Obamacare Debate Part 1

Congressman Tom McClintock and Congressman Ami Bera, KXTV 10 Sacramento. September 24, 2013. Debate Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZKCA19Fdts http:/…
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Sens. Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham sit down with CNN hosts Van Jones and Newt Gingrich to discuss the Affordable Care Act.

26 thoughts on “Obamacare Debate Part 1

  1. mytuber81

    The ACA is a massive disaster, democrats and republicans will admit that
    fact. Not only are people loosing their health insurance after they were
    repeatedly assured that they wouldn’t, but the people who can actually get
    on to the site are being hit with a huge increase in how much they pay for
    insurance, the bill should be called the ‘Unaffordable Care Act’.

  2. Thomas Graham

    The host opposite Newt Gingrich says that the house and senate are a zoo,
    using all sorts of obscure rules to try to defund Obamacare.
    I guess he forgets how Obamacare got passed in the first place.

  3. Bashia b

    A bunch of millionaires (median income of Senators is 1.79 million/year)
    are sitting there talking about cutting Social Security income to seniors,
    many of whom are living on less than $1000/month. Minimum housing expenses
    are $500/month, minimum medical is $100/month medicare premium. That’s
    $400/month left for groceries, clothes and they can’t afford a hell of a
    lot more. Those Senators that talk about “reforming” Social Security have
    NO CONCEPTION whatever of what its like to live in these United States on
    that amount of money. Why doesn’t anyone point out that Social Security is
    not part of the U.S. budget.? Nada. Not at all. They’re balancing the
    budget by reforming something that’s not part of the budget. We paid
    into SS for years of our lives and they want to cut it on phoney
    contentions it’s going broke. How did entitlement turn into a dirty word?
    Entitled means a legal or just right. We paid into it and we are entitled
    to it. Why doesn’t anyone point out that Medicare is expensive partly
    because it ONLY INSURES the elderly and disabled–the most expensive part
    of the population to insure. And the Part D program that REPUBLICANS
    pushed through is wreaking havoc on the Medicare system. That’s exactly
    why they pushed it through because Republicans want us to believe
    government doesn’t work so they pass legislation that makes it so
    government can’t work–just as they recently bankrupted the Post Office.
    Our Post Office is the envy of the world and now they’re destroying it.

  4. Cleveland McAdams

    love how im the only person who argues the shittiest part about obamacare
    and nobody can argue against it

  5. James Griffin

    hat I can’t fathom is how in the HELL Newt Gingrich ever found a woman who
    was actually willing to F*** him…I mean seriously, DAMN!

  6. fromdust todust

    How come Lindsey Graham never answers the direct questions. When asked a
    questions say, you would create 44,000 jobs in your state by implementing
    the ACA, his response is something to do with what the unions are saying.
    Talking points, talking points, talking points. Do any of these clowns have
    a authentic personal view on topics? Of course they do but every time they
    get T.V. time they just want to use it as a partisan political platform.
    Fucking dirty politicians

  7. Linda Carpenter

    You are doing the job the Congress is paid to do and aren t doing. There is
    no room for extremists in our Congress. They need to go. Make the
    healthcare better and senior care better. Tax the rich the way it should be
    in America. Everybody is listening. They don t listen to Congress anymore.

  8. xinecal law

    Too bad he is full of shit. Here let me let you in on a little secret, ONE,
    only ONE of the reasons the buissness coverage mandate was delayed for
    another year was because it is going to show how full of shit these claims
    are. A lot of ppl are saying they are now parttime employees due to
    Obamacare, but that is NOT possible since the mandate isnt until 2015.
    Their hours were reduced for other reasons or else it would have stayed the
    same until the end of next year. Thats wHy Graham=PIECE OF SHIT

  9. MegaMainhoon

    Amazing amazing. There is one party here that stands for the rich
    anti-women and anti-science, and are purely moronic. And yet people vote
    for it..

  10. Jack Harper

    Congress only works when we have debates like this that pull legislation to
    the middle where the American people are

  11. Cleveland McAdams

    idk where you get that from but id like to tell you something. both sides
    are rich bastards so either way, the affordable health care act doesnt
    effect either of them unless they own a small buisness. but one thing i
    def. dont like about the a.h.c.a., is that i must have health insurance or
    i am fined. if i cant afford health care than how am i expected to pay the
    fines. i know how much it is. i cant pay it. so thats what the gop are

  12. lady4real75

    Politicians are slick as owl shit, but you should look at the budget
    proposed. THE GOP wants to cut food stamps & Social Security from folks
    barkey making it, but don’t want to take a dime from oil co or wall st &
    they have 38% of the wealth of this entire country. All you so called
    Chistians, WWJD ( what would Jesus DO)??

  13. Jack194343

    What Lindsey wants is to knock the gov down to nothing so it is helpless to
    stand against the depredation of International corporations and reduce gov
    cost to nothing so he can cut corporate taxes down to nothing. There is
    nothing in there about government for the people. A Republican dream is to
    expunge the people from the gov all together and have a corporate


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