Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obamacare in 6 Minutes

Government spending drives up the price of healthcare beyond the rate of inflation. We need to promote free market competition to reverse this process.

25 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obamacare in 6 Minutes

  1. Dave Pugh

    Uh, I don’t think the subject of
    the video is about George Bush.
    He’s not even within 309 odd miles of the meeting.
    Just saying.
    Everything, and I can find nothing at all. Nothing. This boob has done
    right. From the beer summit, to obamacare. Nothing.

    Repeal it now.
    Then step down.
    Yes, you can!

  2. 51MontyPython

    Double counting….another liberal trick, just like they do with the
    employment numbers and literally every other statistic that they have to
    fudge, not to mention GDP, which they can just increase at any time through
    more spending, borrowing, and printing.

    But of course, they don’t refer to it as “lying.” At best, they might call
    it “misleading.”

  3. 51MontyPython

    To sum it all up, total healthcare spending is going to go UP (private
    sector AND taxpayer), NOT down.

    Oh that’s okay, they can just bring out the printing presses. OH, wait,
    they don’t even have to do that now; they can just go in on the computer
    and change the numbers! Inflation anyone? Here’s a little for you…and a
    some for you…. and you..and you and you and you and you…Ho, ho, ho,
    Merry Christmas everyone. inflation and higher taxes (and health care
    costs) to all, and to all a good night.

  4. Michael Tonn

    We’re so Screwed! The debt and the health coverage ‘aren’t even on this
    crazy mans mind. Look at his face, so blank and emotionless.He could give
    two shits. The true content of this bill is to crush America, plain and
    simple.Probably what he’s fantasizing about. The whole staged event about
    the website malfunction, just another trick and lie. By the time people
    wake up and try to stand up to this tyrant and his big bank bosses it will
    already be to late. Better get ready for your micro chip implant, Yea it’s
    in this bill and for real! With the Bill of rights being destroyed
    probably better ready to see him around more too, I bet he don’t plan to
    leave in 16, and I also bet no one will challenge it either!

  5. phpeters87

    Too bad the MSM never showed Ryan shred Obama like he did.
    I would like to hear Obama’s response. “Let me be clear…uh…when we said
    that…the…the uh…Affordable Care Act….and….what we meant was that
    you could keep your insurance if…if it wasn’t a sub-standard plan. I,
    uhhh. I exempted all my major donors because they know the plan is a
    cluster fuck….uh..and we…I…uh Congress does as well which is why they
    are exempt….and…”


  6. Gregory Althouse

    Paul Ryan – got it right LONG ago. So why is the left so surprised? Maybe
    its their lack of understanding “math”. I don’t know how else to put it.
    Its simple math.

  7. Richard Wolfe

    Did you know illegal aliens are EXEMPT from paying the fee for not having
    insurance, but they still receive medical care?

  8. Pete Stavrides

    Obama sitting there covering his face with his hands and thinking, “I am
    bored and I need a cigarette”. “Allowing” the talk is just for show. It
    means nothing to him. His mind is made up, Lean Forward or Bend Over

  9. clitmint

    My advice for Mr Ryan is to not get on a plane, carry a piece and wear a
    vest, double your home security and make sure to instal security cameras,
    oh and watch out for those heart attacks!
    You know he’s gonna end up like Breitbart.

  10. Debbie Tate

    WOW! We are being ripped off with the 22 new taxes included in Obamacare!
    2.3 TRILLION in 10 years!! We do not need that! 50% of the nation is either
    working part time or not at all! And they want to put more taxes on us.
    Time to start over!!

  11. Daaoouu

    Most people have v. little understanding about all of this and extremely
    ignorantly just think that they are getting something for nothing and stick
    their hand out and go along with the plan, – even though, even those that
    benefit the most are STILL LOSING – while the gov’t gives them $100 in some
    supposed benefit (that they probably don’t need) they are snatching $1000
    from their pocket . . . . and then using the extra to start another war
    (to keep them preoccupied and reduce the population, and to build a few
    more prisons and concentration camps to contain them when they realize they
    have nothing and have been scammed. 

  12. flirtwithapokerface .

    FDR stated “presidents aren’t ‘elected’, they’re ‘selected’.” I simply
    cannot except that any voter with half a brain could have voted for this
    blatant communist-and re-elect him at that. When I went to bed on election
    night Romney had a very large lead. When I woke up, I was stunned to hear
    Obamination won. My America died that day-and now it’s on the brink of
    something very bad about to happen. I just have a very ominous feeling in
    my gut telling me to prepare for the worst.

  13. Steve Silveus

    All created by an illegal man in our w/h that is not a citizen of the
    United States and has never had a job of any kind. What brain dead people
    call this kenyan muslim a president. ofoma will be known as the most
    deceptive man brought upon any nation in the history of man kind.

  14. Chris Hill

    Obama didn’t listen to a word he said. Rather he’s sitting there
    thinking-money is not real, its intangible n how can I further pervert our
    republic into a socialist state?

  15. William2020a

    Just wait until the Employer Mandate Exemption runs out in June of 2014.
    You know, the ones that with a wave of his magic wand Obama exempted from
    this year? You think 3-4 million Americans losing their insurance has
    caused Obama heartache, just wait until the 15-20 million who get insurance
    through their place of work finds their policies canceled due to
    Obamacare. And all just in time for the 2014 elections… Suck on it

  16. HollyWood Aliu

    The people who voted for obama are the black people who have no idea about
    politics but yet voted for him just because he’s BLACK. News flash, Obama
    is more white then he is black.

  17. Dana.k.a.bradpitt

    quite a interesting look on his face. (obama) … Paul Ryan is a stand up
    guy that is very intellegent. He pics apart his gameplan in front of
    everyone. How in this world do people put up with a man that screws us so
    bad. Amazing…

  18. Enki35Productions

    Paul Ryan was correct. People are losing Medicaid now, and also they are
    getting higher costs of premiums. What I find interesting about all of
    these issues that have come to light in the past couple of days with the
    fact Obama admitted his Healthcare was a lie; is that Obama blamed the
    Republicans for closing down the Government when in fact this is what they
    were trying to prevent. This disaster. So now Obama is saying that he will
    allow people to stay with their insurance for a year, but then the house is
    writing his legislation of what he just said, and Obama said he will Veto
    it? What??? Does that make sense??? Insane!!!

    Obama is just sitting there looking at Paul Ryan like, “What are you
    talking about, I have no idea what you are saying.” Totally clueless,
    because he will not listen to the other side, and acts like they are not
    representatives of the American people. So he puts them in classes, And
    doesn’t care what the rest of America thinks when it come to important
    issues because He’s, “Barak Obama”, Dictator of America!!!

  19. Kathleen Robertson

    Well…he was right, but now it is too late unless we can get them to
    repeal it. I firmly believe if the media was not so biased and had reported
    what Obamacare really meant for the American people, it would have NEVER
    passed in a million years. It is a huge mess of a law that does nothing
    good (except to make sure insurance companies don’t drop/deny people with
    previous conditions) and will bring this economy down just when it was
    starting to get better.


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