Obamacare and October 1st: Healthcare Triage #1

http://www.healthcare.gov Healthcare Triage is a new series from Dr. Aaron Carroll and the team behind Crash Course and Mental Floss Videos. In this episode,…
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Will Obamacare Force Doctors To Treat Medicaid & Medicare Patients? – Is This America?

29 thoughts on “Obamacare and October 1st: Healthcare Triage #1

  1. ZombieTex

    It’s immoral to force someone to pay for a service they do not want, and do
    not believe they need, and Obamacare of literally founded on this
    principle. It’s founded on immorality. It’s great and all if you THINK they
    need it, but unless they do also, your opinion shouldn’t matter in their

  2. Lastof1AndAll

    Short, Simple, makes sense.

    Sure that Individual Mandate is going to suck, but even so, it is the
    better for everyone.
    Are we such a “great nation”, we will rather save $95 and let a
    countryman/countrywoman die for it? (Sarcasm)

    But I assume the Individual Mandate is automatic for everyone? Or if you
    are under Obamacare only? 

  3. Ruman Shahriar

    You’re always paying for other people’s healthcare, that’s how insurance
    works. Where do you think the money comes from?

  4. Rachel Reiss

    You do realize that companies get tax breaks for providing workers with
    health insurance, right? So you, through your tax dollars, are already
    paying for other people’s insurance, including insurance for Wall Street
    bankers with the absolutely most expensive plans.

  5. Mats Lindborg

    You realize when you buy insurance, you’re paying for other people’s health
    care, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s voluntary or tax funded.

  6. Kisuke Urahara

    (continue) It was an assumption on my part. But I don’t think it was, in
    any way, an unfair assumption. Your words(which you later stated that you
    do not mean) matched that philosophy perfectly. It wasn’t an “artificial
    misunderstanding.” It was a misunderstanding caused by your careless
    wording. Want a constructive discussion of Obamacare? Truth is, I don’t
    feel I’m qualified. I don’t even have a strong opinion one way or another
    about it. I guess we’ll just see how it pans out.

  7. Kisuke Urahara

    The problem is that you said “things.” Not, “Obamacare.” Your statement
    implied that it is wrong to force people to do things in general. Not just
    for this specific topic. And though you may not be aware, but that is
    actually a common philosophy of libertarians and anarcho-capitalists. It’s
    called the non-aggression principle. They believe that it is immoral to
    force people to do things, even if the outcome is beneficial. That is the
    argument your statement lead to to believe you were making.

  8. Breaker12fyi

    Now, you have three options at this point: A) Actually try to have a
    constructive discussion with me on Obamacare; B) Leave it as it is C) Deny
    all of this and continue to make yourself look worse and worse. Its your

  9. Breaker12fyi

    How about this: instead of resorting to making my arguments seem
    ridiculous, you actually try to have a genuine, real constructive
    discussion and ask me something a bit more practical, like “Why do you
    think forcing Obamacare on people is bad”? You will get better responses
    out of people that way, and will have better, more affable discussions. You
    are the one creating an artificial “misunderstanding” which is really just
    you trying to save face at this point.

  10. Breaker12fyi

    LOl no, I’m just pointing out your tactics. And they’re fraudulent –
    reductio is legit IF you are not creating a Straw man, which you are, by
    bringing in something completely out of the conversation. I never once
    mentioned taxes. Ever. You are the one that brought that up. “Its immoral
    to force people to do things.” Means what it says. I dont have to be more
    specific – I am simply stating how I feel. You’re bringing things into the
    discussion in an attempt to make it look bad. Try harder

  11. Eric D

    So far, 90% of the people who signed up at the exchanges signed up for
    Medicaid. That’s not a good sign. Many who did try to buy a plan on the
    exchange decided not to go through with it because of the price increase.
    And as for the tax credit, those who qualify will get it when they file
    their taxes. Meanwhile, they’re paying full price for their health plan.
    And collecting the credit may be problematic too, since when does the IRS
    make things easy?

  12. Kisuke Urahara

    Ah shit! Did you just turn me into a frog? Oh, no. You’re just one of those
    people that think using Latin names for shit in an argument makes you
    intelligent. Btw, you do know that Reductio ad Absurdum is a legitimate
    form of argument and not a logical fallacy, don’t you? Just checking.
    “~It’s immoral to force people to do things” is really ambiguous. From now
    on, be more specific and you won’t have these misunderstandings. Don’t just
    make generalized statements about such specific things.

  13. inademv

    Have her sign up on the exchange website and compare the plans available to
    her there to the coverage/costs she’d have if she gets covered by your
    dad’s insurance. Chances are the plans available to her on the exchange
    will be at least competitive with what she’d have under your dad’s plan.

  14. Breaker12fyi

    See what I said was in the context of Obamacare. You are attempting to blow
    it up to encompass everything. Unless I specifically stated “forcing people
    to pay taxes through the barrel of a gun is wrong.” you cant blow up what I
    said, its a logical fallacy. You are assuming things and going to Reductio
    ad Absurdum in an attempt to take what i said to the extreme. I never
    specified taxes, this was in the context of Obamacare ONLY. Which makes
    sense, since this VIDEO is about it. Try harder.

  15. Kisuke Urahara

    Like I told you, you comment has also been flagged as spam(which is why you
    look like an ass). You just can’t see it because it’s your comment. If you
    don’t believe me, you can sign in on a different account and check. And no,
    I didn’t take it out of context at all. Clearly you don’t know what that
    means. All your new statement proves is that you’re being logically
    inconsistent. One minute you’re saying that it’s wrong to force people to
    do things and the next you’re saying it’s ok sometimes.

  16. Sleepy In Toronto

    He could be citing it as evidence of the popular discourse on the issue, or
    as different efforts to educate the public on the effects of Obamacare, or
    she could be citing the comment section for the extreme positions expressed
    there in. Citations aren’t always like they are in a grade 12 history
    paper, some people work in fields that engage with this sort of stuff.

  17. Sleepy In Toronto

    You realize “purchasing Obamacare” is simply choosing and buying
    catastrophic health insurance right? Since you are ably employed, I’m sure
    you are already on some sort of health plan and therefore don’t need to
    worry at all about the issue, if not, just think about how much money
    you’ll save when you get into a car accident or get hospitalized for swine

  18. Breaker12fyi

    Kisuke Urahara 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show • Not Spam The
    only person making themselves look like an ass is you. But by all means,
    keep at it 🙂 But that’s not my logic. You’re taking my quote out of
    context. My logic, which I will repeat: I think there are boundaries that
    the government should operate on and these new boundaries break them. I’ve
    never mentioned taxes, you’re bringing that in to attempt to invalidate my
    argument. Try harder 😀

  19. argentinamanitnegra

    You don’t. Who is this guy? Is he an expert? Did he cite any of his sources
    Why don’t you quote me. Want me to make a video? What do you want it to say?

  20. LyraCheesestrings76

    but, before we party, lets remember that “federal dollars” are a myth.
    those are going to be debt. debt is being to be payed off by your kids.
    federal dollars are your kids dollars. thank you for the debt.

  21. Mass Tea Party

    Will Obamacare Force Doctors To Treat Medicaid & Medicare Patients? – Is
    This America? #cbs #abc #cnn #msnbc #democrat #republican #nbc #massteaparty

  22. ftwbk

    this eventuality was planned for. what is going to happen is the gov’t will
    now offer funding for students to attend medical school with the
    understanding that they will need to serve a set number of years after
    finishing their residency providing medical services to medicaid/medicare
    patients as a way of repaying their tuition grant.

  23. Zalahblue

    THE ENTIRE ObamaCare TAX LAW needs to be REPEALED NOW! Obama Biden Pelosi
    Reed and Boehner should RESIGN NOW!!! Damn Communistic Fascists!

  24. Zalahblue

    Doctors already treat medicade medicare patients. Obamacare TAX does not
    ‘EXPAND’ health care, it restricts OUR choice of doctor. I DO NOT WANT TO
    Thank you very much!


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