Obamacare Fraud and Playing The Race Card with ET Williams

YouTube personality ET Williams, also known as the Doctor of Common Sense, joins the show to discuss the Obamacare fraud and how the president and his pundit…
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“Dozens of President Barack Obama’s Democratic allies have sided with Republicans to back a bill the White House says could gut its health law. The House of …

50 thoughts on “Obamacare Fraud and Playing The Race Card with ET Williams

  1. summercures2

    When E.T. Williams refers to Obama as being a homosexual, he’s referring to
    Obama’s gay encounters with a man named Larry Sinclair. Look it up.

  2. Andrew Rusher

    38:00 I agree with Alex Jones, I do speak out against the GLBT community
    and I’m bi, I speak out against the dumb ass stoners who don’t want to care
    about the wars and everything else aslong as they can smoke weed and I like
    to smoke weed some, but I hate the fucking idiot stoners…so the rest of
    you need to stop stereotyping people..cause not all people think the same…

    we need to unite and bring back the constitution/bill of rights and the
    free market and things would be good…

    to those of you who think BIBLE is law, no its not the CONSTITUTION and
    BILL OF RIGHTS is law, the BIBLE is law for YOUR personal life…not the
    nation…like the Boyscouts with gays…its a PRIVATE organization so they
    don’t have to let gays in so the lefts wrong about that, the right wing
    makes laws that say ATHEISTS can’t run for office in 6 states, which isn’t
    private it’s public so they are in the wrong by saying they can’t run for
    office…BOTH SIDES are violating the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS!

  3. MasonSociety

    What USA needs is a White Libertarian President man !

    Look at USA it turned into “Planet of the Apes” you have Oprah Winfrey
    Time to tell them N-WORDs to stick that Race card right up their black
    ass-hole ! 

  4. ReptilianShapeshift

    Alex gay people sexually molest me in public. I’m forced to hit the next
    gay man for molesting me. I’ll have to hit him in the ribs so I don’t hurt
    him bad. It’s a shame I’m forced into this, especially when on lookers

  5. t4705mb6

    Odd they should be discussing assassination.

    I remember reading some insider reports during Barry’s first Reich that the
    ‘elite’ (international organized crime) considered him expendable and that
    killing hm might become a necessity for a number of reasons.

    Even a serious televised ATTEMPT on his life could be seen by as having a
    desired effect by these deranged psychopaths.

    When Reagan thought he was ACTUALLY running the show, Bush the Elder put
    him in his place QUICK in D.C. at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

    Although Reagan wasn’t murdered as planned, he turned over all PERCEIVED
    power to Bush & Co. and followed globalist’s orders.

  6. 2hottie777


    Google NAMBLA
    the North American Man & Boy Love Association.

    Very soon u will be called a pedophile-phobic.

    NAMBLA wants to f*ck your kids and they are letting you know that they have
    these sick fetishes.
    They are rubbing it in your face.

    If this info im sharing with u is NEW to u, thank me by subbing and
    watching my gay video

  7. Jacob Sanders

    I say we have ‘Straight Way Walk’, where millions of us normal,
    heterosexual, God-loving and fearing people get together and march through
    the streets, chanting our love for our God, the opposite sex, procreation
    and family values. Seriously, let’s just put the idea out there and just
    watch how the Gay Mafia comes out and shouts in their fake lisp, ‘No, they
    can’t do that!’ 

  8. foresakenlion

    ET admitting if you’re a Heterosexual Male White Christian it’s even worse
    is the most honesty I have heard out of any Black American in a long time.

    No one forced Mr. Williams to do this.

    I pay the same respect to the Black Americans.

    The Democrats are using you, they built the Big City Machines as a
    conspiracy to force you into government sponsored ghettos ala Gulags or
    Nazi concentration camps.

    There are surely Nazi’s all over as there are Communist’s, Extremist
    Muslims, and other forces at work, some which are overtly hostile to the
    entire Black people.

    There are individual racists that actively hate Black people and try to
    viciously attack them both verbally and physically for merely having a
    melanin count.

    There are those that have encountered Black racism towards them and have
    backlashed against it in like kind.

    The last can be eliminated with more moderate tolerance. the others
    including the Black communities racists must be actively opposed.

  9. Evelyn Parham, MS

    Go ET, Go ET! Thanks AJ for having ET on your show. I am so happy to see
    a black man speaking out on the nonsense that is going on in this country.
    Take care!

  10. biggrex

    Man, Jones is getting quite the variety of Renaissance of thinkers on his
    show these days, from Stefan Molyneux to E.T. Williams, heh heh. Quite the
    variety, but their purpose is similar in their own spheres. I wish we could
    get ingenious, but down to earth guys like this in government today, like
    the founding fathers of the United States were, not a chance today though.
    Good on Alex J. for bringing the best of the Internet to his show, kudos on
    whomever is doing the research.

  11. George Hill

    great show- I am as Tom Selleck stated when asked about his political
    stance,” I’m a conservative with libertarian leanings” I see this CLEARLY
    in Alex and ET Williams, and a rare few others.

  12. Harry Hathaway

    It’s hard to take any of this stuff seriously.Alex Jones,although he’s got
    some good stuff,he also throws it away when he say’s 911 was an inside
    job,he believes in the illuminati,Chemtrails,Aliens/UFO’s (not too sure
    about that one).

  13. Polydynamix

    No one is suing churches or ‘pro life’ groups. I love how he just says
    stuff, regardless of how ridiculous it is and then just moves on like it’s
    some sort of fact. His disciples don’t care, they want to be afraid.

    When the hell did the right become a bunch of sissies? “Oh woe is me,
    we’re such victims”.

  14. Fayiza100

    What Wholefoods does Alex & Co. shop at & live that gay ppl single them
    out in the supermarket?! I’ve shopped at 5 of the NYC WF markets & ppl
    simply shop & mind their business. Now there r always smartass ppl gay &
    otherwise who have something to say to screw w’ somebody. As for a gay
    mafia, I’m in NYC, a gay mecca in the US, & I never see or hear about
    incidences like this. What Alex & Co encountered were assholes who happened
    to be gay. What about all the hetero assholes who ridicule, beat & murder
    ppl who r gay. That’s happened globally WAY MORE over the years than any
    verbal or physical hetero bashing by gays!

  15. JetRanger0007

    Well need to hammer on that dumb Lady GaGa and that Ellen Degenerate as
    well see how they act, and the Media that give them a show as well ! They
    think their so hip & trendy and cool that their weird and screwed up and
    that its ok to be mentally deranged ! The problem starts with those Twisted
    individiuals who wanna be somebody, look at me, who I am and shove it down
    everybodys throat, its getting old needs to stop !

  16. Jason Thorntona

    It made me stop typing funny how much control they already have wake up
    fuck these shills for wealth ppl god dame fuck tards . And yes you want bat
    shit crazy et runs the world ok fuck get over it and let’s deal with the
    power we have together this channel and websites are all false flag on our
    minds keeping us locked in from changing this with and thur each other this
    mind looped nobody’s distracted from following up on real topics .(CANT
    POISONED OR LIED TO . Just keep hope and love going for your selfish asses
    life just keeps getting better . 

  17. rross27

    The left has created a climate of fear wherein ordinary Americans must
    abandon their principles, back abhorrent causes, and remain silent. They
    believe America is a force for evil, that our military is composed of war
    criminals, and that patriotism is the deepest form of treason. They incite
    riots and threaten violence by playing the race card, then claim they’re
    advocates for tolerance. Disagree with Obama? You must be a racist. They
    send out union thugs and Occupy Wall Street anarchists to destroy
    businesses, and redistribute the wealth of earners and job creators. No
    target is off limits as liberal feminists declare war against stay-at-home
    moms, and gay activists out their enemies, destroy careers, and desecrate
    personal privacy.

    Gays can only reproduce their own kind by the seduction of the young &
    naive among us. Therefore they do not function for a society as a
    heterosexual couple which produces children, & certainly should NEVER be
    allowed to infiltrate religious traditions thousands of years old. The
    Homosexual movement itself, like Feminism & the Black Panther Party are
    MARXISTS, & openly display signs at Gay Parades stating, “Live Marxism”.
    All you have to do is train a group of people that they are, “oppressed &
    un-equal” & poke at them with organizations like the; ADL, NAACP, SPLC or
    ACLU (all created, ran & funded by the same tribe & it ain’t black) to turn
    them into; Un-American Flag Burning Communists! But maybe worst of all,
    Sodomites & Bisexuals spread deadly diseases into hetero society, &
    literally take us down with them, when we had no part in their hideous
    filth. Why do we deserve any of this as Americans? And why must we;
    “tolerate” or be “sensitive” towards something so anti-nature & anti-God
    hurting the majority? 

  18. Ian Steyert

    I don’t think any child under 10 years of age needs to know about sex.
    What goes on between consenting adults, in private, is not their business.
    Girls need to be made aware from 10 years on what changes will happen to
    their bodies and how to deal with them. The idea of teaching 5 year olds
    about sex does not sit well with me. It smells of them being prepared for
    abuse. In the UK it is called ‘grooming’. Any adult who grooms a child
    for sex in this country is breaking the law. There is no need for young
    children to know about sex until they become old enough to understand what
    they are being told.

  19. residentflea

    I’m really surprised that the State of Texas and Texans would subject
    themselves to these atrocities. When I think of Texans, I think of strong
    men and women kindly saying go fuck yourself. What has happen to Texans and
    the American People in general.

  20. cbasallie

    Holy SH-T!!!!! AN interviewed ET Williams???? I have his most recent book
    and I check out his youtube vids EVERY day….interesting. He’s a good
    Christian and he’s hillarious!!! Well good for infowars….

  21. chris credit

    I like this guy ET. The other day I was downtown Chico, CA. trying to get
    some interviews regarding a recently implemented unconstitutional “Sit/Lie
    ordinance”, when I met a guy named ‘Pan’. Until I noticed the symbol on his
    hat was a pentagram, I didn’t know, this guy was a Satanist. I thought he
    was an intelligent and friendly enough guy at first, until I mentioned Mr
    Jones. Suddenly the dude went all quagmire on me and said he would run him
    over given the chance; the poor psycho! I let him know how I felt about
    Jones, and Jesus. The dude grabbed a rather large hunting knife from his
    buddy, and began brandishing it in a halfway threatening manner. I simply
    looked dude in the eyes and told him that even though he was a devil
    worshiper, I would run into a burning house to save him; dude said he would
    do the same for me. Some angels probably got a kick out of that

  22. Poparod Cassidy

    Years ago I was hit on by a gay co worker SEVERAL TIMES.I am straight and
    explained this to this gay co worker.He thought it was funny and increased
    his advances towards me.Both in frequency and vulgarity.I complained to the
    owners of this business several times ,BUT they thought it was humorous.So
    finally one day this co worker touched me inappropriately,and I PUNCHED him
    in the face.He immediately complained saying I don’t like gays or
    Latinos(Hes Mexican). I quit that job,and I SHOULD have SUED! 

  23. lookatwhatic

    It is the most disturbing conversation that I have ever heard Alex Jones
    give, gay people that believe in this country even more so than you Sir,
    man what a PR disaster, I personally think the response that you seek will
    be more than just a peek, the fact of the matter you are no better, bashing
    is bashing your topic are Oprah with racism ,what a great disappointment
    as it seems both of you thrive one from the face of racism with the same
    contempt that she spoke of and how she spoke it, racism has its own
    colors,and so does gay bashing, you cannot justify what you have just
    spoken you cannot do the Louisiana crawfish dance coming up with every
    excuse of your explanation when it was clear with contempt ,what a crock of

  24. Sensei Rich

    This is just more reason for the Dems to put up Warren, and NOT Hilary in
    Hilary is just more of the same weak sauce, and she is beatable.

  25. whyamimrpink78

    I just love how TYT don’t understand economics or personal finance at all.
    They want people to pay more for insurance they don’t need. A reason why
    people get cheaper options is because that is all they can afford. I pay
    for a cheap option because I can’t afford more. When I can I will get a
    better option. And how is single payer going be funded? We can’t fund
    Obamacare or even get a website running. And when we complain the
    government drags its feet in fixing it and represses even more. But yet
    people want single payer? I just can’t believe the stupidity of these

  26. Bob Cobb

    Obamacare is dead. Let’s be realistic.

    The moment he dropped his fight for a public option, the moment he didn’t
    push for medicare for all when both him and the dems had control of the
    situation, one should of known from those moments that any health care
    legislation coming from this or any admin would be bad for the majority.

    It’s either full private or single-payer, no inbetweens. Both have their
    pros and cons. But being other nations with much less wealth who are able
    to provide state run care with better or same quality we provide, for a
    fraction of the cost of our private system, it is a national disgrace.

    The republicans are too blame, the dems are too blame, obama is too blame,
    the entire political system is too blame. What the fuck don’t you people
    get about that? 

  27. 4freedom4liberty

    if any of these companies had done this, they would almost certainly have
    faced serious legal action under Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits
    endangering consumers by “failing to maintain security for sensitive
    consumer information.” The FTC has pursued such action on 32 occasions
    since May 2011. “When companies tell consumers they will safeguard their
    personal information,” the commission notes on its website, “the FTC can
    and does take law enforcement action to make sure that companies live up to
    these promises.” Swindle suggests that a violation like that of
    HealthCare.gov could even warrant a referral to the DOJ for criminal

  28. RedXlV

    Every one of those Democrats who voted for this should have all party
    support for their reelection pulled and funneled into primary challenges.
    If they want to vote like Republicans, treat them like they’re Republicans.

  29. guy9052

    You know what I had to do to register for healthcare in my country? I got
    You know how I registered to vote? I turned 18.
    You know how I got a gun permit? I challenged the mutiple choice and
    handlign test to show I was able to use a firearm safely and knew the legal
    Same with a car.

    See, America, the things you need to register for should be automatic and
    things and the things that are optional you should need to register for!

  30. Cimmy Jarter

    Washington doesn’t give a crap about the quality of your insurance. The
    whole purpose of Obamacare is wealth redistribution. The Millenials aren’t
    going to be paying for this because they’ll have their money returned to
    them through Tax Provisions (look it up). The ACA is going to rack up huge
    federal debt when tax returns are filed, the quality of health insurance is
    going to plummet, and the rich are going to pay for it like they’ve paid
    for everything else. This is the biggest wealth redistribution in the
    history of this country, and it’s going to create massive debt. The Dems
    knew this the second their bill was passed as a Tax.

  31. Alex N

    the problem with healthcare is that it costs way too much in America
    compared to Europe. That’s why people can’t afford insurance in the first
    place, because things that cost 3000 in Europe cost $60,000 here, or a 3
    Euro drug costs $30, etc.

    Obamacare was supposed to fix healthcare. And all it did was make sure
    people have to buy more expensive plans? Is that a fix?

    Ignoring pre-existing conditions is a good thing, and very important one
    for people who are affected, but it’s in no way a fix for the original

  32. worldgate989

    So they make it so that people can keep their plan and new people can join
    those shit plans for a year? You shouldnt do it at all. Fuck those
    assholes who are trying to do an end run around the system.

  33. Ibliss

    I think this whole forcing everyone to have healthcare BS is so beneficial
    for the insurance companies, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that? Has
    it ever occurred to anybody that health insurance companies lobbied for

  34. bigraviolees

    The Republicans nailed Obamas balls to the pavement YOU DONT cater to
    fucking spew like Boehner. You find the balls to stand tall point out the
    truth and fire back at the propaganda machine and stop apologizing like a
    little bitch, next BO will say sorry for bumping into Boehner March of 2009
    on air and ask teary eyed if he will forgive him

  35. FlashGameReviews

    Maybe the basis for Obamacare shouldn’t have been getting young / healthy
    people to subsidize everyones healthcare.

  36. ME3

    The young got screwed because they were not organized and had lobbyist like
    the old. Wait till the group plans that don’t match their draconian rules
    and start getting cancelled. The numbers will be tens of millions of
    cancelled plans. Businesses will say too expensive and throw all those
    covered by their EMPLOYER PAID OR SUBSIDIZED PLANS to the exchanges. The
    Unions who fought for OBAMACARE want to be exempted from paying anything.
    If the Unions don’t pay then everyone will know its a Ponzi scheme. You all
    lie like cheap rugs. Your going to add 45 million more people without
    adding 1 Doctor, 1 Nurse or 1 Hospital and its not going to cost a cent!
    $6000+ deductible for
    a single person and many times that if you go outside your network. People
    are going to be dieing like flies as most doctors who spent a total of 20
    years in school are not going to work for 30cents on the dollar. WOULD

  37. FactChecking101

    Obamacare should be called Criminalcare.

    The elephant in the room and the biggest irony of Obama care is that it’s
    not helping the poor or middle class so much as it helps the criminal. Who
    will receive the tax payer funded rebates? Those with undeclared and
    untaxed cash incomes. Rejoice honest citizen who works their fingers to
    the bone and pays their taxes, that drug dealer or pimp down the street
    with piles of crime cash will get a far bigger rebate than you!

    Liberalism is a scourge on character.

  38. Arlee Starr

    The Affordable Care Act is an irreparably flawed model of financing health
    care, and no amount of patching is going to fix it. It is and always will
    be an unstable, expensive and inequitable model of financing health care.

    You know what is stable? Medicare. And it is less expensive and more
    equitable. Yes, it needs continual oversight and refinements, but it has
    the support of the public. If it were our only health care financing
    program, in an improved single payer version, virtually all of us would be
    demanding to keep the insurance that we would then have — an improved
    Medicare for all. Affordable and efficient. Everyone in, no one out. Funded
    by very low monthly premiums as is Medicare.

  39. jeepxjdude2000

    You reap what you sow, Democrats. This is the result of “We won, go away
    we’re going to do this our way”. You rammed this through on a party line
    vote and passed it via the nuclear option in the Senate. You own this
    failure 100%.

    Try to spin it any way you want, but at the end of the day the fact is you
    DID build this.

  40. Afro Saxon

    Single payer? I don’t think so. These knuckleheads after 3.5 years and
    hundreds of millions of dollars can’t even get the 279th most visited site
    to work. The government can’t run a site as well as private sector amazon
    or eBay and people trust them to run healthcare! 


    People need to man up, and not want a big brother to help them all the
    time. I don’t need a government to tell me what is okay for me. When we
    want regulation, what we are really saying is, “I believe the government is
    more capable of controling my life than I am.” Ask yourself, is that really
    what i want? Also, do you really want someone else’s money, as a man? Go
    get your own, and tell the government to get out of your life. Americans
    need to make it happen, and not want the government to take from someone
    else so that certain people have more. Don’t be a child. 

  42. Mick Nelson

    This just shows the ignorance of the american people … we are the only
    industrialized nation without a national healthcare program for its people
    … once again its profits over people … just sad ameica


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