Obama on US govt shutdown over Obamacare (recorded live feed)

Obama on US govt shutdown over Obamacare (recorded live feed)

Barack Obama speaks out on US government shutdown. It is the first time in nearly 20 years US government has ground to a halt over irreconcilable political d…
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How Obamacare increases her insurance

One Illinois resident says she loves Obamacare, but has to switch insurance providers because of higher costs.
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50 thoughts on “Obama on US govt shutdown over Obamacare (recorded live feed)


    Billions being made off AMERICANS who get ill or need treatment, OBAMA
    healthcare system will stop this insane shit. OBAMA wiping out companies
    who will pay your leaders fucking millions to keep making billions yearly
    they love you paying loads of cash when you get sick they want you to worry
    about cost of treatment when you sick they dont give a fuck about
    americans. The policy will destroy there evil businesses so they paying as
    much as they need to stop it. Money over Morality is supereme and
    Americans sit and support it cause the bullshit told to them by corrupt
    leaders. What the fuck? Be a real country to be proud of not enough to say
    USA is best country in world when your so far behind, America is hyped up
    but no substance. Americans are nicest people who love their country and we
    english love our relationship with US but Americans got to stand the fuck
    up for the country , your leaders will never refuse a bribe for policy that
    fucks americans but makes them a packet, gangsters in politics shameful
    cunts letting Americans die and suffer whilst they get rich off of it.


    Are Americans proud they the super power of the west have worst healthcare
    than Canada, Australia, UK, Germany and France. USA is not in same league
    as these countries they share company with Latvia and like luxembourg, my
    god Ive been to luxembourg and America one is like concrete and fields like
    depressing I saw about 6 people driving through and America is shithot
    place with loads of happy friendly people super power but the two are same
    in health!!!!!!.USA is shockingly behind here but alot of Americans are
    happy with the high priced shit treatment that they get from coverage that
    wants you to pay big time and will still fuck you royally when you need
    them the most to save money.


    If I was in America I would be fucking paying tens of thousands for worse
    treatment. NHS is a service not a business if I get ill or need go to
    doctors or hospital I never think shit this will be costly or can I afford
    to go, you get ill you go see doctor and he gives you medication to take
    you get better. Fucking quality , that is how its done America your 65
    years behind the UK so get the fuck out of Obamas way you need him to get
    healthcare system that you should of established in the 1950’s.

  4. Viper T Baron

    ~continued~ You’re probably not aware that USA Today ranks along with
    National Enquirer & Star; both factcheck and politifact rank USA Today with
    an F and most recently Scholastic Association of America ranked USA Today
    as “Worst paper in America” if you go around quoting USA Today, it is as
    bad & embarrassing as quoting or referencing Fox News; anyone with a
    minimum education & average IQ will view you as you’re off your rocker and
    stupid as shit (sort of how we’re all viewing you now)

  5. Viper T Baron

    pay attention moron: THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT IS PAGE NUMBERED…. you can
    easily download a copy off the net (AHC is public information)… are you
    seriously insinuating that some tabloid, sensationalist paper is correct
    when an actual copy of the document is drastically opposing?

  6. V10ViperGTS

    You are a complete and total lunatic. Enter google, copy and past the above
    mentioned quote: USA TODAY How many pages of regulations are in the
    Affordable Care Act? And there it is, top of the page. You sure use the
    word “idiot” pretty freely when clearly you must be simply looking in the

  7. RushProbeSix

    Funnily enough, that’s exactly what I’ve thought about anyone who actually
    voted for him, and I’ll venture a guess that you did…

  8. V10ViperGTS

    Sorry, you’re wrong and so was I. It is 11,000 pages according to USA
    TODAY. Google “USA TODAY How many pages of regulations are in the
    Affordable Care Act?” for the article that was written on Oct 25, 2013.

  9. nosrednugj

    Right wing extreme in America would not be Nazism/fascism. In America it
    would be extreme libertarianism. Zero taxes, no government programs to help
    the poor. Completely decentralized government.

  10. nosrednugj

    He doesn’t want to fix it. He wants it to fail. It was intended to fail
    from the start. Obama’s plan was for the private sector to get the blame
    for Obamacare’s failure. The logical conclusion was for Americans to accept
    socialized medicine. That’s the endgame objective – socialized medicine.
    And he doesn’t care how many people are made to suffer in order to get

  11. ThankGOD4music2014

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  12. ThankGOD4music2014

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  13. ThankGOD4music2014

    2 American scientists have been discovering awesome mathematical signs in
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    of Abraham”. Yet we made up 4200 false fake and manmade religion!

  14. ThankGOD4music2014

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  15. ThankGOD4music2014

    That is why I never had any insurance in my life. So far I have saved
    $150,000 Yet you are going to get sick. Because you are paying for it.
    Happiness is submission to God. Try it you would like it…..!

  16. Mami Tomoe

    Yes I am European. In fact my country is a part of the Eurozone so we’re
    SUPER EUROPEAN. You know the US has the death penalty in several States
    right? Or was that the crux of your humor? Regardless, posting murders on
    Youtube will at the very least put you in jail for life.

  17. Viper T Baron

    wow…. how can someone be so delusional and paranoid and not be
    institutionalized? not too bright there, are you skippy?

  18. Mami Tomoe

    Taping murders and posting them on Youtube = good way to get the electric
    chair. Just a friendly word of warning ‘tough guy’.

  19. Viper T Baron

    sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up you Nazi piece of shit. You are
    nothing more than a freedom hating, anti American coward

  20. Viper T Baron

    ~continued~ hmmm…. I think I Might do you and everyone else a favor and
    just put you out of your misery…. put my boot on your throat, holding you
    down and fire 1 round into your abdomen…. I enjoyed doing that in
    combat… it takes several hours, sometimes even a day, for the target to
    die… in excruciating agony whilst flied and rodents quite literally eat
    them alive until they’re unconscious…. dont worry, Id video it and post
    it on youtube to laugh about.

  21. Samantha Anne

    I did find it strange that she continued to support CommieCare, despite the
    proof in hand, that it is an economic wrecking ball. For $647 per month you
    could buy a nicely loaded Mercedes-Benz!! I personally don’t know anyone in
    a personal economic position to be able to afford $647 per month, on top of
    food, clothing, housing (the basics). NOBODY

  22. Samantha Anne

    I’d like to hit on a clause by the interviewee. “Its available, but not
    affordable”. this was the closing clause of this interview. May I strongly
    point out that the name of this new healthcare, is called AFFORDABLE
    HEALTHCARE ACT…..stress accent the word AFFORDABLE! She points on from a
    letter that her coverage will increase from $264, to $649!!!!
    I’d like to know how that is AFFORDABLE….

  23. Pam Czernel

    Typical liberal idiot thinks only “the rich” (which is anyone but them)
    will have to pay. To this lady, I say: Have fun spending your income on
    someone else’s insurance! I’m sure they appreciate your sacrifice.

  24. Spurgeon687

    It is amazing that people actually thought they were going to let the
    government in on healthcare and prices would go down. They actually thought
    that we could subsidize people that had no insurance and cover their
    preexisting conditions with no lifetime cap and our premiums would not go
    up. WAKE UP!! This is socialism and the President campaigned on spreading
    the wealth. If you want small government that does not control your life
    and spread your wealth vote for candidates that support small government
    not big spending liberals.

  25. joskemom

    Obamacare has to be the worst crap dumped on America. Typical inept and
    incompetent govt, in the attempt to improve healthcare, it pretty much
    destroyed the healthcare industry. Obama’s biggest fear is not the failing
    insurance fiasco, but the fact that his signature legacy is going down in

  26. Blackgam3r

    In other words a way of getting money out of the economy to bomb arabs with
    even if you’re not using the service.

  27. yuppyguitar1

    No, it doesn’t solve that problem at all. It only taxes people who don’t
    buy insurance. Uninsured people have always gotten ER care. Most countries
    have national healthcare. Obamacare is not national healthcare. Obamacare
    is just a way to put more money in the pockets of private insurance

  28. OriginalBarbie23

    Where did she think the money was gonna come from for health care for all ?
    Everyone is in on health care for all but dont touch my wallet.

  29. watchingwhales4yrs

    I have loved ones who are unemployed,after 28 yrs of employment, and ones
    who are Young, paying college loans, alone, on 10$ an Hour! My brother is
    in 50’s, ill health, unemployed, and Way behind on child support! Unless,
    we Pray to Almighty God, for Help, we are doomed! I am on Ssd, in my 50’s,
    widow, getting food stamp cuts, and Can’t Make it on less than 700.00 per
    month. 🙁 watching the country deteriorate. Hurts, because, we Use to have
    Hope, and Security here! USE TO HAVE ALMIGHT GOD!

  30. onaturalia

    The insurance company is the one setting the premiums. It’s not the ACA
    that sent you those rates. You want the ACA to control premiums, good luck
    with that.


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