Obamacare – More Than a Glitch – Hilarious Ad Destroys Obamacare – Heritage Foundation

(theblaze.com) – With Obamacare’s seriously bumpy rollout, it was only a matter of time before the parody ads mocking President Barack Obama’s signature heal…
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Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf interviews students at historically black college Bowie State University.
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50 thoughts on “Obamacare – More Than a Glitch – Hilarious Ad Destroys Obamacare – Heritage Foundation

  1. halloranedward

    you can complain all you want the ACA monopoly is the law, making a
    purchase from it is the law, in a couple of years when people say it is the
    only way they will be write, because the insurance business will be gone.

  2. Carl Warner

    *A video that explains #obamacare very clearly*
    and hilariously.

    Obamacare – More Than a Glitch – Hilarious Ad Destroys Obamacare – Heritage

  3. StudSupreme

    This will be a looooong running joke, as long as socialized medicine exists
    in this country. The childishness of its supporters, their lack of
    judgement and inability to deal with Reality will provide continual fodder
    for mocking them. The downside, of course, is that people will be denied
    treatments and suffer & die because of this debacle, and the ‘new’ system
    will make today’s clearly broken medical system seem like a paradise by

  4. Julie Blackburn

    Very funny. Somewhat frightening. Everyone is complaining. Soooooooo,
    how about we ALL ban together and figure out how to stop this trainwreck!?
    No one in Washington is listening anymore. Or maybe we’re all just too
    busy with our lives to say much or to say it very loud. Perhaps NOW we
    need to take notice, stop grumbling amongst ourselves and turn our anger
    towards Washington and not stop until they hear us. Nothing will change
    until WE change it. We can all comment, grumble, crack jokes, fuss at
    friends and family about this, etc., but it won’t change until we change
    it. TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! Anyone with me?

  5. Bob Jackson

    Finally, truth in advertising! Obama and his legalizing of government
    propaganda to be used within the US (a crime up until now), and instituting
    a State Run Media team, just in time for his ObamaCare commercials was NO
    coincidence. Ask Liberals to explain why he made that move; first they deny
    it, but when faced with the facts, they turn red..literally! I think I have
    found a cure for the blues!

  6. stephen farris

    Obama Care is a complete sham, just another Black Flag operation. They will
    utilize the chaos to declare martial law, wake stupid ass Obama supporters.
    Healthcare is not a right, it is a part of the American dream in which you
    strive to get to help secure you and your families lively hoods.

  7. Sergey Kazantsev


  8. Greg Tibbits

    The Heritage Foundation’s Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) means insurers
    can’t quit your coverage when you become ill, deny you coverage based upon
    a “pre-existing condition,” which they define, or not, and search for: and
    give financial help to those who can’t afford to get insurance. It also
    caps the profits of this “industry” to a more reasonable amount so that
    medicine is less of a mere for profit factory. It posits that the patient
    becomes the main concern.

  9. Allen Kinchen

    These guys are brilliant , this is absolutely correct , can you imagine
    allowing morons to be in charge of your health ? Ultra selfish and Ultra
    Corrupt Liberals want your money and to control your life like dictators .

  10. edward starling

    my family spilt blood for that constitution. doesnt the revolutionary war
    mean anything anymore, or is july 4th just an excuse to get shit faced?
    they have gone way to fucking far. this all happened because the house
    senate and barry soetoro are all liberal democratic asshole schemers all
    had control of the government. but “you have to pass it first to know whats
    in it.” i dont give a flying fuck if that law had a million fucking pages.
    either read it or get the hell out of the government you incompetent

  11. Ernest Erickson AEC

    NOBODY can force the people to buy anything, and NEVER a government!
    Take your care and SHOVE IT!!
    Just get the GALLOWS ready for some SMOKIN’ HOT ACTION in November!!

  12. Mike Mcc

    O stop complaining-Did you really think the government gives a crap about
    your health-they just want your money and when once they have all your
    money you can become a DemocRAT.

  13. Jazz Hanz

    Obamacare = death for America. We need to overthrow it. Obamacare =
    communist slavery. Obamacare worries me more than any other US government

  14. John Holliday

    0:18 — She’s disappointed but if Obama urinated on the constitution and
    said he was running for a 3rd term, wanna bet this woman would be first in
    line to vote for Obama again?

  15. jtkirkfan2002

    Obama should have done HIS research? How about you doing your research
    before voting for a damned community organizer who wasn’t qualified to run
    a convenience store let alone the whole country. Obama didn’t care about
    you or your healthcare. He simply wanted to control you. 

  16. Tom Nally

    My friends, the entire ACA was a fantasy from the very beginning.
    Examples: It would bend cost curve down; it would make everyone’s premiums
    cheaper; all services would be more accessible; those with pre-existing
    conditions would always be covered. How could all this additional value be
    created from nothingness? The answer: it couldn’t. Somebody has to bear
    the costs. Much to their chagrin, many of those bearing the costs are
    people who believed in the original fantasy.

    Allow me to provide a dose of reality from Friedrich Hayek: government
    personnel, no matter how smart and well-intended, can NEVER engineer a
    market that will be more efficient than markets that arise spontaneously.
    Even though the insurance market was already heavily regulated prior to
    Obamacare, to the extent that it had a few free elements in it, it was far
    superior to the hyper-regulated Obamacare.

    Other than that, there is nothing else to say except that I’m sorry that
    you were taken in.

  17. wingnut4427

    0:59 “He’s actually putting money in white peoples pocket instead of like
    you know putting money in hel helping black people out. ” WHAT A BULL SHIT
    THING TO SAY !!! I’m white !! He’s not putting money in my pocket ! Ditch
    this mentality of “Us vs. them” & unite !! This is not a black thing & it’s
    not a white thing.. it’s an AMERICAN THING !! & as long as we continue to
    divide ourselves they will continue to control us !! Wake the fuck up !!

  18. Hunter Thompson

    @57sec! The true reason most (not all) black people voted for obama. You
    stupid fucks! You actually thought a “black” man in the Whitehouse would
    put money in your wallets? Go fuck your mothers, all of you!

  19. Donald John

    Here is a novel ideal, do not vote for a person on the basic of the color
    of his skin. Skin color =/= qualification. Just saying.

  20. steelbreeze420

    WAHAHAHAHAHA….favorite video of the week. This is what happens when you
    vote for a guy who had no experience, no plans, and real ideas. And how
    could anyone be so dumb not to see this coming. This is so funny to see
    people be surprised when everyone knew what was going to happen. They are
    not upset, they are WRONG. They supported the WRONG guy, WRONG plan, and
    WRONG party. Now eat shit…

  21. 飛馬座 X

    Liar Liar the whole White House mafia is nothing but liars…. From
    Benghazi too Fast and furious to Obamacare and IRS.But nothing will happen
    cause to many people are blind and refuse to believe just like the wacko
    Oprah (the billionaire who can afford healthcare) who say anyone who
    doesn’t like what they do pulls the race card.Obamacare is all about
    control. It is all about the destruction of the American healthcare system
    based on choice.Obamacare was never meant to be a health care system for
    people – it was ALWAYS meant to be a money grab for the insurance lobby and
    another branch of the police state for controlling/robbing people.

  22. realmk

    “You haven’t done anything Obama, I’m disappointed in you” No honey he
    didn’t stomp out every ghetto across the US like you expected him to
    because hey, same skin color. and InB4 “you’re a racist for saying that”
    Nope just a realist.

  23. ME3

    Try this website http://www.gohealth.com. It is a private website that
    does everything the healthcare.gov website does except it works. You can
    sign up and it will do subsidies if you are eligible. Obama supporters are
    not letting you know about this because it is private enterprise that does
    the same for no cost to the taxpayer. It is hard to send you here when
    their website doesn’t work all the time and cost $600 million +. FOX has
    let people know about this but its like Amazon or iTunes not a government
    site like the DMV. Good luck you are running out of time and anything that
    gets the old and sick signed up is good. The young can decide if they want
    to buy or wait until they get sick(IF EVER) and can sign up then. How
    many times could you see your family doctor for the $3000-$6000+

  24. Barnabee McGee

    Its sad some of these people think Obama should be helping black people
    over white people. Its about helping the poor, more of which are in fact
    black. You shouldnt get help based on the color of your skin. They should
    be helping poor people, which would in turn help many black people rather
    than in a racist “help only those who look like you” mentality.

  25. 2010GOP

    THIS is why I opposed any delay in rolling out this train wreck. Reality
    is the number 1 destroyer of liberalism.

    I laugh & laugh & laugh….

  26. JimSpaza

    And those students just got a real-world lesson in economics, better than
    the communistic dribble they get from long-haired, dope-smoking professors.


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