Obamacare Part Of ‘Socialist-Communist Vision’, Says Bill O’Reilly

“Bill O’Reilly opened his show Tuesday night claiming that Obamacare is just an element of the ideal society liberals have in mind for the U.S.: a socialist …
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare Part Of ‘Socialist-Communist Vision’, Says Bill O’Reilly

  1. David Foster

    Obamacare is a barely left of centre program – to categorise it as
    Communism is beyond ludicrous. Here in the UK Obama would be considered a
    centrist I reckon.

  2. Voff Uggla

    News clip from TYT
    According to Bill O’Reily, countries like Sweden, that have public
    healthcare, are Communist countries.

  3. Jacob Behnke

    Hmmm…They’re saying Bill O’Reilly is a skilled at debate…would they say
    he is a…MASTER DEBATER? Hur hur hur. :P

  4. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki

    I think Bill O’Reilly is part of some socialist vision to make all
    conservatives look like a bunch of flailing retards.

  5. Tony P.

    Just a scheme to take away our freedoms. They have already started saying
    that because you are on welfare, you cannot do certain things because it
    would cost healthcare too much money. i.e. smoking, fast food. What’s
    worse, I cannot even opt out for a private health care system. Which by
    the way is more efficient and has better health care professionals. How is
    that freedom? I dont want to give the looney left any ideas, but pretty
    soon they will say that if you own a gun, you are more likely to shoot
    yourself or get injured. No guns for you! Nanny state idiots. Nothing
    but a bunch of enablers.

  6. Donna Foster

    started to subscribe, then I realized this is a communist channel. no I
    don’t want to share my income via the government taking it from me. I hope,
    bf this is all over, you idiots are forced to live in a communist country,
    you deserve it.

  7. Troy Smith

    The people that posted this video, if you are not eating crow now… you
    will be soon when you realize your life has change for the worst under

  8. Lenzer50

    Hey Bill, the US postal service was started by the GOVERNMENT back in 1775,
    have you picked up your mail lately???

  9. Xeno Phrenia

    the moral depravity of Bill O’Reilly – because those who can’t afford
    healthcare should just go without … the image I re-shared a little while
    ago stating it’s Bill’s dream came from this segment

  10. Henry Escobar

    Apparently they have no idea how capitalism works, and how socialism
    doesn’t work. No wonder they call themselves “turks”. They try to sound so
    intelligent, but they are a product of the leftist media and educators
    (uneducators). These young turks are just a bunch of ignorant turkeys. 

  11. James Alexander Fish

    I just started watching TYT and it would seem these are the Neo-Nazi’s of
    the moment from supporting the United Nations on cLIEmategate to supporting
    Obamacare which was clearly devised by Insurance Corporations which we
    don’t need it is pretty clear their unaware that The Constitution defines
    Income as profits which means all wage earning employees pay ZERO taxes all
    for profit business pay for the infrastructure and We The People the actual
    economy keep ALL of our $$$ so we can actually be the Fiscal life force of
    the country since you can’t have a country without people last I checked

  12. herby0518

    Coming from a country witgh universal healthcare and with a conservative
    lead Govt ,I find the right wing hysterics amusing but so sad for
    Americans. I doubt if these people know what true healthcare for all is.
    I am sure he knows the difference between Communisom and Social democracy
    .He knows the people who support the tea party do not
    an.wawants to inflaim them


    really… ” i worked hard, its bean a long, rocky road but i made it!!” INN
    come the “american people” and say “yeeeeah buddy. good job. i made bad
    choices so I’m dead broke, but hey good job. U KNOW WHAT. WE SHOULD ‘SHARE’
    that success u know. we should SHARE ur wealth with everybody”

  14. Alexandra Howley

    SOME of the 17 trillion dollar debt is from wars… but MOST of it is from
    providing ENTITLEMENTS and infrastructure… Jokes.

  15. ThaiBox7788

    Ugh, when will people realize that socialism does not equal communism.
    They are two different things. 

  16. Valentina Vashnevskya

    Somebody please kill Bill O’Reily already. He’s done. His utility to the
    human race has been expended. Pretty please?


    why does he say mental health should not be payed for by the state? i
    didn’t realize being sane is a privilege only for those who can afford it.

  18. hometowner23

    I am not a fox news guy or an O’reilly guy, but fox news is a blind
    squirrel who found an acorn with obamacare, its fucking pathetic and o
    reilly isnt acting like a buffoon in that talking point hes going a tad
    overboard with the communism but hes generally correct these people are
    fuckin govt loving sheep keep sucking the tit of barack obama cause hes
    your daddy right? the govt is here for the people right? the money they
    take is used for us to help us? get the fuck outta here

  19. darrellray1964

    These three are idiots. She says this country wasn’t founded from
    individualism. This country became great because of individualism.
    Collectivism is destroying this country. When people pursue there own
    dreams for a better life by creating businesses, inventing, becoming
    efficient, they are creating wealth for themselves. Liberals look at this
    as being selfish but what they don’t understand is that when people do this
    things, they create jobs in the process causing prosperity for everyone.
    Collectivism destroys this by taking from people who are using the money
    to create jobs and giving it to somebody who doesn’t. People take
    advantage and want others to take care of them. Look at Detroit, a city of
    needy people with a illiteracy racy of 46%. Individualism creates more
    wealthy and less poor, Collectivism creates more poor and less wealthy.
    Take a look at countries who’s culture is based off collectivism and
    compare it to countries who’s cultures are based on individualism. China
    has only become rich as they become more individualistic. The U.S.S.R
    collasped because of collectivism. Sweden became rich because of
    individualism and turned to socialism but that didn’t last long because
    there economy began to suffer and the government privatized most everything
    and they have improved their economy because of it. They still have
    socialized healthcare but they suffer from long waits and inefficiency.
    Socialism introduces inefficiencies to markets and causes prices to go up.
    Prices only go down when there is true competition between businesses. 

  20. niunka1

    why are you laughing, stupid f****? O’Reilly is being very reasonable here,
    this is exactly were we are heading!

  21. MrApplewine

    Bill O’reilly is horrible politically, but he is right that Obamacare is
    socialist / communist. It is.


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