Obamacare Talk at Holiday Party

Trying to talk to family about Obamacare during Thanksgiving party. Not too successful!
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare Talk at Holiday Party

  1. Joan Nelson

    I took this video because “I” knew what my liberal relative was going to
    try to do and I knew how my unsuspecting consevative family was going to
    react. I just had to capture the moment on video! Btw, that’s really how my
    sister laughs…hence, we don’t tell her jokes much. Sorry about the
    potrait view, didn’t know I would post it.

  2. Jared Marshall

    *Mom Takes Obama’s Advice on Talking Obamacare Turkey with Family on
    Some of you may be aware the probamacare propaganda machine prepared an
    actual talking-points memo for Thanksgiving that thoughtfully included tips
    on how to best exploit the occasion with a carefully crafted sales pitch.

    Michelle Obama was also busy urging family to discuss Obamacare during the
    holidays as part of the concerted push. “As you spend time with loved ones
    this holiday season, be sure to talk with them about what health care
    reform can mean to them,” she said, in the email that contained 14 talking
    points. Talk about the need to sign up for Obamacare; and, ask guests to
    bring W2 tax forms, or pay stubs, in order to verify income levels, were
    among the touted topics. The tips are posted on a website operated by
    Organizing for Action, called “Health Care for the Holidays.”

    Ever the obedient Obamanite, Joan Nelson decided to follow the White
    House’s advice and talk to her family about Obamacare — after tricking them
    into sitting for a family photo.

    I hope she remembered to follow up per the final talking point tip.



    #aca #obamacare #obamacarefail

  3. Michael FallenTree Watts

    Just goes to show not even the kids want obummacare….

    I wish I had taken video of my families obummacare discussion but it
    probably would have been banned. We were taught very young to be very open
    and get issues in the open. So we did.

    The outcome was like myself interviewing each relative about obummacare and
    the fact that obumma is giving billions to Iran, dropping sanctions, and
    giving then nuclear rights.

    The outcome? Well let’s just say we are stuffed with turkey bought by a
    working class family and not freeloaders that support obumma. 

  4. David Adelstein

    Obummer got owned, Obamacare is the laughing stock of the world, not only
    Americans are laughing at it !

  5. Brockashocka

    ahahaha keep on laughing fatties.. I’m Canadian we have universal
    healthcare and we LOVE IT. Nobody in Canada goes bankrupt cause they can’t
    afford their medical bills. We take care of eachother. ahahaa health
    insurance CEO’s make hundreds of millions of dollars in America ahahahah
    keep on laughing suckers. America is one of the most obese countries in the
    world and is 37th in life expectancy ahahah!! U silly conservatives love
    being suckers.. keep doing the Koch Brothers bidding u silly Republicans
    ahahahaha Gotta cut taxes for the rich and get rid of that pesky estate tax
    ahahaha!! WMD’s in Iraq ahahah

  6. Laerrus999

    Trying to con your family into signing up for this failure on one of our
    important holidays… REALLY? Serves you right that they laughed at you! I
    hope your family disowns you for supporting that fraud!

  7. Jessica Stemmerding

    Wow. Thank you FAMILY for common sense and not giving in to the liberal
    media!!!! NOW, get on with the FAMILY picture!

  8. Anon Zero

    The Obama whore and drone behind the camera–is absolutely pathetic! To
    hell with what Barack Obama wants from the American people–Barack Obama is
    a communist who hates God given liberty/prosperity–and he is doing
    everything he can to destroy it!


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