ObamaCare: Pay More-Get Less, Real Fed Exposure $29 Trillion, Texas Size Debris Field & Iran Nukes

http://usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-11-08-13/ – Forget about the website problems in the end, most people are going to be paying more and getting less…
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White House planned Obamacare website glitches to hide how costly health plans are

A new report in Forbes says that the White House planned the all the website glitches in order to hide the costs of the health plans so people would not be s…

26 thoughts on “ObamaCare: Pay More-Get Less, Real Fed Exposure $29 Trillion, Texas Size Debris Field & Iran Nukes

  1. Tony Person

    Russia will ensure Iran’s goals rather the U.S.A and/or Israel likes it or
    not. A hot war will be the order of the day sooner or later.

  2. Brucie Bee

    LOL! actually S. Carolina has lots of nuclear activity (Duke Energy), in
    fact 53% of the states electrical power is nuke based even nuclear bomb
    fuel is from S.Carolina.
    TEPCO/Japan Gov’t are mitigating rad levels to near background radiation
    levels most lame stream media dis-credit nukes.

  3. Crashbanksbuysilver

    The only reason the debt is so high is because the money is not issued by
    the treasury like it was suppose to be, its issued by a private bank at
    interest. If the interest belonged to a public bank America’s debt would be
    a fraction of what it is even with all the spending. Under a debt free
    monetary system healthcare would be affordable but NOT this fascist version
    of it, a public non profit would be far cheaper.

  4. John Oliver

    Remember when Hillary Clinton was First Lady and tried to create a
    Universal Healthcare system? The insurance companies shut her down. But we
    did not hear a peep out of the insurance companies about Obamacare.
    Obamacare must be very good for the insurance companies.

  5. The Tiamat Channel

    Thanks Greg for the vid; The Tiamat Channel; SUBSCRIBE NOW!! OUTER LIMITS
    FRIDAY! ONLY for the Brave and Strong Minds!! CHECK IT OUTS…

  6. macpicasso

    And speaking of the Fed, Ben Bernanke loaned $16 trillion to foreign banks
    at zero interest; loans that will never be repaid. U.S taxpayers are
    bailing out Europe and the IMF. And the Fed will charge us interest on
    every dollar they issue. We are a nation under banks. We need monetary
    reform and a change to debt-free currency to be issued by the government,
    not by banks. No more borrowing by governments ever again. Eliminate all
    national debts globally. Eliminate fractional reserve lending. These are
    non-partisan issues. Currently, the only ones thriving are the banks.

  7. Breaking good

    is it because insurance companies know we are getting sicker with our bad
    habits and lifestyles I don’t know health is a global problem these days,
    bumping up fees may be logical but only as an option


    As BitCoin Touches $400 The Senate Starts Seeking Answers… As Does The Fed
    “So as more and more pile into the electronic currency, some due to
    ideological reasons, some simply to chase momentum, some out of
    disappointment with the manipulated gold price looking to park their
    savings in an alternative, non-fiat based currency, which a year ago traded
    40 times lower, the attention of the government is finally starting to
    shift to what has been the best performing asset class in the past year,
    outperforming even the infamous Caracas stock market.
    Which means one thing: Congressional hearings.”ZH

  9. Stephen Bruner

    I’m pretty sure the crew aboard the ISS can and have seen this debris field
    in the Pacific. They probably have video and photos of it as well, but the
    ..uh.. Owners forbid their release. Maybe wouldn’t hurt to ask.

  10. JakeBlakeProject

    Pay more get less… That’s exactly like Obie Dingle Barry Soetoro’s energy
    policy… Imagine that…? I can’t wait for Obie to bring in the “witch
    doctors” from Kenya… ;-)


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