Obamacare is The Greatest Achievement of Manifest Fraud

Alex covers headlines including the death of Hawaii HHS director that approved Obama’s birth certificate dying in a plane crash as well as the calling for ch…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare is The Greatest Achievement of Manifest Fraud

  1. Thyalwaysseek

    I saw someone comment to you the other day Alex saying you were
    bullshitting about the UK healthcare system because they were from the UK
    and it was great….well I am an Aussie and we have government health care
    here and it is absolute shit…huge waiting times and imported unskilled
    doctors seriously the hospitals here have basically turned into butcher
    shops…so that person from the UK is full of shit as far as I am
    concerned based on our shit corrupted health care system.

  2. Zarakii92

    When I first began my journey to the truth I used to think what Alex was
    saying was something out of a fictional sci-fi book, someone better tell
    orwell truth is so much stranger then fiction

  3. Natalie Ramsdell

    I’m trying to get the word out for all people to watch this video done by
    ctwatcher it is called Traitor or patriot the video is almost an hour long
    it’s explains what’s happening to all us people with Obamacare and how
    they’re saying the US people are all a corporation each one of us. And what
    we can do to stop it. This is why I think they are arming the IRS Time is
    running out

  4. eyeoftheangel2013


  5. limitedplay

    Why should states pay people more to stay home then they are paying people
    that are working? This is what I dont understand.

  6. jefe Anson

    It’s un believable how people think that a government that sells it’s
    policies with actors and sensationalism can be taken seriously! Lenon
    created the advertising marketing bull crap to program people with
    repeating this crap over and over again! The evidence on Obama care being a
    fraud is overwhelming and still they keep pushing their narrative to get
    you to buy their product, because that’s what it is just another derivitie
    or hedge fund by forceful investment. Now they’re telling people that it
    reduces the deficit! But it’s just a mechanism to make you the tax payer
    pay off the money they are stealing for them making you put the money back
    into the account in which they imbezled from.

  7. David James

    i see alex has removed the video of him selling his Jonestown coffee kool
    -aid after it was getting more votes down than votes up.

  8. TheBaseballbat11

    When you actually wake up to everything that is going on you look back at
    the asleep people its just so bizarre its not normal its a mental disorder.

  9. Thyalwaysseek

    I would love to see the stats for all these connected gov people that have
    died in plane crashes worldwide…I mean this seems to be the new cutting
    the brakes and they keep getting away with it.

  10. TheBaseballbat11

    people talk about the zombie apocalypse well im telling you its already
    hear there are the asleep people and the awake people

  11. NamelessThe Syn

    REP.(D) Gerald Connolly’s microphone muted thursday while he was spewing
    mumbo jumbo to those doctors about the goodies of OBAMA CARE. It seems even
    a microphone can sense that which is unworthy of attention. LOLOLOLZ! 

  12. Fuk Yoo

    ‘Thunder Mug’ CLASSIC! I’ve been lucky enough to travel, and I can tell
    you one thing we all have in common: The people of this world LOVE a good

  13. bean9seventy

    a little over 4 years ago a satistition who was known for 100 years ,, even
    knew the E=MC2 ,,Cypher ,worked out & saw the praradime in a vision
    knowing that zero on ruelette would come up twice ,,he wrote it down on a
    bit of paper ,, a year or so after i read it weave had tin pots go up
    ,, ranting strange Texas Huts ,, school yards and things go off ,ALL in
    2013 or with in a year ,,There was no doubt about The Presidents B,C ,
    Until this information from this old man was passed & sold on or traded
    few years back ,meanwhile ,all the satitions ugly sisters could not solve
    the puzzle or distroy it ,,but knew the old man was right ,,,in a mad rage
    they tryed to force an illigitamate status on ?? OMG ,, OMG , The Birth of
    a Child,??,or Any Clue that would Validate & reveal the truth, that the old
    man had dreamt ,if God had a lottery system this old man realized the
    prediction ,, was 97,456 %,, corect although his side men beg to differ its
    zero ,,all of the hall marks are in plain view ,i could change the world ,,
    but i aint ,,the thing the old man insisted on ,, means we wait a little
    longer ,, and that the events will reveal the truth all by its self ,, we
    dont need to force it out ,,

  14. john anderson

    I like my Canadian health care, I pay nothing to see dr. and 0 $ for most
    prescriptions.They are usually generic rxs, which I believe are as good
    but illegal in USA ,as a handout to the corporate fascist US state. USA
    the land of freedumbies


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