Obama Clearly Explains “Obamacare”

President Obama explaining that most of the Affordable Care Act – aka, Obamacare – has been implemented for people who have insurance through their employers…
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The Shocking Truth About Obamacare Will Enrage You

Like the TSA, a new wave of bureaucrats will abuse their power — this time by stealing your identities. http://www.infowars.com/door-to-door-identity-theft-…
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50 thoughts on “Obama Clearly Explains “Obamacare”

  1. Mikesaniceguy

    I hate that he calls his plan “Obamacare”. How full of himself. It has a
    proper name, he should use it FULLY! Or, at least call it that first then
    say “otherwise known as Obamacare”. He wants a legacy, period. Good or bad.
    I hate to say it, but I was less worried about the state of our country
    when “W” was in office. I can NOT believe I just said that.. still true.


    Healthcare is nothing like americans think , NHS is quality no insurance
    companies no cost on meds but care free at point of use, shithot.

  3. SGDeGalvez

    Quit whining you filthy peasants. I am a high ranking officer for a major
    insurance company, and I can gurantee you, this act is a GREAT IDEA!.
    Without it, i would have had to have taken a paycut, down to a few million
    per year as we were pricing ourselves out of the business. Also, my
    company would have had to cut down thier vice presidents from 200,000 down
    to 4. Each VP makes 2.5 million per year, you do the math! Without us top
    earners (chuckle, chuckle), you low lifes wouldnt have “jobs”. (snicker,
    chuckle, belly laugh). Pleasure doing business with ya’ll.!!

  4. DN Kosic

    I this man because he is my President. I support him in his actions for the
    same reason. Regardless of partisan affiliation.

  5. Raster Blat

    Obama acts so authoritative, I laugh every time I see him. He just keeps
    spinning his fairy tail with his chin in the air. Me and my friends love to
    watch and laugh at him. Sometimes I wonder if the government is just
    pulling our leg and are having this comedian pretending to be president.
    He can’t be the president really can he? Nah, nobody would put a buffoon
    like this guy into the White House would they?

  6. why760nitro

    I voted Democrat because…

    Working is too hard. Thinking is way too hard.
    I am 26, sponging off my mom, and I want free Health Care.
    Freedom of speech is fine as long as I am not offended by it.
    I want government to tax your earnings and give me things I want.
    If I knock-up my girlfriend I want government to pay her to kill the baby
    and want abolish the death penalty


    He wants to make sure that humans can go to the website and be processed
    efficiently, just like how they were processed in Soylent Green.
    This is where it starts. 

  8. ace sherbert

    Why so Glum? Barry Soetoro had you all Fired up and Ready to Go! I was
    called a Racist, and a Hater because I did not support Barry Soetoro. The
    real Racist are you self hating whites that think blacks need you to put
    them in positions they cant handle so you can feel good about helping the
    Poor Black Man. I am happy that I can think for myself and will never be a
    follower like 90% of the Moronic United States Sheep. Live with it America
    you made your choice.

  9. secureours

    there’s just one problem…. everything he just said was a lie…. but he
    didn’t know it was a lie till he turned on the tv and watched the news
    because his people didn’t tell him. Got that? Now apply that excuse to
    every damn situation this liar has a hand in.


    Americans don’t know how great social healthcare is, America is soo bad at
    healthcare and places like UK , Canada and France have excellent care.
    Obama is dragging USA towards better care system , if you want to carry on
    with the shit care you have then you must have no idea about effective
    healthcare. USA richest millionaires live less longer than UK poorest ,
    your paying highest price for worst care it’s a business in America 

  11. MrNobody808

    I really don’t understand why some Americans are against ‘Obama Care’.
    Looking after the health of its citizens is one of the most important
    things a government and society in general, can do. Access to health care
    should be a fundamental human right, just like free speech, no matter if
    you are rich, poor, or in between.

    Here in the UK, everyone who can, contributes to the NHS and everyone is
    entitled to the services it offers, from routine visits to a GP, to life
    saving operations, and flat fees (and in some cases no fees), for
    prescription drugs. Why wouldn’t you want something similar to that?

    If any UK government ever tried to dismantle the NHS to such a point that
    health care wasn’t free at the point of need, or where people couldn’t
    afford access to medication, their would be a revolution. It seems to be
    the one thing that galvanises the majority of the population.

    Sadly, what is painfully obvious, is that the system in operation at the
    moment is not fit for purpose. When you have millions of you fellow
    citizens unable to receive the treatment that could save their lives, you
    know something is fatally flawed. 

  12. Mark Topma

    In the Netherlands you got to have a health insurance, its required…. we
    pay higher taxes *19%* because of the good health insurance, and trust
    me all the people in the Netherlands have health insurance. why not doing
    the same in America ? i dont get it.

  13. speechless00

    I have a question: so once Obama care official starts in 2014 Jan, does
    that mean every single person who lives in the US HAS to have obama care,
    or another kind of insurance program ex:kaiser permanente. or both?

  14. Martin Wilmoth

    If obamacare Was Worth Having,It Would Be An Option,That The People Would
    Want And Not A Law Forced On Us..I Believe It Was Stuff Like This That
    Started The Revolutionary War

  15. Nick King

    if you disagree with this, you are an idiot. Go back to porking your
    sister, while watching NASCAR, while riding Bill O’Reilly’s dick

  16. Joe Charogoff

    I had faith in this at first, but I should have known that government
    definitions are very different than mine…
    For example, the word, ‘affordable’. To me no one making less than 20k
    should be paying taxes, health care or anything else. When u make that
    little you can’t afford to do shit. I make 25k and 5k goes to student
    loans. According to healthcare.gov my cheapest plan is 1,300 a year…
    There is not a chance in hell that is affordable so basically this will
    just be a $250 yearly payment for me.

  17. Reb32573

    The fact that I have to go through hoops to comment anonymously on this
    page is ridiculous. With that being said… I find it hard to believe it
    takes only 7.5 minutes for this ass to tell you how he is going to f you
    sideways. I blame the direction in which this country is moving. Man is a

  18. Michael Maloney

    +Barack Obama Alright, explain to me why, before Obamacare, I could have
    purchased insurance for around $200 and now AFTER Obamacare it’s well over
    $400. Double!?!? I couldn’t afford it before, I SURE can’t afford it now.
    It’s all about those IN the middle class and never about those trying to
    get there.

  19. Northeastshooter

    By Kirk Allen
    THE ALLEN REPORT 12/02/13
    Obamacare is a resounding success !!!
    The administration clearly has adjusted the minor kinks in the Obamacare
    website well within the deadline period forced upon them by the
    Republicans. The Democrat promise that millions of Americans would be able
    to complete enrollment after November 30th has been met.

    One thing every clear thinking progressive and loyal Democrat voter should
    take away from the problems with the rollout is that the Republicans should
    not be trusted and that the Republicans should all be voted out of office.

    President Obama needed 1 to 1.5 billion dollars to create a workable
    website but the obstructionist Republicans only allotted $634 million, so
    of course there was going to be potential problems. Many Democrats
    verified the fact that Republicans hacked into the website causing it to
    crash. It was the Republicans who promised that if Americans liked their
    doctors they could keep their doctors, NOT the President and it was the
    Republicans that continued to lie and tell the American people that the
    site would be running on November 15th, which it was not.

    Every step of the way, Republicans have thrown roadblocks in front of a law
    that they supported and voted for. It was clearly a bipartisan effort that
    allowed Obamacare to become law with a majority of Republicans strongly
    supporting the President in both the House and Senate. It was the
    Republicans who continually pressure the Supreme Court to agree that
    Obamacare was constitutional. They did all this to make the Democrats look
    bad; but it backfired. How un-American.

    But the American people with the guidance of the Democrats realize that
    President Obama caught the Republicans in their lies and told the people
    the truth that millions of Americans would lose their health coverage
    because of the Republicans. It was President Obama that told Americans
    that their health insurance premiums would, in some cases, triple by 2015.
    It was President Obama who was honest with the American people that
    thousands of doctors would leave private practice causing a doctor shortage
    and that hundreds of hospitals across this country would close because of
    the Republicans. Not one Republican accepted responsibility for the health
    care disaster that will decimate the savings of millions of American

    These selfish Republicans pass a healthcare law that was clearly
    unconstitutional. Created a disastrous and unworkable website they had
    three years to complete and they failed but in just three weeks the
    Democrats got it to work.
    VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2014 !!!!


  20. brabus8317

    Americans has economic rights , no matter what the fascist caveman
    republican says. You have a right to a healthcare !!!

  21. Mary A

    The system will collapse if it fails to enroll enough YOUNG, HEALTHY folks.
    They are needed to cover those who never had insurance, & are in poor

  22. wbs001mcdaniel

    Lol this dude is out of touch with reality “In a country as wealthy as
    ours” news to Obama: WE ARE 17 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! That is not
    wealth, that is a brain melting debt obligation- if we needed to pay it
    back tomorrow each working american would have to cough up $200,000. That
    is on top of the already consumer-debt riddled economy. Wealthy? really?
    That is not what I call wealth, buying on credit with no real substance to
    back it up- or maybe even no real intention of ever making good on that
    debt in the first place is what I call a country primed for economic
    disaster. How do our politicians get away with this wordplay nonsense?

  23. Lucas Lajeunesse

    You’re right Rich Smith, no freedom. If the government tells us how fast to
    drive, and they never let me kill anybody either, that all means we’re not
    free. Name a law that isn’t forcing someone’s hands? 

  24. Rich Smith

    I love to asinine argument about “WELL YOU HAVE TO BUY AUTO INSURANCE.” How
    retarded…. AGAIN….If you live in country which its GOVERNMENT can force
    you to buy anything from any private entity and or to be forced to enter
    into a CONTRACT to wit, YOU DO NOT! REPEAT! YOU DO NOT LIVE in a free
    country any longer PERIOD! 

  25. Rich Smith

    If you live in country which its GOVERNMENT can force you to buy anything
    from any private entity and or to be forced to enter into a CONTRACT to
    wit, YOU DO NOT! REPEAT! YOUR NOT LIVNG in a free country any longer

  26. Patricia Levy

    I am a mother and grandmother and having a hard time sleeping, worrying
    what and if their future will be. I pray every day for my own family and
    others who also have young families. Jesus is our only hope and I pray He
    stops these corrupt polititions so they our children have a future.
    Thankyou Alex for speaking truth I wish you were in charge of America!

  27. bos dad

    Alex, you could get threw to a lot more people if you remained calm and
    reported the news, as news. you need to show people the proof of what you
    are saying, otherwise they just call you crazy and move on. yelling at
    people just makes them shut down and call you a nut. If you really want to
    show them your point, you need to make it and let the facts back you up.

  28. winitred000

    this is complete bullshite…………aimed at making people think that
    people that are opposed to some pretty important stuff are whackos like
    this guy who probably gets a pretty big pay check.

  29. winitred000

    this man is insane in the membrane………..tell me in betweenst his
    propaganda screen behind his head and his lovely speeches he puts out DOES
    Wow this guy must either work for the cia or get followed around by them

  30. 1bllis

    dude you just dnt like obama your just a fuckin racist it seems like
    everything that comes out of your mouth is 75% of the time is about obama
    dam get off his dick already

  31. chocolatedulce53

    If you people don’t like Alex dont fucking watch him……..if you post is
    because you watch the whole show..and if you saw the whole show is because
    the show was good……..

  32. john smith

    Alex Jones is batshit crazy. Watching when he was on Piers show. LOL. What
    a nutbag. Make your point, but don’t shout rant and rave, you don’t come
    across as smart you think if you shout louder and don’t allow other people
    to talk, you are right.

  33. nickintp

    Please stop with all the screaming, it’s really annoying. You’re not adding
    any value by using screams… only retards responds to screams, people with
    logical thinking ability respond better with reason and calm discourse…
    not screams… It’s really really annoying… your content is very
    informative but the screaming and yelling is just… again… ANNOYING

  34. nickintp

    Your content is very interesting and informative but YOU NEED TO STOP with
    the voices and scrams.. it’s not adding any value to the content, it’s
    FUCKING ANNOYING!!!! It’s much easier for me to read your articles rather
    than to sit and watch and listen to your screams….


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