Obamacare ‘Puts in Place Perverse Incentives’: ‘This Week’ Roundtable

Obamacare 'Puts in Place Perverse Incentives': 'This Week' Roundtable

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, and Rick Klein on Obamacare and immigration.
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Obamacare's Success in Kentucky Could Be The GOP's Worst Nightmare

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22 thoughts on “Obamacare ‘Puts in Place Perverse Incentives’: ‘This Week’ Roundtable

  1. La Sage

    People admitted they voted for him purely on skin color (and intimidation
    of being accused of being “racist” if they didn’t vote for him). How about
    we elect our next president based on their history and experience and their
    proven actions that match their words, rather than based on gender or race?

  2. ecwaufisxtreme

    Obozocare is an ABOMINATION! It is SACRILEGE against GOD HERSELF! When
    Palin becomes POTUS, she will repeal Obozocare completely! She will also
    END all govt run universal healthcare around the whole world and convert
    all of them to the SUPERIOR American privatized system!

  3. 3boyzero21

    as long as the government is exempting themselves from obama crap, which
    should be evidence enough for j.q. public to wake the hell up and just say
    NO MORE……………To the insurance ind., big pharma, and the ama. the
    real beneficiaries of obama crap, cause its not us who will benefit.
    besides being unapproved by the citizenry in an honest manner bypassing
    demacratic will, completely unconstitutional threats against citizens and
    business further cramping any financial recovery, Change?

  4. TheRetiredtrucker

    They are delaying the implementation to 2015 to push it past the midterm
    elections. They know, low skilled, min wage people are going to have their
    hours cut. This is going to decimate Obama’s core supporters, Dems will
    lose a lot of support. Remember guys, this is what you voted for, you
    really should have understood what you were cheering for.

  5. shadowfax0009

    Same at my work. About 1/3 of the work forces full-time employees are
    getting terminated with a massive hire of part-time employees to cover the
    positions. Obama should be proud and the congress that passed it should be
    ashamed of what they have done to Americans.

  6. TheRetiredtrucker

    I try not to make it a Democrat/Republican thing, but the majority of the
    people who voted for Obama did not bother to do any research as to how he
    voted when he was in congress, what laws he passed in his first term and
    what the employers were saying was going to happen after this law (and a
    whole series of others he supported) passed. Yes, it makes perfect sense to
    them, during a deep recession, lets allow more foreign workers into the

  7. La Sage

    Plus the immigration bill that the dems are pushing will flood the market
    with low skilled workers, lowering wages even further………. Even the
    illegal immigrants have admitted as much.

  8. H Cray

    stick with the comic books..a black President is one thing..a Woman will
    never be President, especially your nominee..lmao

  9. La Sage

    Incentives? LOL. As if the health care of obamacare isn’t enough of a
    perverse incentive as it is. It is turning out to be exactly what the
    Independents and the Republicans said it would be. Why are we continuing
    with a failure instead of just opening up insurance companies to compete
    across state lines???

  10. T Sanchez

    These greedy employers need to pay so that their employees have health care
    plain and simple! OBAMA CARE RULES!!

  11. melody Nonya

    Its already happened my work cut all employees to less than 25 hours and
    hired a bunch of high-school kids who cannot do any work because of work
    laws …

  12. nitajo45

    I live in Ky. and you can bet that most working class folks do NOT want
    obamacare.. unless you get it for free. this is bs


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