to the military. Obama issued his threat Monday an hour after leaders of Congress’ deficit-reduction supercommittee announced that they had failed to reach agreement on cutting the debt. The inability of the committee to meet its deadline means the government is facing about .2 trillion in automatic cuts in January 2013. Obama said the threat of those reductions should remain in place to maintain pressure on Congress find a compromise. (Monday, November 21, 2011)
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4 thoughts on “President Obama Super Committee Statement (November 21, 2011)

  1. elementalfascination

    Some folks will just say any ole thing to hate the President – Like cattle really. Perhaps that is why their comments are all sensational and FACT free. A lot of point and huff what ifs from the righties.
    FOX is a mental tumor that impedes civic competence. Thats why you have no facts or an ability to use premise with any historical accuracy.

  2. Diana Gonzalez

    The President says one thing and then another. Well you wanted him 4 more years, you got him!

  3. spellgrounds

    Barack Hussein Obama … YOU are a sack of shit ! and your words mean absolutely nothing ! so why don’t you just shut the fuck up and go stand in the corner ! ….asshole


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