Obamacare and Other Lies…

Obamacare and Other Lies...

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ObamaCare is here! hey, if you can’t get on the website, just call the toll free number!

34 thoughts on “Obamacare and Other Lies…

  1. EyesWideShut007

    The problem is large businesses use unethical practices to get rid of
    emerging competition. They all do it. Limited Government is a necessity to
    create fair and somewhat free markets. I don’t disagree with you that
    government has too much power today, but the people have allowed them to
    gain this power.

  2. JoinTheTemple

    Personally I have no problem whatsoever with monopolies that are created
    due to excellence in any given arena. Microsoft (for a while) had a virtual
    monopoly on operating systems, Apple (for a while) on portable music
    systems, Standard Oil on oil, ATC on cigarettes, etc, etc. As long as the
    monopoly is created due to being so much better than all your competition
    that no one buys from them, I see no problem with it. As long as it isn’t
    enforced at the end of a gun (govt monopoly style!).

  3. Joe11Blue

    No they didn’t you lying turd, even a cursory Google search would correct
    your mistake. Own it an redact your previous comment.

  4. EyesWideShut007

    Standard Oil didn’t change their business practices until the US Government
    started looking into what they were doing around 1890ish. That’s what
    caused them to lose a portion of the market. Standard had no real
    competition from international oil companies. The same thing holds true for
    ATC. Did you ever hear of undercutting you competition? ATC had around 90%
    of the market in 1890. Try Again.

  5. xuridun

    American Tobacco Company: 1. Prices fell continuously for decades prior to
    the antitrust lawsuit that destroyed it. 2. There were thousands of other
    tobacco companies competing with it. Standard Oil: 1. It benefited from the
    competitive advantage afforded by patent royalties and restrictions on
    international imports. 2. It’s share of the market, and the price of the
    oil it sold continuously declined for decades prior to the antitrust
    lawsuit that destroyed it. Try again.

  6. onlythewise1

    maybe we should follow the law and remove the hundred million illegals in
    usa then we wouldnt have a broken country would we . or a trillion dollars
    a year ripe off of the illegals and the fraud. or maybe we should let in
    all the poor like fifty billion of them and dishonor the ones who fought
    for usa . hopefully someone like you will die because you cant afford
    health care

  7. onlythewise1

    yes take it from the billionairs democrats and make sure they pay there
    share of taxes . during the recession opra the democunt doubled her
    billions why is that now you say all republicans are evil ,bill gate
    tripled his billions during the recession while talking about giving it
    away and buying news papers

  8. HConstantine

    IF you thought he was doing anything other than lying for gain, make sure
    you continue to listen to his conspiracy theories–the idiot thinks every
    democratic member of congress is so morally degenerate they can be
    blackmailed by Obama, while no republican member has ever looked at porn,

  9. HConstantine

    Why bother to reply, if you aren’t going to address your lie? One year
    doesn’t equal hundreds of years. Who paid you to tell these lies, and how

  10. HConstantine

    Do you have some other ideas about how to give health care to poor people
    other than having people with excess money paying for it? Oh–i know–you
    want to let them dies, don’t you?

  11. BurnsScience

    When you say that it is ok for insurance to decline because of preexisting
    conditions i under stand for acute stuff, broken leg, but where do you draw
    the line? What about genetic preexisting conditions? What about someone who
    gets a kidney as a child and thus will need more healthcare later, Should
    those people be turned down? I can understand charging more because they
    will used more, but there is a point that goes too far, it becomes like
    social darwinism

  12. xuridun

    Name two monopolies that ACTUALLY EXISTED without using the state to
    prevent competitors. No more hypothetical nonsense, put up or shut up.

  13. GDDouble U

    Or, perhaps you mean if a health care administer declines somebody services
    then they are violating their right to healthcare? Why would they decline
    healthcare to somebody? This doesn’t make sense at all unless healthcare
    cost money and the person didn’t have enough to afford it.. which is what
    i’m against.

  14. majorl311

    Obama should write a book and call it, How To Take Over a Capitalist
    Country and Become a Dictator and Turn it into a Totalitarian State in 5
    Easy Lessons, it will be the follow up to Rules For Radicals dedicated to
    Lucifer by communist Sal Alinsky that Obama endorsed along with Hillary!

  15. Insanity Island

    Thank you very much Stan. Remember we don’t always reply but we ALWAYS see
    the comments. So Thank you very much! Chris

  16. trident 731

    Yes, Jay, have her Benghazied. Along with this foolish entitlement program,
    government bloat in general, Dingy Harry, and most of the west wing,
    including your moonbat self, Jay.

  17. Stan Parrish

    This was the best episode ever. I wasn’t done laughing over one line before
    another laugh line hit. The funniest thing about it was every line was
    based on actual bumblings of the administration or the demented liberal
    view of “The Way Things Ought To Be”. (Don’t sue me Rush) You can’t make
    this stuff up but you can sure make fun of it.


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