Obama Unconstitutional Obamacare Fix – Insurance Industry Group: Fix Could Destabilize Market

Obama Unconstitutional Obamacare Fix - Insurance Industry Group: Fix Could Destabilize Market

Obamacare Will Be Going Back To Supreme Court! Obama Unconstitutional Obamacare Fix – Insurance Industry Group: Fix Could Destabilize Market Judge Napolitano.

10/3/13 – Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) found him self in a vicious debate with Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday night over exemptions that businesses and membe…
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37 thoughts on “Obama Unconstitutional Obamacare Fix – Insurance Industry Group: Fix Could Destabilize Market

  1. Adam Araujo

    Dude thank god for the media in this situation I have to say. Someone has
    to cover this and she’d some light.

  2. DedicatedArmyRetiree

    obama care is doomed to fail on its own. it was passed entirely by
    Democrats without any republicans votes. because the republicans READ the
    bill (unlike the democrats) and have been trying to stop this train wreck
    from the get go. and now the democrats are jumping ship.. Republicans will
    take the senate in 2014 and Dr Carson will be president in 2016 Obama has
    been trying to destroy america in 2008 and had been breaking laws LEFT and
    RIGHT. when it fails it will fail because its a STUPID, Law. too
    bad liberal are TOO STUPID to understand it. obamas approval rating 37%
    and Still sliding. 

  3. Alan Sanchez

    Barack is an imbecile. I pity everyone who still has his name on their car
    bumpers. Now we know who is to blame for this mess.

  4. freedom

    Obama is the Executive Branch and has Zero Authority to change a Law. But
    he does it all the time. If you are not just a bit concerned about that, he
    will eventually by-pass congress altogether. He has floated this notion
    more than once at one of his few press room appearances. Nothing he says
    more than once is an accident, Obama is a groomed Red Diaper Liar. He must
    lie, for to tell the truth would set us free, (of him)!

  5. castaman123

    Liberals are beyond stupid at this point. How many times do you need to be
    lied to. When will you understand that elitists are playin you


    closed door hearings its all made up.there are no witnesses there is no
    evidence these people pull that shite out of their ass in my mind.its all
    false fake lies closed door meetings don’t exist.they never happened.they
    just say whatever you want to hear.its all fake folks.

  7. datniggami7

    I bet you voted for the 2 pricks that got their asses handed to’em! LOL!
    Which makes you and them LOSERS!!!!!! hahahahahahaa…fuckin loser ass

  8. bduhe219

    when has medical procedures been available yet denied by insurance
    carriers? what purpose are these procedures, if we are denied access to get
    them. insurance companies are now using the excuse Obamacare is the reason
    people are being dropped. it is because the insurers do not want to offer
    what the government says should be made available. are the American people
    that stupid as to not see they are dictating what we should do as
    consumers? all those insurance companies should go belly up.

  9. 12berhanu

    How could anybody take this buffoon Hannity as a journalist. I mean telling
    his guest ‘you are full of crap’ is that journalism?

  10. RckinRoll

    Biggest lie of Hannity’s pathetic career…”George Bush never made a single
    mistake in Iraq”….he said that zinger twice in one night, now nobody that
    delusional can ever be taken seriously, he’s a clown.

  11. RckinRoll

    The ACA does not go into effect until next year, the fascists are scared to
    death that it will succeed and will do all they can to stop it, they don’t
    give a shit about the health care of average Americans, and yes Hanntiy is
    the scum of the earth and is the most pathological liar on the planet, look
    close enough and you can still see Bush’s dried up cum on the sides of
    Hannity’s big mouth, Bush thanked God his “buddy” Hannity was around to lie
    for him for 8 shameless years.

  12. RckinRoll

    We are nowhere near socialism you idiot, and I’m sure you probably know a
    dozen military folks but of course they are the sort who agree with your
    views so of course that must mean the entire military thinks that way huh?
    and if you wanted to see a disasterous foreign policy you can go back to
    the mismanagement of the Bush yrs which cost the lives of thousands of our
    troops, Hannity’s total hypocrisy is disgraceful, lying for yrs about Iraq
    but all over the minor incident like Benghazi.

  13. Dale Claus

    I love the defeated look on Hannity’s face when he says “We gotta go”.
    Hannity and Fox News never have learned the lesson that they should not
    conduct live interviews with people who can present documented facts. “I’ll
    bet you $10,000”, isn’t that one of arrogant statements that defeated
    Romney?? He should have just said “I have more money than you, therefore I
    am more important than you and I know more than you”.

  14. 921bigD

    well it shows you dont know shit about shit if you dont know the muslem
    brotherhood took power after obama helped get mubarak ousted. obama is a
    idiot, he has all of our allies angry at us because he is kissing the asses
    of the likes of iran and al queda in syria, you talk about alot, but dont
    seem to know much, typical liberal, im sure you hate isreal and britan, and
    blame america for terrorisim

  15. 921bigD

    im still waiting on cowerdly obama to fulfill his word my health ins rate
    would go down $2500, to liberals obama lieing over and over again is ok,
    but hanitty is the scum of the earth for pointing out that your president
    is a pathological liar, this is the real reason left wing hates him

  16. 921bigD

    hey bro, i respect nobody more then our soldiers, but i cant stand
    socialisim, and thats what obama clearly stands for , and i know plenty of
    military freinds. and none agree with obama policys, especially his
    disastrous foreign policy, and sorry but i can bring up many videos where
    hanitty was very right about obama, like muslem brotherhood taking over
    egypt, hanitty is a tv personality, obama is supposed to be a leader, obama
    is the DISGRACE !

  17. RckinRoll

    STILL waiting on coward Hannity to fulfill his promise to get waterboarded
    for charity, it’s going on what four years now??….but we all know his
    cowardly self will never do it for it would expose yet again what a
    shameless hypocrite he is when it comes to the definition of torture, he
    wouldn’t last five seconds and he knows it, what a worthless piece of shit.

  18. RckinRoll

    well the truth is that MSNBC viewers actually have a life and don’t spend
    their morning, noon, and night glued to the tv watching news like the Fox
    zombies do who just can’t get enough of their far right wing propaganda to
    reinforce their ignorance and hate.

  19. RckinRoll

    boy you are a fuckin joke, always using the typical fascist response of
    “commie” to someone who doesn’t think like you do, idiots like you would
    see “communism!!” in a bowl of ice cream.

  20. RckinRoll

    yes the unnecessary war in Iraq that no Republican voted against? the war
    in Iraq that was piss poorly planned and totally mismanaged by chickenhawk
    neocons who had no idea what they were doing, the war based on blatant lies
    about WMDs, thus costing the lives of thousands of our troops, the war you
    of course never went anywhere near, like your hero Hannity.

  21. RckinRoll

    Nope, the United States Army, a force I’m sure you never had the guts to
    serve in, just like your hero the coward chickenhawk Hannity, though he
    would have fit in very well in Hitler’s Army.

  22. Aaron Solomon

    The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t take power in Egypt? This an interesting
    fantasy universe that you liberals live in.


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