Obamacare “Pajama Boy” Ad Gets Slammed Across Social Media – America’s Newsroom

Obamacare “Pajama Boy” Ad Gets Slammed Across Social Media – America’s Newsroom.

SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com News Articles: Mark Halperin tells conservative host that death panels are ‘built in’ to Obamacare http://www.rawstory.com/rs/…

18 thoughts on “Obamacare “Pajama Boy” Ad Gets Slammed Across Social Media – America’s Newsroom

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  2. James S

    Wouldn’t it be really cool to see the guy that came up with this ad
    interviewed. I mean like have this guy on Saturday night live. You know
    what; I think he was paid for this weird crazy vid. And, I am a
    struggling liberal dem student and even I think this is stupid

  3. Donna Diaz

    This is what’s wrong with our damn world ! You have a grown ass man dressed
    in a onesie . Wtf? I am so sick of seeing bullshit like this! This is not
    cute! This sure the hell doesn’t make me want to discuss Obamacare!
    Obamacare is a disaster! The Government doesn’t belong in our Healthcare.
    One more thing for them to control us! What’s next Pajama boy? Skinny
    jeans? Omg! Ridiculous!

  4. Chuck Schnepp

    The only thing missing from the pajama boy picture is the middle class
    worker getting dressed to go to work to pay for pajama boy to stay home and
    drink hot chocolate and get free health care!!! Again the middle class has
    to pick up the bill and suffer the most at the hands of big Government!!

  5. zandovise

    This is playing out at our house as: “Have you seen what the fool in the
    White House is trying now to get his way?” and “How can anyone be so
    arrogant and self-centered to destroy the entire nation rather than admit
    they’ve made a mistake? Oh, yeah, its Odumbf*ck.”

  6. pureinheart777

    just check out the 2 american adds about agenda 21-obama wants to do away
    with the carbon footprint-what does that say about obama!
    he is going to get rid of the older baby boomers!

  7. IronicallyVague

    The whole idea of death panels is an inflammatory term…

    Let’s call it Duche (German for showers) & that way people will be more
    willing to accept it

  8. Ben Bon

    If Obama had been serious about providing health care for all americans it
    would have been ready to go without any glitches. This plan is basically
    provided for the Government to get TOTAL control of the population in order
    to follow the NWO agenda 21 plan, which is to depopulate, so if you
    taxpayers are interested in losing all your freedom, paying more in taxes &
    dying in a concentration camp, please signup.


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