OBAMACARE: What’s the Point?

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the point to Obamacare. http://www.amtvmedia.com/re-direct-obamacare-whats-the-point/ Facebook: https:/…
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Conan: President Obama Tries To Explain Obamacare Without a Teleprompter

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50 thoughts on “OBAMACARE: What’s the Point?

  1. wiibaron

    We started to die when we let and even encouraged poor people to breed to
    the point of watering down the pool of Americans. This was about 1960 or
    so. 30 years later, there were so many poorly raised kids in public schools
    that even the ‘good’ kids got a crappy education because the teacher was
    now just babysitting the future loosers that are the parents of the kids
    that we have now. More than 50% don’t have a father at home. Now school is
    just a place where 20% learn enough to make a living and the rest are just
    there to get their gov. lunch and make bad influence connections. We are
    doomed! And Obamacare doesn’t cover bad DNA!

  2. Kevin Pelon

    I have been watching Christopher Greene now for a little over a year. In
    going back n even some of his later reporting I find that most times he is
    correct and what he say. I often do a lot of research on those shoes to
    listen to get my information from. Christopher Greene is what he says he is
    he used to work for the very powerful financial market and he knows how
    that system works. In doing that job you see patterns so I understand how
    he has the ability to link several minute details into a story which makes
    perfect sense. I know he’s a bit loud at times but he tries so hard to wake
    us all up. I encourage you to watch several of his videos and form your own

  3. OU812

    our generation is the last straw to stand up against these fuckers..the
    kids after us are a product to a T of the gov..that and dumb as shit

  4. jblauh01

    So we hear all this. We accept that this is all happening. Now the question
    I don’t hear people ask. What do we do about it to fix this?

  5. Casey Rokkedit

    Listening to you, Christopher, I think the US will end up like Argentina.
    Prez O may just decide to default on our debt in the next 3 years. I don’t
    know the legality of it, but it doesn’t hold him back.

  6. jefe Anson

    What can you say about a government that has Henry Kissinger as a advisor ”
    shut it down” as Gordon Ramsay would say! These parasites hav literally
    done everything in their power to turn our nation into east Berlin

  7. Ho Chi Minh

    On October 5, 1789 the women of Paris marched to Versailles to kill Marie
    Antoinette. They didn’t get her that time around, but they did decapitate
    the guards and parade their heads around on the ends of sticks. Hopefully
    this current government corruption can be nipped in the bud before it comes
    to that.

  8. jim man

    the point of obama care is to destroy the best medical system in the world.
    even if a person has no money they are still treated in emergency rooms
    while people who have money and health insurance are paying for what they
    want. before obama care all people were treated the same , money or not so
    what is so good about obama care????? what is the point ? to have more
    control and get more money from the ones that have it all the while
    destroying american health system. i believe obama is out to destroy
    america with his socialist push on the american people.

  9. Dre4dwolf

    Silver is a steal right now, but the spot price is meaningless with
    delivery + over spot charges….. you cant get an oz even near spot.

  10. 1389AD

    It’s painful to watch Obama use his limited mental capacity to try to make
    sense out of that which is inherently senseless.

  11. Francisco J Villegas CPA

    Obama and his confused group of advisors and supporters will soon realize
    that there no he will go forward on this slippery slope and the way to go
    back! Face up to the reality and realize that iOblama care must be totally
    scapped and try a different approach…. blame it on only option Hes half
    black suffering with many conflicting ideas and objectives as per the
    interest of his buddies that he should have FIRED long ago!

  12. t desoto

    sho ’nuff glad we got rid of Bush. That cowboy could not speak at all.
    The whole world was laffing at us. THIS guy inspires CONFIDENCE. He
    appears to be at somewhat of a loss without the mindless crowd screaming
    “yes we can”, but perhaps that will come back.

  13. ItsAllInTheEgg

    Oh he is SUCH a good speaker isn’t he (with his teleprompter)
    Oh he is SOOO relatable (if you are a terrorist)
    Oh he displays SO MUCH care about Americans (if you are a Muslim wanting
    Oh he is doing so much to help the economy (if you are a globalist)

    When will you idiots quit rationalizing the crimes of this criminal. YOU
    are being fucked over as well in case you didn’t notice. How can anyone
    claim to care about their kids future if they dont care what is happening.
    Oh well you idiots are exterminating yourselves. 

  14. commiedemocrat

    its a sad state our nation is in when they feel this is the smartest man in
    the world and he is no different than the last stupid clown we had in
    office for two terms. Very sad.

  15. marbak333

    this sounds like every speech he’s ever given……a lot of words but
    nothing of real value or meaning said except what’s said between the
    lines……”you’re screwed America!”

  16. starscream851

    This is funny we hung Saddam Hussein and shot Osama Bin Laden now we elect
    Barak Hussein Obama dots connecting anywhere

  17. GammaJK

    You people don’t ACTUALLY believe this isn’t a spliced together speech….
    right? You guys realize it’s fake, RIGHT?

  18. Jim Greg

    Sorry to repost. Copying and pasting the link from here (and replacing the
    “(dot)” with “.”) results in just redirection to YT front page. Strange.
    Google H3Kp-a2efQk to see the NOT edited speech.

  19. Ashish Patel

    i wonder who president oblama is going to blame this on? anyone want to
    make bets? ibet hes going to blame it on him being half blackLOL thumbs up
    this shiznit


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