PJTV — Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements

PJTV -- Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements

PJTV Correspondent Michelle Fields talks with young Hillary Clinton supporters at George Washington University about her possible run for the White House in …

25 thoughts on “PJTV — Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements

  1. 6oodfella

    Americans, your country is a joke, and an absolute laughing stock.
    I’m not saying that as a put down, just as a stone-cold fact, I mean, I am
    actually pissing myself laughing at how utterly stupid so many of you are.
    First we had thousands upon thousands of you voting for a man simply
    because he has dark skin, and now the world will watch and laugh as you
    once again vote someone in, not for their policies, but because of how they
    were born.

    You really truly are the idiots of the entire planet. Your country does not
    deserve any respect when your people vote in such high numbers for the most
    inane reasons.

    People talk about removing God from the pledge, well I say you should add
    the words “Duuhh, herpidy-derp, duuhh”, as they would be more fitting, you
    fucking embarrassment, sort yourselves out.

  2. Carl Roberts

    Sigh, this won’t surprise anyone.
    *But you have to hand it to the student who’s doing his*
    *senior thesis on Hillary and says Benghazi is Hillary’s high point*
    *as Secretary of State*.
    *I’d love to see the grade **that** paper received*.

    Young Hillary Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements

  3. Ritch Ritchloui

    What a bunch of low-information cretinous ‘students’. So in effect they
    will vote for someone solely on the basis of the colour of the skin and
    ‘set an example to the world’ and vote for a woman just because she’s a
    woman. This is just embarrassing.

  4. networkdeath1

    Do not cry for them, Argentina, for they haven’t a flippin’ clue! This is
    the generation of sponge brained clue merchants that Obama so brilliantly
    put on the dole to pay for the sins of the Boomers – the very generation
    that effectively destroyed the American Miracle. And now this new
    generation of wide-eyed public reeducated morons is gonna have to foot the
    bill – and they enthusiastically voted for it!! How can you not be in awe
    of the Democrats abilities to expertly spin their lies, and convince these
    cartoonish dolts to voluntarily enslave themselves? Incredible.

  5. SystemSyko

    So basically she should run because she would be the first female
    President. Ok so what about Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman? I dont see
    these people saying these things when those women ran. This video displays
    clearly how stupid this younger generation is and sadly im part of the

  6. Chode McBlob

    For those who keep talking about president Hillary…

    WHAT EXACTLY is she going to run on?

    The success of Obamacare?
    Obama’s economic recovery?
    Four more years of Obama’s foreign policies?


    Come on, genius… give me some insight, because as far as I can see,
    she’s retired forever, unless she can find a way to run AGAINST everything
    that’s happened since 2008 and still win over demorrhoid voters. And
    Hillary’s OLD – in 2016, she’ll be just eight months younger than John
    McCain was in 2008. If HE was too old to be president, SHE IS TOO.
    Hillary’s RICH – She’s worth just shy of $12 million. That makes her part
    of the 1% that the left DESPISES.
    Hillary’s WHITE – No question about it, she’s as white as white bread.

    In 2008 and 2012, the democrats said they were the party of the young, the
    party of the poor, and the party of minorities.

    HOW can ANY young, poor black or brown voter cast their ballot for an old,
    rich white candidate, when THAT’S how they describe EVERY republican?

  7. dzlfreek

    OMG…..what the fuck have you kids been doing in school? Did you learn
    anything besides “global climate change”? Life is not going to be kind to

  8. fattywithafirearm

    Hillary would make a shitty Pres. How can anybody expect her to satisfy the
    country when she couldn’t even satisfy her own damn husband?

    Condoleezza Rice would make a great President. She was a great secretary of
    state. She was also a national security adviser. A professor of political
    Rice understands who created the Jim Crow laws and which party was the bad

    Rice would be the first 100% black President, and the first female

  9. Bryan Hernandez

    Young republicans are more stupid and misinformed. This is extremely biased
    and republicans are bigger idiots. 

  10. Stan Parrish

    It’s not just young people that cannot name any achievements by Hillary.
    Old people and middle age people cannot name any achievements. Nobody can.
    But we live in an age where people vote for a candidate not on
    qualifications but based on sex or skin color.
    This country is in a world of hurt and Americans better wise up. It may
    already be too late.

  11. mamobster1500

    Of course they can’t name shit. She’s a woman and that’s all that matters
    to these idiots. Did you also know that the average voter can’t even name 1
    member of congress? How sad is that. And then they wonder why we have so
    many problems in this country.

  12. 51MontyPython

    omg like, she’s such a brave woman, and like, female empowerment, and
    stuff, and so like, I think she should be presideeeeeennnnnt……. because
    like, then that would be like a great achievement for women, and like,
    female empowerment, and so like I really support that, and so like that’s
    why I support Hilary Clinton, because like, we don’t have any women in the
    White House, and like I think that’s kinda unfair, and so, like, I think we
    need like more womehhhhhhhnnnnnnn…….. to be like, in the White House,
    because then like that would be the first woman to be elected president,
    which I think would be a really great accomplishment for womehhhhnnnn, and
    women’s rights, and like, and so I think would be like, a really big win
    for female and empowermeeeennnnt, and so like, yeah, and uh, like, so
    yeah, and like, Oh, and did I mention female empowermeeeennnnnnt?

  13. skylarscaling

    Doing his thesis on Hillary, and Benghazi is the “high point”. “No
    accomplishment is without fail.” The same could be said for your education,
    bud. Glad I can help subsidize your student loans, so you can spread your
    ignorance with credentials to support it.

  14. Ghork1

    The main argument seems to be, having a woman as president, It shouldn’t
    matter what sex the president in, rather their politics, people voting
    based on that shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  15. dwc311

    Bullshit who are these kids? There is a huge libertarian awakening among
    kids that age/my age. If any one of these punks stepped out of their little
    college that their mommy and daddy paid for and started talking about how
    Hillary is awesome and stuff I guarentee you they’d get laughed at. I’m not
    even going to bother spelling guarentee right. Because I hate Hillary she
    isn’t worth it. 

  16. maxxmann1972

    Oh dear God if the next gen is full of adolescents like this we are fucked.
    These supposed intellectuals know NOTHING about Hillary, minus the facts
    she’s a woman and married to Bill Clinton, and they are going to vote for
    her, and I blame ALL forms of media, including PJTV, that’s right PJTV,
    let’s see you dog a republican POTUS the way you do Barry. Seeing Michelle
    with the PJTV mic helped me realize you guys are just an internet version
    of Fox News, just like TYT is MSNBC’s internet twin, what happened to
    non-biased, truthful, responsible reporting? I’ll say it again, we have
    people roaming around the country just like the ones in this vid, ignorant,
    uninformed, mentally malnourished tech zombies that have no clue AT ALL how
    this country was formed, who formed it, the wars fought to protect it’s
    Independence, how the government works, how our government and media have
    been bought by corporations therefore CEO’s run the country, thus voting
    for Hillary WOULD BE A MOOT POINT, FUCKING USELESS, because the POTUS is a
    PUPPET with a plethora of hands up his or HER ass. We are fucked.

  17. Margo Singery

    George Washington University should be truly embarrassed and ashamed that
    these ‘students’ are as uninformed as they are!! Their civics professor
    should be replaced, immediately!! 

  18. Peter Johnson

    “Benghazi was her biggest accomplishment?” How did this reporter not loose
    her shit? The pure stupidity of that statement is mind boggling. And what
    was good about the way she handled it? Was it the way she “expertly”
    attempted to cover it up?


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