Obamacare Wasteland: 20,000% Markup For Website That Barely Works

Taxpayers were charged billion for the Obamacare website, and it is barely working. Some experts argue that the real cost of the Obamacare website should …
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(November 14, 2013) – Jon Stewart Goes Off on Obama Obamacare Presser & Rob Ford (November 14, 2013) – Jon Stewart Goes Off on Obama Obamacare Presser & Rob …

28 thoughts on “Obamacare Wasteland: 20,000% Markup For Website That Barely Works

  1. rjmprod

    I can not blame the younger people for not wanting to carry the load with
    this stupid Obamacare or AHC business. I just wanted to make sure I would
    get the acused of being racist by only calling it Obamacare, although
    that’s what he liked to call it before it was found to be the pig it is!

  2. Mordechai Housman

    This is a terrible waste of breath. Not a single liberal will acknowledge
    the truth of any of this. And as long as the majority of the USA vote
    liberal, we’re sunk. They do not and will not listen to the truth,
    especially when it shows Obama in a negative light. They don’t care what he
    DOES! If they cared, he would not have won the Nobel Peace Prize in honor
    of the fact that he ran for president. What Obama actually does is relevant
    to them.

  3. stonedcommander

    Order them to show exactly where every penny went…Follow the money is as
    simple as it gets…I think we deserve answers…Lets see how many of
    Obamas direct friends got rich off this scheme.

  4. DMalenfant1

    4:30 “there is a woman of that Canadian company that is best friends with
    Michele Obama” Well who the fuck is it?
    Just so everyone knows, her name is Toni Townes-Whitley, company name
    is CGI Federal.

  5. Rustedblade

    Our local council just charged us 2.37million dollars for perhaps 2acres of
    instant lawn planted on a medium strip., thats just one example ^^

  6. Mick Psyphon

    Anyone else who went 20,000% over budget would not nly be fired, but could
    very well end up in jail for fraud.

    Impeach Obama for his grooss incompetence; and throw his ass in jail…
    along with Pelosi, Reid, Holder and their ilk.

  7. steelmesh

    I worked for a web based company, it was a struggle to get half a million
    from the government (its to help commercialize government technology), and
    we launched a functioning website where you can register, search, post
    content, make personal profiles, etc…

  8. bisquik3006

    Gee, I wonder where all of the money went. The answer might be the same to
    my other question. How do all these politicians get so rich?

  9. jefe Anson

    but really i don’t have twenty million but what i can give you is my
    respect and admiration, and that’s something no one can afford. Thanks!!!

  10. vadagh

    $1 billion dollars was the cost of the eHealth system in Canada too. Big
    surprise, it was the same company that built that disaster.

  11. d wags

    When CGI screwed the Canadian site Canada stiffed them on the $15Mill
    bill. there was a non performance clause in the contract that protected
    them against non -function problems and missed deadlines. Doubt we did the
    same. Most alarming is that CGI employs and used thousands of programmers
    in India, pays them $12 per hour and bills them at $200 per hour.

  12. Stan Parrish

    Actual cost. Five to ten million.
    Democrats doing it. One billion. And it still doesn’t work right.
    But that wont stop them from coming back to Johnny Tax-payer demanding that
    Johnny pay his FAIR SHARE.

  13. LambdaKore

    I already knew about the friend of Chewbacca’s at CGI who got the no-bid
    contract — I did not know about the timing of her promotion. Can you say
    “quid pro quo”?

  14. Andrewlikesguns

    Haven’t you guys got the memo yet? Mandela died and Obama shook Castro’s
    hand. This entire topic is completely irrelevant now. As ridiculous as that
    might sound, the goldfish brained low information voters will have no
    memory of any of this by the time comes for the push to single payer. The
    same leftists and media accomplices will say “seriously now, for real this
    time, we will fix everything” and millions of chumps will eat it all up.

  15. A.M. Fortas

    Just on that almost last comment about WW2, it took the UK until 2006 to
    pay off the enormously inflated bill that America charged it for ‘helping
    out’. You don’t think the USA just gave all those ships and planes do you?
    Or even sold them at a commercial rate?

  16. ForTehNguyen

    the CEO of the company that was suppose to build the website was no bid
    contracted and one of Michelle Os buddy buds

  17. TWSkeptic

    $1 billion, incredible. I bet you can build a perfectly working Youtube,
    Facebook or Twitter clone for much less than that.

    In a private deal, this company would pay huge fines or a lot of people
    would get fired. Of course since this company is friends with the Obamas
    (can you say nepotism?) it’s all fine. They’ll probably waste another
    billion just to remove the hundreds if not thousands of bugs.


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