Obamacare Explained – Simplified in 3 minutes by a Licensed Agent

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26 thoughts on “Obamacare Explained – Simplified in 3 minutes by a Licensed Agent

  1. Stewart Hillenburg

    Insurance is now and always has been a scam. We understand that the rich
    will pay for the poor. But no one is forcing hospitals to accept your
    insurance plan. They can stabilize you and send you to another facility.
    Medicine = Money. It is a business. If they cannot make money they will
    limit or change the way they do business.

  2. arrow251

    44 million uninsured people in this country, lets say half of those will
    need to find and pay for their health care at a cost of ($600.00 a month
    x12=$7200)x22million, that is an extra $158 billion dollars more collected
    than before. I don’t see why that would make your premium go up. Now lets
    take a look at the 38 million people who have inadequate health care ,lets
    say half of those would be required to pay $200 extra a month to get
    adequate coverage, ($200×12=$2400)x19 million= $45 billion more collected,
    I don’t see how that makes your premium go up. Most who are against the
    Affordable Care Act= 1.Have not been to the emergency room. 2.Have not gone
    into a hospital for a require procedure. 3 Think that they will never get
    sick. 4.Millionaires 5. Doctors who are afraid of some oversight.
    6.Insurance companies afraid of some oversight. 7. Just don’t pay their
    medical bills. 8. Complain just to complain. The people’s representatives
    have voted and it is now the law.

  3. Toni Patrick

    Interesting. A company email was just sent out informing everyone who is
    full time will be knocked down to 29 hours at my job. Guess you were right.

  4. TheAirJordan1994

    And how exactly does someone having to pay maternity coverage when they or
    their wives aren’t even pregnant savings lives? This whole thing is just
    redistribution of wealth that hurts middle class Americans with existing
    health care plans that they are already happy with. Aaron is absolutely
    right, even if Obamacare is trying to do the right thing it has no right to
    force Americans to do it.

  5. Voluntary Sawyer

    Being forced to “pay more” to a pretend solution to temporarily prop up
    mostly hedonistic boomers and unresponsible adults that have made poor
    health choices is NOT A SOLUTION. Especially since this just a scam deal
    between big timing insurance companies and their sleezy manipulators in DC.
    Keeping the transfer of wealth going to these sociopaths is a win-lose
    situation. Unhealthy & unhappy people need compassion, love, charity, &
    counseling. Just not from a violence-based “solution”

  6. kpzcbttp

    Typical of the USA government, they never think things through properly, I
    don’t understand why they cant see these problems before they put things
    into operation. We have the same problems in the UK, our country is also
    run by idiots that think that we are the idiots. Nothing ever changes.

  7. Roger Eden

    My employer just told me “I’ll cover you with health insurance but not your
    family” so now I have to buy Obama care for my wife and kids. Don’t ask me
    how barely making ends meet now. Think I might have to file for bankruptcy
    to be able to pay the insurance bill. Obama didn’t think this thing threw.

  8. aaron goldstein

    I am all about helping out our fellow american and fridays . but why should
    the government FORCE us to. I rather just do it through charities / helping
    out people on a 1 on 1 basis.

  9. Miss Nintendique

    Seriously, why not just tax EVERYONE a smaller amount… its what we do
    here in the UK. Council tax. It could work right :/ ?

  10. scottteel93st

    @raw talentx yes because he didn’t even touch on the part where all the
    doctors who will now be paid under gov. Wages won’t be able to make as much
    money and will most likely leave the profession. Not to mention with the
    increase of ppl under Medicaid good luck even trying to get a appointment
    within a month! But the main issue he points out is that money dosent come
    from thin air!

  11. RawTalent x

    Now can we have a video that is not inaccurate and completely in the favor
    of the wealthy. So your saying that only bums benefit from Obamacare are
    you serious? This a Stupid video now everybody that doesn’t understand
    Obamacare is gonna have a dum outlook of it. What about the benefits of it.
    I see you left that out

  12. EviLBeatZ

    Fuck are you talking about? as a individual you have to pay for it your
    self , if you dont, you wont be able to file tax’s etc..


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