Obamacare? Time to Focus on Universal Healthcare

After Obamacare it is time to focus on universal healthcare –On the Bonus Show: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Pot sales exceed million on day one in C…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare? Time to Focus on Universal Healthcare

  1. Allen MacCannell

    Please do some videos on the new NHS Constitution that guarantees that
    they‘ll operate on a tumor within 18 weeks. Isn‘t that nice of them. Please
    bring on the discussion of what you really want; while others suggest
    alternatives like price controls. The ACA may help break the current cartel
    pricing making insurance less necessary and universal waiting list
    administration even less sought after.

  2. MacNutz2

    I think it is well bast time to quit using the term “Obamacare”, it
    confuses the issues which is exactly why the Republicans coined the term.

    the issue is not Obama but affordable universal health care for the
    American people.

  3. whyamimrpink78

    Obamacare wasn’t really meant to do well. Any federal program outside of
    their boundaries of power doesn’t work. Obamacare will be bad. It is law
    now and probably won’t be reverse because it is harder to change back a law
    then to put one in place.

    Since it won’t work, when future liberal politicians get in power they will
    push for socialize care. They will cry that they tried to work with the
    private route (which isn’t true) and that government is the only answer
    now. And if you think healthcare is bad now, wait until we get universal
    healthcare. I am sorry, but I don’t want my healthcare to be like the DMV.

  4. TheRetiredtrucker

    Ok, the democrats just got caught lying about Obamacare, you honestly think
    the rest of the country will trust them to do a universal system? The lies
    over the past 3 years will haunt the democrats for the next decade

  5. Keith Peters

    People has plans they liked and plans that worked for them and the ACA had
    mandates in it that forced insures to cancel those plans, its all about
    redistribution of wealth, that is the liberal philosophy

  6. theFEMAcampESCAPEE

    see this is why we can’t allow any increased gun control measures,
    whatsoever, because they will never be enough. the lefty scum just will NOT
    stop. everybody knows the proposed 10 round capacity limit would
    eventually be reduced to 6, and stricter background checks would soon
    enough have a $100 tax attached.

  7. Rev0lutionIsMyName

    I was wondering when and if you were going to focus on single-payer.
    Forcing people to buy into for-profit companies is nothing short of
    collusion/cronyism and continuing to throw weight into is just plain
    destructive in the long run.

  8. Wolf WaYa

    Universal care is not likely to happen for a long time. Before such a
    system will be generally accepted, our current health professions and
    pharmacy companies need to be more about helping people than being entities
    that exist to make a profit. Once that’s done, the idea of a universal
    coverage will be more accepted with the only resistance being a portion of
    the upper class who would still fight it to prevent their taxes from

  9. ashdurrance

    It’s called “Market priced healthcare.” The US is the only first world
    nation that still has it, prior to us Switzerland gave up on it cause it
    was just too expensive and not working well. We are the last nation with

  10. Ray C

    All I’m aying is don’t use the same tactics just t accomplish your goal. It
    turns you into the enemy. The reason the enemy is wrong is because they
    take everything under threat of men with guns abducting you. I say convince
    people to do good and only use force in defence of imminent threat. I want
    the same outcome as you, but I want the individuals to choose, not be
    forced at gunpoint.

  11. thexeesus

    Who will be paying for the universal care? Fight for free doctors maybe?
    First bring obesity down and close all fastfoods and many more related to
    lifestyle. You can’t have socializm and freedom of habbits, i come from
    such country.

  12. BALLOON!!!

    ACA is so bad the left is running away from it. It has “affordable” in the
    name and there is nothing affordable about it. You have less people with
    insurance cover and the rest pay more than they did before. Very few
    advantages to even start talking about being a progress of any sort. 

  13. Tee Jay

    We can point to stat after stat about the success of universal healthcare.
    We only need to go as far as every other industrialized nation on earth to
    get that information. But it won’t matter. At least for a couple of
    decades. Think the NRA is a powerful lobby? Look at what we’ve gone through
    only to barely stop insurance companies from determining life or death. The
    only chance I see in the near future is if we have a Democrat controlled
    House and Senate for at least 5 years straight.

  14. Ray C

    You also fprget the coast guard is paid for with money taken under threat
    of violence and abduction….taxes…..what happens if you don’t
    pay…..men with guns abduct you….so don’t be ao naive…the govt ks not
    here for us….its here for the elites…

  15. Ray C

    funny it worked before there was a coast guard…and they didnt
    charge….people do good when left to their own devices…..govt is pure

  16. Ray C

    You people make no sense. Nobody has the right to the products and services
    of others. People in a civilized free society should be able to choose what
    they want. The problem with the system before obamacare was too much
    govt….not allowing out of state insurance and too many regulations. More
    govt is not the solution. There are less people with insurance now, after
    obamacare. How about free market medicine. More gov means less charity, and
    less personal interest.

  17. Erika Holzinger

    Unfornately universal healthcare won’t pass in this country because that
    would be socialism and we can’t have that. sarcasm*


    3 provisions that should Not be For Profit : 1 – Health Care; 2 –
    Education; 3 – Prisons. When these things are For Profit, society suffers.

  19. The Sans-culottes

    Universal healthcare is the only civilized solution to healthcare in a
    modern society. It is the most equitable and efficient means of providing
    healthcare, proven by statistics and real world healthcare systems standing
    for decades. We have decades of proof to show how universal healthcare
    positively affects the society and how it costs significantly less money
    than private, for-profit healthcare. Like that commentary? Check out our
    channel for daily video commentary like that.

  20. biggydx

    While I’m sure some gains can be made out of monetary competition, the
    profit motive can in many cases trivialize the culture of a society. Just
    take a look at our Private Prison system.

  21. 46619TAB

    Even with the subsidies, I can’t afford health care insurance offered thru
    the ACA. I can’t afford health care insurance offered thru my employer’s
    group policy. The governor of the northern Southern Red State I live in has
    rejected the Medicaid increase portion of the ACA. I can’t get on my
    partner’s health insurance program because the governor of the northern
    Southern Red State we live in forbids Marriage Equality.

    I think I’m coming down with Bronchitis so to the GOP supporters out there,
    please don’t fuss when you get the bill from my local hospital ER when I go
    for treatment.

    Thanks, stay warm and have a great day!


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