Obamacare, The Bible, and END-times Prophesy REVEALED!

Many people wonder where we are on GOD’s Time-clock. But what They don’t know is, We are actually Closer than ever before in HISTORY! See how Obamacare relat…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare, The Bible, and END-times Prophesy REVEALED!

  1. K Ski

    Awesome! Well put together, and right on the mark! Don’t stop proclaiming
    the One True God! Jesus will return, someday soon, and more people need to
    hear this message! Thank you!

  2. Lucky Lindy

    Who wants to read 90 tweets? If you want to make a video put audio in it.
    This is just a bunch of random quotes by some dude. If youre not going to
    actually make a voiceover why dont you write an article so people can read
    it at their own speed and leisure instead of this tedious junk video you

  3. Elijah Moses

    Good job trying… That will get us all further than those who do nothing,
    yet wish to judge those who do… It would be better that that do also so
    that their corrections can be shown by their example… If one of us fall
    short, judge him not, but extend thy hand so as to his perfection.

  4. MillieVi

    Speaking of Illuminati getting bolder, we now see all kinds of sex websites
    like Fuckbook – right out there in the open w/ no regulation. The world is
    completely nuts now. What happened to Ozzie and Harriet?

  5. Krystal Smith

    I believe this is the start of what the bible says you won’t be able to buy
    or sell W/O the mark!!! So. .. Obama care /those in charge will make this
    happen very very soon it’ll be our lifetime!!! 

  6. Becky Cloyd

    Matters of eternity are dealt with in time. Holy Spirit please open the
    eyes of the hearts of men/women. May they choose Christ while they still
    have time. 150,000 people die every day…who will be next? Oh that they
    may know of your wonderful works to the children of men!

  7. Jerry Ayers

    But what They don’t know is, We are actually Closer than ever before in
    HISTORY! Not being hateful, like the channel, but this is a given 🙂
    God Bless you and stand fast in The Word !!!

  8. Jason Franklin

    I’m glad you were able to get through to people,my friend. Maybe I need to
    step up my game, too. They hide their presence in plain site because we are
    unable to comprehend that anyone would be trying to do such dastardly
    things. They do, they are, and they always have. We have been told for so
    long to be mindful and watchful, but we are being encouraged to leave our
    posts more and more each day in exchange for trivial success and a fake
    reputation that means absolutely nothing. Humanity needs to really come
    together and realize that our enemies are much fewer in number than they
    appear. Thanks.

  9. Peaches Dowdy

    Wow, I’m all for God, believe me… This is getting crazy and there’s
    nothing we can do to stop it!

  10. xSUPRMARIO83x

    What part of obamacare seems like everything is free thats why people are
    pissed because they have to buy insurance 

  11. MillieVi

    In my mind, I’ve been trying to tie together Alex Jones with Jonathan Cahn,
    and this vid seems to be the link. Jonathan gives a very compelling
    Biblical argument for financial collapse on Sept. 13, 2015 and Alex says
    Barry will be last democratically elected pres when he institutes martial
    law after financial collapse (which the Donald says will happen @ $23T
    debt). DHS has 1.6B hollow points waiting for us. On road of no return…

  12. Krystal Smith

    People say the bible is old but what they don’t see is we are still living
    it! When God shows himself to you from the sky what will you do? 

  13. ooNATIVEoo

    God Bless you man! May God bless you and the work you’re doing exposing
    evil and their works! God bless you for sharing the message of His kingdom
    and may it lead many to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus! In the above
    all names, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!


    “Many people wonder where we are on GOD’s Time-clock.

    But what They don’t know is, We are actually Closer than ever before in

    the day the apocalypse occurs = d.
    today = t.
    an arbitrary day in the past = p.
    ==> t>p.
    (subtract both sides from d)==>d-tthe apocalypse is closer today than on the arbitrary day in the past.
    ==>the quoted description is a tautology.


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