Obamacare Victims Silenced: Special Report

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From the Thursday, November 7, 2013 edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”
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28 thoughts on “Obamacare Victims Silenced: Special Report

  1. Ellen Wilson

    Oh how hilarious. Listen to how the powers that be call the New World
    Order a ‘conspiracy theory’ when it’s convenient for the them, and how they
    call it like it is when the globalists want to run full steam ahead to
    control us.


    If You speak out against the government
    It means you’re a radical.

    Government is the biggest bully hands down

    Obamacare victims silenced:
    Special Report


  3. Marissa L

    Stop your CULT obsession with famous people. Stop being programmed to
    worship celebrities and mainstream culture. This culture was created by
    Military intelligence agencies. Get invovled with your community. Support
    local musicians and non-commercial artists. Watch alternative news media.
    Support local farms. Boycott the Illuminati CULT and all CULT activity.
    Even religions can be cult activity. Thank you.

  4. MAJ-12/SM420

    What idiots we are. Why are we letting a REAL Illegal “alien” ruin this
    country in every way he can including MURDER? Why are we allowing a HANDFUL
    of monsters killing our food sources, environment, freedom, laws (those
    that make sense) and the rest of American life while they live in obscene
    luxury? WE are to blame- no one else.

  5. timothy w

    Now drugging ppl seem like it okay, which not, tried shut ppl up or turn
    off their critical think ability conprehend put them under false pretenses
    health care bill another partible act of a obama care which paribles was
    readd “09” don’t want nothing of it, which. Make u sick referring seniors,
    mental health patients, even infants, children ppl more like “DEATH TAX
    BILL ” [with Sugar coded name on top]

  6. cartersks

    They know we are right but know that there are people who will believe we
    are actually racist so they pull the racist card all the time

  7. birddog6616

    & honest gun owners are not a problem. so for them to want to our try will
    be a second civil war . & they would not win .god I don’t want this to
    happen. But law of land is the united States Constitution. If you did not
    fight for that , would you not feel like a peace of shit .& any one who
    would go against it is a peace of shit . Why we are the greatest country in
    the world & everyone knows they get them. Won’t be the same & who would
    want to be alive. I love hunting & shooting.

  8. birddog6616

    Sounds like Nazi Germany” this is the united States ! The NWO will fail .
    People don’t want that kind of change. They are going for it way to soon
    .to many people enjoy hunting & shooting sports & they no without there gun
    they are done. One state sold more deer license 650,000 rifle Michigan
    450.000 Pennsylvania sells 400.000 the people own more guns in one state
    then top 3 army’s of the world & why you never seen war on our soil. Other
    then civil war & revolutionary. People ant going to .

  9. locwillwin1

    What happened to the Red Cross, Leann? It always makes me feel safe when I
    see that symbol. Heck, they helped the Vatican get the Nazis out of
    Europe! Please bring it back

  10. nuggz503

    What a bunch fucking Nazis these government agencies are. Now Google
    (government’s whores) are making it that you can not make a comment on a
    youtube vid with out linking it to your google+ account. Which means
    somebody can probably find out what you said about whatever you were
    watching. Fuck em all I say. Let me be clear I do not support the US
    government by any means. If you want to label me a “terroris”t then please
    do so. Just dont mistake me for sombody who supports this idiocy. 


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