Obamacare Debacle – Many Losing Their Plans – Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday – 11-3-13

Another tough week for the Obamacare rollout and the massive number of folks who are having their medical insurance coverage cancelled in the process. This w…
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25 thoughts on “Obamacare Debacle – Many Losing Their Plans – Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday – 11-3-13

  1. Bill Hobaica

    The weasel on the right, another academic elitist who’s never run so much
    as a lemon stand. Has no idea how business functions. Knows only what comes
    out of a book. A U Penn Ivy League educated moron. Just like Obama. 

  2. Jay M

    Entitlements are fraught with bureaucracy, waste & fraud. The free market
    is more equitable and efficient in providing goods & service and
    distributing wealth. The biggest monopoly is government.

  3. Pendragon1717

    I don’t know how Ezekiel can argue his position with a straight face. What
    an intellectually dishonest hack! A woman past child bearing age is forced
    to carry maternity coverage in case her 24 year old son gets a girl
    pregnant? Do you know how asinine and idiotic that sounds…

  4. grandbbq

    Why does nobody mention the original lie where Obama says this is not a
    tax? then when it went to the SCOTUS and they said it was unconstitutional
    unless it was a tax so then they said ok its a tax? WTH?

  5. Heidi Johnson

    Fox News was pro Obama and was a big advocate for US citizens voting him in
    and now they back pedal and want to bring out his lies. They tricked
    Americans just like Obummers did.

  6. Jay M

    Obama & the Democrats requires every citizen to prove they are insured but
    they not only don’t require everyone to prove citizenship, they actively
    interfere with such attempts. On top of that, many of those who refuse or
    are unable to prove their citizenship will receive free insurance paid for
    by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.

  7. ninuxy

    If you can’t rebut the points Ezekiel is hurling at you, make sure to talk
    all over his comments, hand over the “discourse” one-sided to the opponent
    without interrupting him once, then accuse Ezekiel of engaging in the same

    The insurance companies in the individual market have been butchering their
    participants for decades. I was in that market for 14 years; I know how
    vicious and barbaric these vile entities treat people.

    There has never been a single policy I had that didn’t ultimately get
    altered significantly after a few years; we were lucky if they didn’t
    cancel them and attempted to throw us into another, yet more expensive,

  8. packjim56

    Obama, if he can’t dismantle the Democratic Party, no one can. Keep up the
    good work Barry. One more scandal should just about do it. 

  9. grandbbq

    The cost shifting idea is bullshit too. they are doubling, tripling
    policies to cover just that. These assholes are robbing everyone!

  10. Catherine H

    Too bad for you Chris Roadwarrior. Australian Healthcare is better than
    Canadian healthcare. That is a fact and Australia has a two tier healthcare
    system so you can, and I have, augmented my healthcare with private health
    insurance. This is mainly for private hospital stays, dental and elective
    procedures. We have an excellent Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as well.
    Rupert Murdoch is still an amoral scumbag and his entire media networks are
    a tool for self serving propaganda.

  11. SniperMaske

    Comparing a socialistic Jew with the worst enemy of Judeo-Bolshevism (whom
    they love to frequently defame). Not sure you got it right.

  12. loud4trth

    So its ok for govt to force u to buy car insurance but not health ? 30
    million Americans dont have healthcare insurance, 40,000 die every yr
    because of it. How many Canadians dont have health insurance ? Obamacare
    doznt force u to buy one health insurance there are exchanges with more
    than 30 companies you can shop from. I suggest u educate yourself first.

  13. SniperMaske

    Hey, don’t spread present communist lies about the Third Reich if you don’t
    like communism. Contrary to what many try to disseminate in public opinion,
    the Third Reich was the privatisation champion of its time, with glorious
    economic results. ub.edu/graap/nazi.pdf

  14. Chris RoadWarrior

    Maybe when he retires, Chief Justice John Roberts will write his memories
    and tell everybody why he voted (the 5th vote in a very narrow 5-4 victory
    for ObamaCare) to uphold ObamaCare. But I guess we gotta wait maybe 20
    years for the final… confession. LOL

  15. Chris RoadWarrior

    And I’m CANADIAN and live in Toronto, so you and I share the very same
    Queen as Head of State, right? I’m against universal healthcare simply b/c
    I do not believe GOVERNMENT should be in business FORCING ppl to accept
    just one form of health insurance. In Ontario Car Insurance we have 3 types
    of coverage: a) Basic Insurance with very minimum coverage, b) Specified
    Insurance (excluding major perils), c) Comprehensive Insurance with
    everything in it. In ObamaCare, a) & b) don’t exist.

  16. 1cinjim

    nazi noise. tis illegal but new speak and nlp will have the masses lined up
    against the wall like the jews in camps. fuck u media whores who play word
    games and the world goes to crap. thanks but karma is gonna fix things.

  17. Catherine H

    I am Australian, I have excellent universal healthcare that I am happy
    with. I was not commenting on your Obamacare meltdown or your war mongering
    presidents. I was commenting on the amoral Rupert Bloody Murdochs world
    wide syndicate of faux news and I can because I am from Adelaide where he
    got his first paper to manage ‘The News’ and even then in the late
    seventies he was pretty loose with the truth, big on sloganeering and
    slander and appealed to the less educated.

  18. HHCKY67

    So what’s your excuse for all the other outlets(CNN, NBC, ABC,etc.) that
    are now echoing much of what Fox is reporting(or lying about) about the
    latest cluster f*&*….always love the folks like u who seem to know so
    much more than the rest of us, but no, our Prez hasn’t been deceitful about
    anything, right?…so lets say all media cancels each other out, still
    gonna blindly stand by your man, right??…that’s OK, you definitely don’t
    have to answer that, very obvious…

  19. rajashivan1

    Let’s be honest here. Insurance companies are in business to make the most
    money they can. They don’t care who gets stepped on or dies from denial of
    coverage. They don’t care about peoples health or wellbeing….period.


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