Obama compares Healthcare.gov to Romneycare

President Obama compared Obamacare troubles to the Romneycare rollout, while opponents say comparisons are “pathetic.” More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/
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8 thoughts on “Obama compares Healthcare.gov to Romneycare

  1. guitarhaus

    “You Tube” is alot like Obama, they keep changing everything for the worst
    and they think they are doing a fine job. They must be on the same
    medication as Obama and his administration. 

  2. guitarhaus

    LOL I don’t believe a word this Loser has to say, he’s lied for the last
    past 6 years on everything he has done. 

  3. rapprelevant3313

    I prefer to think for myself,I predict this will be the biggest
    disappointment and the only fuel any person who is against the health
    reform law will have,to use in an argument.Years from now after this law
    settles.History class will say every thing worked out fine for Obama
    care,the only obstacle was the web site. My opinion that lady should be

  4. TheWatchDawg14

    President Pinocchio, our Infiltraitor/Dictator in Chief turns to Romney to
    try to defend his “One size fit’s all” Communist take-over of the US.
    Healthcare system. The Massachusetts plan didn’t gut Medicare to pay for
    Obamacare, 80-85% in reality will be dumped on Medicaid..Free Ins..Well not
    FREE for anyone with a JOB! Obama claimed it would cost 938 Billion, the
    CBO claims 1.8 Trillion which we all know really means 2.8 Trillion.
    Progressive: PC for Communist! LIBERTY FREEDOM & OBAMA DONT MIX


    whil;e I agree it hyporitical for republican to be against somthing that is
    the same as what they try to pass them self it also exactly why obama
    supporter the people who should matter to him most should be against obama
    care we voted for obunghole to excape romney bull shit not to get the exact
    same result any ways.

  6. aspectra

    The main difference is that Mitt Romney balanced the state budget first
    before he worked on his healthcare. Even then, Romneycare added only ~1%
    to the budget, without any reduction in medicare benefits. Because Romney
    was in a Democrat-dominated state, he also sought the help of not only
    Democrat officials, but also the public in tweaking the bill, to reflect
    the values of the state. Here in TX, it probably would have not got
    passed, but things are much different in MA. That being said, the public
    should be more involved in laws such as the ACA. Most of the politicians
    aren’t worth the taxpayers’ money anymore. That is the real CHANGE that
    needs to happen. Democrats and Republicans used to put aside their
    differences and compromise before, and there’s not any reason it can’t be
    done again.


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