Obamacare’s Victims Dana Loesch v. Steve McMahon – Sean Hannity – Fox News – 10-17-13

“The Millennials are getting royally screwed in all this” says Dana Loesch in a heated debate with Steve McMahon over the massive increases in health care in…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare’s Victims Dana Loesch v. Steve McMahon – Sean Hannity – Fox News – 10-17-13

  1. Veronica Cawelti

    “The biggest get for me in all this is that the Millennials, that younger
    generation, is being royally screwed over all of this,” Loesch said. “I
    don’t know anyone who is in their 20s that has a couple grand lying around
    to just spend on health care insurance the way that Obamacare is mandating.”

    “Of course, they need them to make this program solvent. It’s the biggest
    bait and switch I’ve ever seen, aside from Social Security, that Obamacare
    is carrying out here over the younger generation,” she added.


  2. Cimmy Jarter

    Here’s the truth: The Whitehouse Dems don’t give a crap about the quality
    of your insurance. The whole purpose of Obamacare is wealth redistribution.
    The Millenials aren’t going to be paying for this because they’ll have
    their money returned to them through Tax Provisions (look it up). The ACA
    is going to rack up huge federal debt when tax returns are filed and the
    quality of health insurance is going to plummet. The Dems knew this the
    second their bill was passed as a Tax, and they’re already stocking up
    their blame-game cannon for when the true damage of this bill is brought to

  3. NoGuff

    Screw the “Millenials,” the vast majority of them voted for Obama and
    called the rest of us racists. So, they’ll just have to eat it, “its the
    law of the land,” after all.

  4. Peter Ackerman

    that woman is super dumb. she has no personal thoughts and just uses
    arbitrary quotes that get her no where in the argument, especially when
    she’s yelling and interrupting. 

  5. Paresh Patel

    Obama may be thanking his haters. Smart haters knows why. Obama has nothing
    to lose so do fix news. Both of them are rich. One should think of personal
    gain vs supporting hate, lies etc.

  6. Dale Claus

    I suggest that you first search this, then follow the chronological order
    of the story: The Media’s Obamacare “Horror Stories” Continue To Collapse.
    I also believe the story is not about Evan Gahr, but about Edie Littlefield
    Sundby. Just spend a couple hours researching all of this and cannot find
    any recent updates as to the facts of what Edie Littlefield Sundby has
    actually found out about The ACA, or whether she actually applied for
    insurance under the ACA.

  7. rob61aaz

    The democrats could give a crap. If they were so concerned about the 20
    million or how ever many people that did not have health insurance they
    would have worked on them instead of screwing it up for the rest of the
    people in America. And when they say they will now have better health care
    who the hell are they to decide what is best for us???? Typical liberal

  8. cupera1

    The policy for Evan Gahr had coved >1million in cancer treatment and her
    insurance never once balked. Her plan is being canceled because of
    Obamacare. read her story at the WSJ

  9. Dale Claus

    Analogies are great and often just opinion, why not quote the specifics of
    the law itself? Yes, you do have a point, but if you are getting a whole
    lot more, then have to expect to pay more. The truth is that most of the
    people losing their insurance have “Junk Policies”, they are useless when
    you need serious medical care; those people end up in the emergency room
    without any means of payment, the hospital sues them, they lose everything,
    or the hospital cost is passed on to the next patient.

  10. cupera1

    Let’s say you own the Insurance Diner. You serve 100 customers a $3
    breakfast consisting of two eggs, two strips of bacon and two slices of
    toast. You cover your costs and make 4% profit and everyone is satisfied.
    Along comes the government and gives you 200 customers. But they require
    you to offer an all-you-can-eat menu. Some customers are eating 20 eggs, 30
    strips of bacon and half of loaf of toast. How long do you think the
    breakfast will continue to cost $3?

  11. Dale Claus

    I agree that insurance for maternity, etc. for people who have no need for
    it is ridiculous. I have no need or requirement of ACA now, so I have not
    investigated it. But, I can tell you that I have investigated the Chevy
    Volt fires, some of which I have already posted you in crash tests. Now I
    have found that all the fires which occurred in private homes were not
    attributed to the Chevy Volt being the cause, research it yourself. Search:
    New Tesla Fires, Old Volt Ones Explained, Not Absolved.

  12. cupera1

    Here’s what I don’t wan or need: As a 55-something, relatively healthy
    person, I don’t want lactation and maternity services, abortion services,
    speech therapy, mammograms, fertility treatments or Viagra. I don’t want
    it. So why should I have to tear up my existing health care plan,
    ~150/month, and then buy a plan, with far more expensive premiums,
    ^800/month, and with services I don’t need or want? What to you tell the
    Volt owners that houses that caught on fire.

  13. Dale Claus

    Junk insurance policies only place burden on the Medical industry when the
    do not have sufficient coverage, they are virtually useless for serious
    medical claims. Should one be able to drive a car and cause physical and
    financial damage without insurance to pay for it, I think every State has
    mandatory car insurance. Chevy Volt battery fires were caused by The
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash tests, they also
    reported that electric cars pose no more risk than gasoline cars.

  14. cupera1

    This is the high water mark for Obamacare. The problems that have been
    masked by the train wreck are many: 19 million scheduled to receive “The
    Letter” canceling their policy. You can keep your doctor, ~ 50% are
    quitting or opting out of Obamacare. The rates are 50% to 500% higher then
    what you are paying. The web site will be up in Nov. no mention of what
    year. All your health information is going to be government property. Dems
    are worrying that 2010 will look like a good year compared to 2014

  15. cupera1

    If that was true they are already on Medicare and would not be interested
    in this debate but they CRUSH all the other cables news stations. 19
    million people are scheduled to get “The Letter” canceling their policy in
    the next few months that is going to translate to a huge increase in
    viewership. For the Volt its problem was that it was always catching fire
    if it was on the road or sitting in the drive way.

  16. Dale Claus

    Now just calm down, you are talking to a wall. The average age of the Fox
    News viewer is 65 and going up every day. They are losing their audience of
    informed and intelligent people, Hannity got moved out of prime time,
    because of loss of viewers. And whatever happened to the Fox News war
    against the Chevy Volt, did GM threaten to sue them for every penny for
    libel & slander to destroy sales, hum? Fox’s best move would be to change
    their logo to the Union Jack, would secure their true audience.

  17. secondseen

    my god you truly are a lost cause aren’t you? That’s so sad that someone is
    destroying America as a president who continually lies which is documented
    on tape on many occasions lying. You are a perfect example of what is wrong
    with this country and you will find out soon enough just like the others.

  18. Andreas karlsson

    And perhaps one of the reasons it was better to live under Bush was because
    he didnt care about the long-term? He didnt pay for the wars he started nor
    did he seem to care about the debt(or anyone else for that matter!
    Embarassing by the tea party to bring that up now when theyre the ones
    thhat got usa in this mess)

  19. Andreas karlsson

    Actually, the spying werent done by him but by the previous president,
    health insurance is not a big mess, the website is/was though. Fox News is
    lying about Obamacare and Im confident you know that. the deficit
    skyrocket? I think he did decent considering the circumstances the country
    was left to him in(huge debts and X amount of wars thhat hadnt been payed
    for) and last unemployment? What president havent “made unemployment”?
    Obama have actually done pretty well on that front as well…

  20. secondseen

    you are the one that is brainwashed. What has Obama done besides make
    unemployment and the deficit skyrocket, make health insurance a big ass
    mess, allows americans to be spied on. Honestly there are too many things
    to mention that Obama is horrible at he shouldn’t be president he is
    incompetent and the reason I said what I did about Bush was because the
    quality of life was actually better than living under Obamas failure of
    leadership so maybe you should get a clue.

  21. aSingleDallasGuy

    You didn’t get it. LIBERALS all over America cry for more money for every
    social program ever invented and for more in the future as long as it is
    paid for by taxes. aka other people’s money. So this dumb liberal was
    bragging he makes $250K per year. So, I said he should then write a check
    as a donation to the US Treasury for $200K per year to help pay for all the
    “fine” liberal programs he wants others to pay for. As a lib money should
    not mean anything to him right? So why not? Get it?


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