ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

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25 thoughts on “ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

  1. codylramey

    Okay first, clinics in america close too. Second in the hospital she asked
    you if it was urgent, if it was you would have been seen much faster, third
    you cant just walk into a clinic in America and get a blood test bc you
    think your sick either. You came up with some horror stories as if there
    are none of those here in America. And why is Canada the poster child for
    socialized healthcare? Every other country in the world except for America
    has it and according to many studies they kick our asses in many aspects of
    healthcare. We are around 32nd in the world in overall quality of care, and
    we spend more of or gdp on healthcare than every other country in the
    world. Also ive talked to people in Canada and other countries about their
    healthcare system, and they are all happy with it sooo ya…

  2. Hot Lead

    Lets not forget that it was a Canadian company hired by Obama to build the
    failed Obama Healthcare web site. Mayor Bob Ford aka “the crack head mayor”
    also had a hand it the Web site. Obamacare is destroying the democratic
    party, pass the popcorn this is better than a movie. FOX NEWS tried to warn
    you for years about this. You democrats and liberals were as drunk as Bob
    Ford was high on crack on the Obama kool aid. I just want to say I TOLD YOU
    SO. lol lol lol lol. This whole Obamacare mess will take down the
    democratic party. The beauty is the republicans don’t have to do a thing.

  3. Rob Prevost

    Yeah.. I live Gatineau, Quebec but from Ottawa (across the bridge)..Health
    Care does suck in Quebec lol That’s why we all go to Ontario lol It’s a
    little better.. so instead of waiting 10 hours you wait 9 hours HAHAH!

  4. Geist DesWaldes

    Hey Steven you are embarrassing yourself and sound incredibly ignorant.
    Obama isn’t proposing a complete transformation of the current healthcare
    system into full on public healthcare, but a choice between public and
    private – so your trip to Canada attempting to prove some point was a
    complete and total waste of time. Try coming to Germany instead if you want
    to seriously address this issue, where both public and private options are
    available, and where the shortest waiting times are found in the world with
    very affordable costs. 10€ for an emergency room visit, 0€ for an
    ambulance. As an American now living here and having visited several
    doctors, dentists, etc., I can say first hand this system is far superior
    than the American system. Case closed.

  5. iMarioPlus

    I got to agree to an extend that health care got it flaws. Funny thing is
    you went to Greenfield Park and I live in Saint-Hubert which is the city
    just next to it, at one moment we talked about Saint-Hubert in the video.
    Anyways, about 3 years ago my brother broke his hand so he went to the same
    hospital as you in Greenfield Park and he waited 8 hours to get a “plaster”
    (not sure if its that in english)? Also we are in need of doctors in
    Quebec. Most of the doctors just leave to work in the US because they get a
    much better salary. Like you said taxes + less money involved in a bad
    health care. Oh and talking about gas, it was about 1.00 the liter in 2009
    now it’s about 1.40 in late 2013, which is something like around the $5 the
    gallon (too lazy to do the math now). Last month I was in the US, I would
    get a full tank for $50. In Quebec $80. You said everything is expensive in
    Canada? Wow so true, when I was in the US everything was cheap holy shit.

  6. Richard Lee

    Thanks for creating and posting this Steven, Nostradamus is it?
    Soon, we won’t be able to tell the difference between Canadian and American

    I can’t find any Canadian suicide rate statistics posted after 2009.. Is it
    getting better up there?

  7. Homemedrunkimtake

    Okay… The baby fever was biased! and the dermatologist is bullshit! I had
    an appointment 2 weeks after I asked for one!

  8. John Smith

    As an other Canadian I can tell you right now that the best and worst of
    our healthcare, depends upon the province.
    A close friend who lives in Quebec has been in a run around for 2 years to
    inquire about getting a cyst removed from the top of his head.
    The Province of Quebec is so corrupt its ridiculous. The mafia has their
    hands in all the construction unions, politicians gladly accepting bribes
    and doctors gladly accepting cash envelopes for better service. Their is a
    lot of good folks from QC but that broke ass socialist province would fall
    flat on there face’s if they separated tomorrow without the federal gravy
    train rolling in to bail them out.
    You want the best service in Canada? Go to Alberta where thankfully, their
    is enough tax revenue coming in to keep its healthcare system top
    notch…To Canadian standards.
    And Crowder was raised in Quebec you fucking morons, so he already knew
    where to go for the shittiest healthcare…

  9. Trevlead

    I agree, and what’s this about not living as long as Americans. Micheal
    Moore was right, Canadians live longer than Americans and we don’t have to
    spend our life’s savings to get the care needed.

  10. nanatrishful

    Ridiculous comparison. There aren’t many idiots who would clog up the ER
    (WHERE SERIOUS EMERGENCY CARE IS GIVEN) for tingling in their hand. Most
    responsible Canadians have a family doctor and get yearly physicals that
    check cholesterol, blood pressure etc. If waiting long periods for trivial
    medical treatment is worse than going bankrupt from a catastrophic illness
    in America….I’ll take the wait.

  11. RoamingIRaccoon

    I’d rather wait a couple of hours and get it for free than get in faster
    but have to sell a kidney to pay the bills…

  12. noobtube421

    This guy is a anti-canadian fucktard and everyone knows it just watch some
    of his other videos where he compares Guantanamo Bay and Detroit ruins to

  13. noobtube421

    what a fool he thinks all Canadians go to walk in clinics LOL of course its
    5+ hour wait there go to hospital 1-3 hours wait unless you hit your head
    then its right away

  14. Ted Cruz 2016

    Canada’s health care system might not be perfect, but this film is
    outrageous. The main clinic in our city is open all days but closed at
    nights. They accept walk ins and I have been one, and the average wait time
    over my visits is about 2 hours for a non-emergency condition. I’ve never
    waited more than 3 hours, but there is indeed a waiting time. I actually
    did fracture my wrist unlike the guy in the video. It took roughly 4 hours
    in hospital to get x-rayed and casted on a Saturday.

  15. Dave Isenor

    how much did Fox news pay you for this propaganda? I am a 53 year old
    Canadain and i don’t know what country you visited.

  16. Dave Isenor

    what do you mean a completely different currency? our money looks
    different? We have a candian dollar that is pretty much par with the
    american dollar and has been that way for several years. We can spend
    american dollars here, we have american nickels, dimes and quarters mixed
    in with our change all the time, they are the same size and even fit into
    our pop machines. I ask again, what exactly do you mean?

  17. Apolo Getics

    This guy is an idiot. The Canadian Healthcare System is better then
    Obamacare and will always be better the Obamacare. The hospital is open
    every day, all day, we have day clinifcs and after hour clinics and a 24/7
    hospital, payed for by taxes, NO out of pocket cost. The people who came up
    with Obamacare were driven by PROFIT. The people who came up with the
    canadian health care system were driven by COMPASSION.

  18. MrPizzedOff

    Kiss my ass, dick head. Go play with your mommy, IF you have one. I happen
    to BE connected to Canadian Health care- specifically to OHIP. But then
    dick head, you wouldn’t know squat about what other people have experienced
    in that great socialized med society, would you? So take your own advice
    and go fuck shit, dick head.


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