Obamacare – Obama -Violating The Law? – “It’s Complicated” O’Reilly Talking Points

Obamacare – Obama -Violating The Law? – “It’s Complicated” O’Reilly Talking Points.
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13 thoughts on “Obamacare – Obama -Violating The Law? – “It’s Complicated” O’Reilly Talking Points

  1. Mass Tea Party

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  2. RogueGoverment

    Opra is a racist pig so I don’t entertain anything she has to say…There
    is no “fix”, Obama and the Democrats outright lied to the American
    people…The Democrats in Congress who created and passed the law knew that
    people were going to lose their insurance because its a CORE part of the
    law, Obama knew BEFORE he even signed it into law. If people aren’t forced
    into the exchanges there will be no subsidies and the premiums will be to
    high for most to afford. Now they are all running around making pretend
    they didn’t know in order to cover their butts for the 2014 elections, they
    could care less about the people that this is effecting, its politics plain
    and simple…

  3. birddog6616

    How could they be racist wen the majority put him in office ? Oprah’s
    racist , my lord. A 3rd grader could figure that out. If that was the case
    he would not be President.

  4. Vincent Jones

    The moment that Commie Care was determined to be a “tax”, it should have
    been sent back to congress to be voted on AS A TAX! I don’t recall that
    happening, when did congress vote to raise our taxes and force us to buy a
    product? This was a criminal act that would be expected if you lived in a
    banana republic, maybe that is what we now are?

  5. Andy Watson

    Try the new OBAMACREMA ,it make sign up fast,easy and painless.just bend
    over and apply liberaly.No one wants obamas sign of the beast.

  6. Adam Araujo

    This has nothing to do with race, the factoid the matter is he’s just not a
    good president. But we have a bigger problem the giver has a lot of people
    that aren’t there for the right reasons. They care about their own well
    being more than the nation. It’s self interest over the overall well being
    that all our problem as a whole nation. It’s reflecting everywhere.

  7. Unklebillybob

    First, let’s quickly, deal with Oprah’s statement. “I think that there’s a
    level of disrespect for the office, that occurs and that occurs, in some
    cases and maybe even in many cases, because he’s African-American.”
    Oprah, I will tell you Right Now, this specific situation has nothing to do
    with mr obama being African-American. The topic of these discussions are
    about how incompetent mr obama is. The vast majority of us don’t give a
    damn what color obama is. What we do care about is having a US President
    who is Competent. In these past 4.75 years, mr obama has clearly shown
    that he is not competent, in accomplishing his duties as The US President.
    And he should either be Fired or Resign!
    As for mr obama breaking the Law ,,, Yes, he is breaking the Law & Should
    know better.

  8. ssossoman nnonno

    isn’t it against the law to impose a law on the american people, “citizens”
    and give a select few exempt from it???

  9. dave4708

    Obama and his Democrat buddy’s love helping minorities.I have a great idea
    lets let the majority who voted for Obama and supported the
    affordable(lol)health care bill have it.We minorities who vote Romney or a
    independent should be exempted from this horrible legislation.Come on Obama
    give a minority brother a break. 


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