Obamacare causes healthcare premiums for Kentucky family to triple to nearly $1000 PER MONTH

Obamacare causes healthcare premiums for Kentucky family to triple to nearly 00 PER MONTH

Thanks for Obamacare healthcare premiums are going up across the country and for one family in Kentucky the monthly premiums are tripling to nearly 00 PER…
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16 thoughts on “Obamacare causes healthcare premiums for Kentucky family to triple to nearly $1000 PER MONTH

  1. Observer2The

    right – it’s the insurance company’s fault their prior policies were
    outlawed by the ACA and imposed multiple mandates on them, and it is their
    fault the ACA is corporate written by a select handful of corporate
    lobbyists acting on behalf of the largest corporate run health care
    companies designed to put their competitors out of business (nonprofit /
    religious hospitals and outlawing the construction or expansion of any
    further physician owned facilities). Uninformed, you are.

  2. Observer2The

    Obamacare/ACA was written by and for corporate interests – look it up. It
    made their prior plan illegal and mandated additional coverage they don’t
    need and imposed taxes. Obamacare outlawed privately owned hospitals a the
    request of corporate hospitals, and is also targeting nonprofit hospitals.
    Hospitals are cutting back on services – even ones like the Cleveland
    clinic. You are either a hyperpartisan hack, or uninformed.

  3. Wilhelm Z

    The goal was to make healthcare affordable for sick people and poor
    blacks/mexicans. Everyone else is going to have to foot the bill.

  4. andrianc3g

    When you buy individual health insurance, the actuarial numbers are base on
    the zip codes you reside, health of residents in that area, and healthcare
    cost. When there’s guaranteed coverage for individuals with ‘pre-existing’
    factors, you also assume that risk on the individual market. So now,
    although “everyone” is eligible for healthcare coverage, everyone is paying
    more to cover the cost/risk. This the purely actuarial insurance numbers

  5. AmigaDude4000

    The real story: go to the newyorker
    /online/blogs/newsdesk/2013/10/why-obamacare-might-help-the-man-on-fox and
    add dot html.

  6. Burma Shave

    This is and has always been the problem with corporations running the
    health insurance and health industries. It is all about the profits. If you
    want to blame someone, blame the CEO of Blue Cross & Blue Shield who wants
    to keep raking in his huge bonuses every year. The same goes with the
    hospitals that are corporate owned.

  7. Dewey cheatum-howe

    Does the insurance companies own you and your representatives ? Worker
    mobility should be a human right. The insurance companies own everything;
    including our representatives. This is the classic battle of Good versus
    Evil. The Will of the American populous versus the greed, power and control
    of the insurance companies, According to Citizens United and the neo con
    Supreme Court their “people”. Watch this one closely, and please stand up
    for ACA, and your Constitutional rights

  8. ZP ZAP

    just stay healthy and stay away from the system and their synthetic “food”
    products. I haven’t had insurance for over 20 years and I am healthier than
    ever. Get a Violet Ray wand for injuries, pain, and inflammation in any
    part of the body from ZP Zap net


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