Obamacare: The Raping of America!

Obamacare: The Raping of America!

Alex opens the lines to callers to those who want to both respond to Obamacare and those who support Obamacare. Stay in the know – Follow Alex on Twitter: ht…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare: The Raping of America!

  1. killer13324

    then why is it that everyone who WAS able to keep their plan [millions had
    already lost theirs] saw their costs go up? and why is it that the only
    plans that the people who lost their coverage can get are more than double
    the cost of the one they lost? We’re becomming canada with expensive
    healthcare. next will be the drop in quality and long wait times just watch

  2. reinhart567

    Several studies on insurance premiums expect that with the subsidies
    offered under the ACA, more people will pay less (than they did prior to
    the reforms) than those who will pay more, and that those premiums will be
    more stable (even in changing health circumstances) and transparent, thanks
    to the regulations on insurance. The Kaiser Family Foundation has
    calculated that about half the people who currently buy insurance on their
    own today will be eligible for subsidies.

  3. killer13324

    not really no. if you have no income you cannot afford insurance and you
    wont get a federal subsidy. not only that the cost of healthcare will rise
    on everyone who isnt an exempt government worker or exempt corporation.
    meaning the middle class will shoulder most of or all of the burden for
    those who cannot afford coverage to begin with putting them lower into the
    poverty hole. Canada has the same system. the quality sucks and the wait
    times are ridiculously long. Thats our future with obamacare

  4. reinhart567

    subsidies (which excludes those with incomes above four times the poverty
    line—about $46,000 for individuals or $94,000 for a family of four), the
    subsidies are projected to be worth an average of $5,548 per household,
    which would effectively discount the projected price of insurance by
    two-thirds, on average. For individuals, NPR and the Kaiser Family
    Foundation collaborated to produce a quick online calculator for people to
    estimate their premiums and subsidy amount, based on where they live,

  5. reinhart567

    income, and family size. Low-income individuals and families above 100%
    and up to 400% of the federal poverty level will receive federal subsidies.
    Al will get insurance.

  6. killer13324

    So you want us to be like Canada? Expensive healthcare with ridiculous wait
    times? No. And actually big businesses [only ones who can take the burden
    without skipping a beat] are actually getting obamacare exemptions and the
    small businesses and privately-owned franchises [a guy who bought 1 or 2
    subways for example] will be feeling it and will be forced to cut workers’
    hours and lay people off to try to alleviate some of the burden that
    obamacare is already bringing to bear on us.

  7. killer13324

    try an extra several thousand a year. and if you can’t afford any of the
    obamacare plans you can’t get coverage and if you don’t have coverage
    you’ll be fined 2 thousand for not having coverage. I’d say that’s raping
    america without having the god damn common courtesy of giving us a
    reach-around before taking the money from our pockets

  8. Asia Alston

    Wooow!!! I been watchn for months n lookn at other theories as well as gun
    control n fema camps ect. N today i was tryn to inform ppl n facebook
    blocked me on everything. Alex, you are 100% right on everything. Im keep
    try to gt the word to them!!!

  9. sleepingtiger

    The GOP is protecting its constituents. Its all propaganda to scare the
    general public… pretty much because ObamaCare will be hugely successfull
    and beneficial for everyone. This hurts the lone rich CEO’s who profit from
    the old plans and lobby hard with the GOP to restrict it. So in return the
    GOP makes up all sorts of false data to show that it wont work. factcheck

  10. PageofLegend

    Notice how one of the waivers of the tax fee is “religious reasons” watch
    half of the country suddenly switch to whatever religion gets the waiver!

  11. Naomi DaveLaar Lotus

    Alex should stop interupting the callers with his stuck humor yeah thats
    racist its funny but not every second especially when the callers are

  12. Naomi DaveLaar Lotus

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  13. Timmy Smith

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  14. Timmy Smith

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  15. 7SweetPrincess7

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  16. 7SweetPrincess7

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  17. Timmy Smith

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  18. Timmy Smith

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