Obamacare Lies – NY Sen: We All Knew Pledge Wasn’t Accurate – Pelosi Defends Obama Over Obamacare

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand Say They All Knew Obama Was Lying Obamacare Lies – NY Sen: We All Knew Pledge Wasn’t Accurate – Pelosi Defends Obama Over Obamacare.

11 thoughts on “Obamacare Lies – NY Sen: We All Knew Pledge Wasn’t Accurate – Pelosi Defends Obama Over Obamacare

  1. jefe Anson

    So the president is just paying for libral agendas, instead of people being
    responsible for their own well being! Oh look eugenics is free! Hey
    liberals don’t waste your beer money and pot money on birth control just
    get someone else to pay for it! Or you could spend that 40 bucks a month at
    McDonald’s and get even more unhealthy why not your healthcare is covered
    by smart people who don’t smoke 300 dollars worth of pot a month or 100
    bucks worth of beer! Hell vote for me and keep your pot and beer money ill
    make someone else pay for your insurance, just remember to eat your G.M.O.
    and super size it!!!

  2. Marie Young

    It is sad that this was not told to the public. Lie after lie after lie we
    are being fed. He should be impeached!

  3. Sam Houston

    @0:39 “No, we all knew [about being misled]”. Well, there goes your
    career. Time for you to cross the aisle before it’s too late.

  4. Northeastshooter

    By Kirk Allen (THE ALLEN REPORT 12/03/13)
    Why President Obama and the Democrats Should Have No Worries.
    All around us we see moronic Republicans constantly talk about the broken
    Obamacare website, the President’s alleged lies or about Benghazi, IRS or
    some other “scandal.” But what these All American idiots fail to
    understand is that the Democrats have a solid, loyal voter base that is not
    swayed by current events.

    The naive Republicans in their quest to flip Democrat voters to their side
    continually fail to grasp that these loyal Democrat voters are ready,
    willing and able to vote Democrat no matter what the President or the
    Democrats do. Period.

    Loyalty is loyalty and maybe the Republicans have never felt that kind of
    dependability for themselves. But the facts are that many Democrats, to
    their credit, will easily overlook or explain away any scandal by the
    Democrats because they are looking out for the bigger picture.

    Proof is in the numbers. Those Democrats that are in the minority have
    proven again and again that employment statistics mean very little.
    According to a report by the Bipartisan Policy Center, from 2009 through
    2011, black unemployment is over 14% up from 11.9% in 2008. Minorities are
    significantly worse off in terms of economics directly due to programs and
    lack of programs instituted by the President and Democrats. Yet, through
    their sense of loyalty, 93% of blacks voted for President Obama. What the
    bonehead Republicans don’t want to comprehend is that minorities have
    become accustomed to a higher level of unemployment and a higher crime
    experience but those realities are offset because they also enjoy free
    food, free housing and a host of other free programs offered by the

    In their stupidity and racist way of thinking, the Republicans believe that
    everyone should think as they think meaning that the Republicans foolishly
    believe that everyone should want to work or want to support and raise
    children they have. That kind of close-minded thinking has lost many
    elections for them.

    In short, the Democrats and the President will have no problem in winning
    future elections because they are tapped into the reality that the current
    minority community clearly views family life differently, places little
    value on religion or making money and will continue to support a candidate
    that offers a life where many important necessities are free.

    Until the Republicans offer free stuff to minorities and stop their
    incessant rants about morality and family values, they will continue to
    lose elections by the bunches. America has changed…vote Liberal, vote


  5. Scott Morgan

    Most expensive birth control on the planet. Too bad America can’t turn back
    the hands of time and teach Obie’s parents about birth control. Could
    Abortion be extended out to cover obama at his current age? LOL

  6. D42k0n3

    Oh no, do you mean our gubermint actually lies to us? WTF. Just goes to
    show these UN-Patriotic Fucks ALL lie, and are going to continue to lie
    about EVERYTHING. Democrooks and Rebloodicans are all Traitors and can no
    longer be trusted. Don’t vote for either party as they are bought already.
    We need a total system overhaul where everyone in any office in our country
    is FIRED! If we did bad at our jobs, or careers we would be let go, so why
    should it be any different for Criminals in the Corrupt White House? 

  7. death2pc

    Gillibrand, you (and all the rest of) worthless piece of lying liberal
    piece of crap. You were ALL IN, you lying bitch. You and the rest ought to
    be taken out to a field and …………………

    You and yours will be voted out bitch.

  8. Mass Tea Party

    #Obamacare Lies – NY Sen: We All Knew Pledge Wasn’t Accurate – Pelosi
    Defends #Obama Over Obamacare #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican
    #nbc #massteaparty #teaparty


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