Piers Morgan Grills Jay Carney Over Obamacare Site: At What Point Do Heads Roll Over This?

10/21/13 – Piers Morgan confronted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Monday night over the continued trainwreck of the Obamacare rollout, pushing him…
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SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com VIDOE RESPONSE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DRC9CU9LcA News Articles: Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address…
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25 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Grills Jay Carney Over Obamacare Site: At What Point Do Heads Roll Over This?

  1. Bob Jackson

    Obama shut the government down like a little spoiled brat. The House passed
    a spending bill, for everything except for funding, of what we now know to
    be a disaster! Ted Cruz tried to save us all from this disaster, while the
    RINO’s of the GOP stood around in a circle jerk with Boehner and McCain!

    Ted Cruz has proven he puts AMERICA first, not Party! Too bad we can’t say
    that about Boehner, McCain, Graham, McConnell and the rest of the RINO’s!

    Time to clean house and dump ALL the RINO’s and their buddies the

  2. m beginization

    I think because obamas wife friend is involved they dont want to hold the
    company responsible or ask about taking the money back for providing a
    website that dont work

  3. Bob Jackson

    Jay avoids the question, which seems to be his job. Why anyone even wastes
    their time asking him a question makes no sense.

  4. Ben B

    Did the Tea Party compromise from Repeal to Delay?
    Was delay, in part, a motivating factor in the Gov shutdown?
    Did Prez 0 just delay individual enrollment to just beyond the 2014 Midterm
    Elections? (…gee, obvious much?)
    If the answer is “Yes”, then who was right? …duh!
    Mr. Carnage, is it time to put on your “Big Boy” pants and stop
    lying…you’re looking so ridiculous.
    Bill Clinton

  5. fullspectrumvision

    ….in the rose garden” bla , ****ing bla
    nothing changes , wtf Hilary Clinton could still run for president even
    after Benghazi and all the other cover-ups etc , dark times

  6. jeffs1000

    Hate to have a job where your whole duty is to spend all your time lying or
    dancing around the truth…man!! How can you live like this??

  7. 51MontyPython

    No, it’s okay, Obama didn’t know about any of this…….He went to bed,
    remember? Apparently he has to nap a lot, and not just in between debates.
    I mean, really now, you can’t expect Obama to be able to maintain and keep
    up with all of this corruption all by himself, he’s got hired Czars,
    central planners, and secret police to do that. You can’t expect him to be
    able to run a country while he’s taking a nap from [‘not’] running the
    country [into the ground].

  8. 51MontyPython

    No, no, no, if you forced everyone to drink milk then it would only drive
    the cost up through greater demand, whereas OBAMACARE will make sure
    families can save $2,500 on their health insurance, even on the very same
    plans that they get to keep.

  9. UNIDEN2211

    Who do you hate the most, Piers Morgan or Jay Carney? Gosh, that is a tough
    one….Vote thumbs up it you hate Piers Morgan and thumbs down if you hate
    Jay Carney more.

  10. MrsNikkiHarr

    4:08- “And those are the people that matter.” The people who are getting
    healthcare for the first time. Of course we know, most of those policies
    are paid for by subsidies. I guess the people who have paid their own
    insurance all these years DON’T matter??? So wrong!!!

  11. Tommasini9

    … Really – hundreds of thousands of people have registered for Obama
    Care? Recently released data shows only 6 people were successfully able to
    register on the 1st day, and at this point only about 2,000 plus people are
    registered??? This program ranks w/ Fast&Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, and
    the IRS scandal in both corruption and ineptness!?

  12. rjmprod

    President seems always suprized when things go wrong! I was under the
    impression that was his job…To know what goes on in this country, and
    especially his work like Obama Care. They should have killed the Obama
    Abortion in the beginning. Pee Pee Morgan forgot to mention the the
    Healthcare in the UK is killing the economy there!

  13. pomnz11

    basic website code…..this website if looked through the “view source” was
    OBVIOUSLY never designed to work! The website purpose however, is working
    fine……gathering personal information on US citizens. Who in the real
    world pays $400 Million for a website????? and who ALLOWS it to go live in
    this state of incompetence????? wip-dee-fkn-doo that the president is
    frustrated blah blah….his team has had 4-5 years to implement this
    program and it has FAILED – wake up sheeple!


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