President Obama Destroys “Obamacare” Critics

President Obama Destroys

President Barack Obama was in attack mode in one of his finest speeches on the health care reform law, systematically destroying its critics. High definition…

25 thoughts on “President Obama Destroys “Obamacare” Critics

  1. secureours

    Seems like a few weeks ago they were ridiculing Cruz for wanting a one yr
    delay but now even dems are calling for the same…… I doubt cruz has
    gotten any apologies yet from these sycophantic pricks

  2. davec3487

    What a divisive turd. Holy crap I can’t believe the junk he feeds into the
    minds of the young people around him. It is your responsibility to find a
    way to pay your own healthcare. It is not up to others. Get a job that has
    healthcare. If yours does not provide one, then get a better education to
    get a better job.

  3. Mark Topma

    In the Netherlands we are required to have health insurance, why not in
    america too ? i realy dont get it.

  4. thefutureprez2016

    If telling a lie makes this guy the worst president ever then he’s in a 43
    person tie… because I guarantee every politician has lied during their
    career (does “we’re looking for weapons in Iraq” ring a bell?)

    You guys might wanna go through the first few months of RomneyCare. A bad
    website. They had to change the way parts of the law was stated. Now it
    works and almost all of Massachusetts is covered. 

  5. Michael McCurley

    That’s right little Barry, it’s everybody else’s fault, and you didn’t even
    know what was going on right? Good god, even George Bush was more honest
    than this arrogant, incompetent, gutless, LYING idiot. 

  6. grayman001

    “president obama destroyes “obamacare” critics” ???
    What moron wrote that?
    Obummer the buffoon is toast.

  7. Gankyovid

    Hey right wing tards.. I love to see you kick and scream and shit your
    pants because you have a black president, a president who saved this

  8. Veeger

    The President is a liar. Lie, deny, blame then lie again. What could be
    worse????? If you cannot believe your leader, it’s over.

  9. bree just

    This President has lie like no other President, this President taking are
    freedom like no other President has. He is not a honest man. He has proven
    this over and over and over again. how many time for this President has to
    lie to us. for us to realize what he is and who he really is. 

  10. Julia Turco

    Hahahaha. what a buffoon! Fast forward to today…”those evil republicans
    trying to scare you about obamacare…were RIGHT!!

  11. freedom

    A Red Diaper Baby and a liar, Shocking! He can not tell us the truth (about
    his agenda), because, the truth would set us free (of him)!

  12. Fermin Nadal

    Obama’s Pledge of Allegiance………

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of Obama, and to the Republic for which it
    stands for Obama, One nation under Obama, Indivisible except by Obama, with
    liberty and justice for My Regime…..

    All Hail Obama……MWahahahaha

  13. Alex Svegnassen

    I have never seen something so wrong implemented in a way that PUNISHES US
    citizens for not having health insurance. I am one of those people and
    although I am a Democrat, I will not continue to support the party. This
    is my way of showing displeasure.

  14. George X

    Community organizer in the White House – dividing the nation. Agitation is
    A+, economy F-, jobs F-, health care F- – -.

  15. summercures2

    “It’s the law. And like I said, there are gonna be some glitches along the
    way.” I like his cute use of foreshadowing right here. Who knew that on the
    first day that the Obamacare website would open, it wouldn’t even work?


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