Obamacare Debacle – Who Decides What’s A Good Plan? – Medicaid “Death Spiral” – Foxnews Sunday

Who Decides What’s A Good Plan? Chris Wallace Could Not Believe Dr Ezekeil Emanuel (Ron Emanuel’s Brother)Talk Over Everyone With BS Talking Point Obamacare …
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16 thoughts on “Obamacare Debacle – Who Decides What’s A Good Plan? – Medicaid “Death Spiral” – Foxnews Sunday

  1. birddog6616

    Who decides ” well don’t no were you people live but military & don’t look
    like our military look like from another country ( Russian) probably all
    over the highway’s look like they are getting ready for something . Which
    is unconstitutional, well foreign or domestic guess the people will have to
    solve the problem. boy this guy has mess this country up & no one on other
    side doing jack shit . Thought we had 2 party’s. Well the people are
    getting sick. & your tax as much as Canada now.

  2. spahr001

    ‘Cost shifting’ is what Obamacare is all about. It’s really insulting to be
    told that preventing cost shifting is why insurances are being cancelled.

  3. sheridanbucket

    Dr Ezekeil “Stalin” Emanuel, what a stupid POS. Even his analogies are
    stupid, like airbags in cars. Jeez, Stalin, if you like your old 1950’s car
    -without- an airbag, you can keep it and drive it on the public roadways.
    It’s not Stalin’s decision to send it to the junkyard because it doesn’t
    have modern features. What’s next, Federal laws to junk your old car, or
    tear down you house ’cause it doesn’t meet environmental efficiencies or
    today’s building codes (which change all the time)?!

  4. Robbie Miller

    Chris Wallace is asking hard hitting questions, and it is beautiful. It’s
    like the heads of the networks gave the nod to rip ACA to shreds with legit
    questions. Similar to medical MJane getting the go ahead to be legitimized.


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