Obamacare Myths and Truth, Washington Money Bath and Snowden Clemency

Obamacare Myths and Truth, Washington Money Bath and Snowden Clemency

We look at Obamacare and cut some of the bullshit from the right and left, discuss how Washington has been washed over in the wave of fundraising, and if Sno…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare Myths and Truth, Washington Money Bath and Snowden Clemency

  1. Alaric Holmes

    Really good show. Informative as usual, and I’m really glad (though not at
    all surprised) that you’re talking about the NY Times lie–and calling it
    for that it is–about Snowden’s non-plea for clemency from the U.S.

  2. ZinayH

    I cant even post this on fb, because no one watches it! i dont even get
    likes from the ones that post Illuminati, conspiracy, and famous quotes,
    and facts about our corruption in our world leaders and governments! our
    fucking people are still obeying! 

  3. Madam Vonkook

    Great Show Tabetha and Tyrel …
    It never seizes to amaze me of the foolish dickheads running The Government
    in Washington! The flagrant corruption which has become business as usual
    on capital hill is beyond absurd while the working class dwindles into
    poverty and the little bit of crumbs thrown to the poor are now being cut
    back !The Government seem to want civil unrest …if nothing changes it is
    inevitable !

  4. Liberty Leslie

    I don’t condone smoking pot just because it is healthier than cigarettes,
    alcohol and GMO’s. I just don’t want them probing and performing rectal
    exams and x-rays to find it….the criminals are the ones trying to make a
    buck with it, through taxes as well as crime.

  5. bibleboy316

    I never had to experience it, but if I had a super limited budget, I’d be
    eating a lot of eggs and frozen vegetables. Very inexpensive where I live.
    Might get boring but they are natural/unprocessed foods. 

  6. Jordan Q

    oh wow, a news show that curses. Okay, I’m a fan!! But if I find out that
    you are right-wing like Alex Jones I’m bailing….

  7. Mel Olsen

    Tyrel my love for you grows and grows with each episode. You are so clearly
    rooted in these issues and your caring spirit is very bright. Excellent
    episode, as always! 

  8. Nostradamia

    National health insurance costs always increase year after year to the
    point that some drastic measures have to be taken. It never saves money,
    and it is not the intent. Ask any country that has experience with it (any
    Western country). And, it doesn’t matter what kind of system is in place.
    It’s always the same. Cost must be controlled.

  9. Johannah Wagner

    We own the air ways and all lease’s should have time put aside free for
    canadates to debate and speak to the public..England does this.

  10. Luther Beckett

    Good show! I like how Tyrel simply broke down spin with the Snowden
    ‘clemency’ fiasco. That goes to the heart of why America is in its current
    state. Too much reliance on marketing for one’s own ideas. There are two
    kinds of ways to sway people – by getting them to think or convincing them
    to let others do the thinking for them.

  11. Paul Coonan

    +TheLipTV You are mistaken. I saw the confessional interview on CSPAN where
    it was disclosed that Experian is contracted ‘solely for income
    verification.’ This is a lie, and your report is wrong in stating the IRS
    database is used to verify income. It was clearly stated by an Experian
    rep. In fact, to ‘verify identity’ when signing up for Obamacare your
    credit report is pulled from Experian and you are asked questions based
    upon your credit report. In other words, your current personal information
    is shared with the largest database trolled by collection agencies. What a

  12. Tyler Popp

    Limiting the time in office for politicians is only going to increase
    corruption in my opinion. Eliminate political parties and ban corporate
    contributions to politicians and then the politicians will do the job they
    were hired for.

  13. John Lawrence

    As always, love the show! I’d love to get the chance to meet ya’lls at some
    point. KEEP UP THE WORK!

  14. Mary Jane

    Love this show! Ty is so down to earth and Tabitha could seriously be my
    best friend.lol I adore this team. Please make Buzzsaw Nightly News!!!


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