Obama Buying Broadcasters to Help Sell Obamacare

Obama Buying Broadcasters to Help Sell Obamacare

Alex breaks down the facts that the Government is trying to hire broadcasters and reporters in droves since the revocation of US Propaganda laws as well as O…

Join Trifecta for this three part series on the “three ends” in American politics: The end of Obamacare, the end of trust and the end of the Obama Administra…
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50 thoughts on “Obama Buying Broadcasters to Help Sell Obamacare

  1. jefe Anson

    Since when has the government done ” anything” that didn’t screw society? A
    government does not genarate money! The only thing government does is tax ,
    thats all they can do! Everything they do is to create reasons to tax you
    and give your money to their corporate friends! People don’t even get it
    ,that their are open criminals and then there’s the government! One group
    steals under cover the other steals right out in the open!

  2. Opie

    the evil people are not even persons. they are the emptiness. i see people
    saying the same things.. all the evil, DEMOCRATS believe that one who isn’t
    a democrat,.. should and would be bumped off. if you;re not a self serving
    demon.. they feel ok to murder you. “don’t talk so loud” they all say. and
    these typical democrats. they believe in the murder of honest people.
    people do not understand how scummy the scum is. they always feel.. “(the
    good people) how is it and why is it,.. the bad people are good and the
    good people bad? DEMOCRATS are that scummy. they all defend the evil. and
    condemn the GOOD. this is common. 

  3. jefe Anson

    Impeach obama and then arreste and have himr raped ,any one who believes
    anything Obama says is a fucking idiot, and a stupid ass tool! I would be
    embarrassed to support Obama or any form of government at this time or in
    the future. The government has turned into a shameful group and my family
    and friends are ashamed of our government and have no trust or confidence
    in them. Almost everyone hates them it’s not a disapproval it’s flat out
    hate! Pretty much the whole country hates Obama for the spying and don’t
    respect the n.s.a. our any government policies. Shameful and dishonorable
    government shame on you!

  4. Bryan Avarado

    Is it kind of like how Alex is paid to look the other way and let wanna be
    constiutionalists fool the GOOD american people? SEARCH: RAND PAUL BLUE
    SHIELD – Alex won’t report on it because his castle of cards will fall

  5. Michael Stevenson

    There is no tueth this day, Alex is a paid sit on hands via viewers like
    you that also sit on hands. 

  6. Ramona Stone

    Alex can’t be any more clearer, he can yell it from the rooftop’s worldwide
    and people would just continue laughing and being trendy. It’s hilarious,
    they’re Pavlovian dogs.

  7. Caffine addict

    How could he buy media, broadcasters etc…country is broke.He used the tax
    paying dollars to buy them.there for the tax payers own the
    media,broadcasters etc…seen the UN article in the paper.totally

  8. Jacob Sanders

    Mancow has refused the pre-pre-cursor to the Mark of the Beast. The true
    Mark will NOT be a microchip. That is part of the Grand Delusion. The
    real Mark can be found detailed out in many areas of the Torah (the first 5
    books of Moses). Basically, the forehead or frontlets will be if you think
    Godly and righteous, or if you think according to the world, and the right
    hand will be your actions, and if they are Godly or worldly or for God or
    for the world. A WONDERFUL vid EVERY Christian needs to watch and pay
    close attention to is ‘The Mark of the Beast is NOT a microchip’ by
    ClothedByGrace. That young man has got the Spirit working through him.

  9. residentflea

    Obama and this administration can go to hell. When the People rise, the
    violence will be beautiful. The day I ADS with my gun, I will engage as a
    death machine even if I die for freedom!

  10. Instigram

    They tell us
    They don’t love Christ
    They Love Evil instead
    They use Money and Power to do Evil
    War is Evil you dumb fucks that shit in Egypt
    and Syria is Evil Egypt and Syria’s been around for hundreds of years
    without costing America no money at all all of a Sudden Iraq comes up and
    The innocent American Citizen’s tax Money is spending Billions for what-To
    be fucked over by their own Corrupt Government-Where’s the Oil and Money
    America received for kissing The Middle east’a ass That Bush Jr. Bragged
    in Bush Jr’s pocket Bush got all the Oil and Money America sure doesn’t
    have it

  11. Bradley Bishop

    I think Trifecta is missing the point: The point is to destroy the health
    insurance industry and then only the government will be left standing
    (single payer). Everyday Obama and the Democrats get past is that many more
    people who lose their insurance and that much more damage that has been
    done to the industry and the American people who’ll eventually have no
    choice but to come begging to the government for help. That’s the plan.
    This was supposed to fail. It’s obvious that it was going to fail.

  12. panzermacher

    so….if you have your current plan cancelled do you get reimbursed for the
    remainder of time you are no longer covered or do you just lose any
    payments you’ve already made into it?

  13. marlonious76

    I dont think Cons are hateful either. Women, poor people, minorities, you
    guys are the model citizens. You guys preach inclusion with the rest of the
    Tea Party. Obama wasnt even born in the United States. Hes a muslim
    communist trying to bamboozle the good ol white folks. Bwaaaaaaaa !!!!

  14. sherri99516

    Thank you for posting “Obama’s Malaise: The End of Obamacare?”. We can
    only hope that this Tyrannical insurance scam will be destroyed under its
    own weight and do our part to stop it. Thank you Trifecta for telling us
    the truth! Thank you TS O’Day for your words below. You said it all! :)

  15. Mick Psyphon

    In light of the fact that ObamaCare is his signature legislation… and
    since it’s proving itself to be as disastrous as many of us foretold before
    it was passed… isn’t it time for some folks to wake up and smell the

    Yes! Obama fed everyone a pack of lies; and all you have to do is watch the
    video replays of his campaign speeches to find absolute proof of it.
    Yes! Despite his constantly declaring that he doesn’t believe in partisan
    politics, he consistently ignored all/any input from anyone except his own
    Democratic Party. (regardless of how sound/reasonable that input was, or
    how much THE PEOPLE wanted it to be heard)

    What you now need to come to terms with is the fact that Obama is not as
    intelligent as everyone made him out to me. Now we know why he didn’t want
    anyone to see his college transcripts. It’s because if anyone actually saw
    them, they’d know that he was too incompetent to be elected President of
    the USA. Unfortunately for everyone (but especially for his supporters),
    Obama is a shining example of The Peter Principle; and it’s going to hurt
    the US economy more deeply than ANYONE can predict.

    ObamaCare will affect the USA (and the world) so severely that the next
    Conservative President will be in a legal position to declare a federal
    emergency; thereby opening the door to sweeping changes intended to set
    things right. If that happens, the Democratic Party will be finished for
    many elections to come.

    Oh! But Obama will probably still try to blame this all on Bush, or ATM’s,
    or the weather, or Guns, or the Bible, or racism, etc…

  16. rkb100100

    The Democrats have the resources, money and media support to do frightening
    things. No longer ideologues, they are the “Thugs” Ayn Rand warned about in
    her “Faith and Force” speech. They have set up powerful stake holders at
    home and abroad to be dependent on their success. The USA has become
    demoralized, uneducated and confused – slaves looking for a master. The
    communist subversives of the 1950’s and 60’s never went away. They amassed
    power and grew. If there’s a painless way out of this I don’t see it. The
    only satisfaction is how this subversion back-fired on the Soviet Union,
    now a sterile nation of drunkards.

  17. jefe Anson

    “Why “Obama probably target’s people for cancelation just like the he did
    with the i.r.s. ,Obama doesn’t give a rats crap about law he’s committed
    more crimes than al Capone! He takes our constitution and wipes his ass
    with it! Someone shoul wipe their ass with him! It doesn’t matter to Obama
    he already helped kill America for his bankster buddies and just wants to
    give his dictatorship to the next puppet!

  18. elitemathlete


    After 2014 Obama will introduce a single payer system and it will pass both
    democratically controlled houses.

    And he will also introduce a bill that bans members who aren’t toilet
    trained from congress – so long teabagger caucus.

  19. marlonious76

    With a name like Bung Hole I can see how your a Conservative. Spoken like a
    true ass hole. Your just a crab stale saltine trolling. Do me a favor wipe
    your BUNG HOLE because you smell like shit. 

  20. marlonious76

    Obama is going to Veto his own legislation? Do you Conservatives understand
    what “Law” is? While all is being fixed and people are signing up for the
    ACA, we still have confusion??? Conspiracy? Tyranny? Katrina? Worse than
    the slave trade too? Wanting poor people to have health care. What social
    deviant would be against that? Conservatives dont want big goverment when
    it helps poor people. They call it welfare. When Wall St needs help, they
    call it a bail out. Typical 15th century logic.

  21. tamething1

    Obamabots only scrap good ideas, like fracking. The dead horse known as
    Obamacare, they’ll just keep on flogging. It’s what Democrats do.

  22. Kel Fel

    lol scott looks baked, and also acourse liberals want to destroy the
    markets they hate it when people do anything without approval from the
    bureaucrats by forcing us to pay them, americas already dead though the
    whole thing will collapse and then the government will be forced to shrink
    and other nations will stop loaning to USA.

  23. Hoschi0913

    this Obamacare crap was set up to fail no question, or the guys in charge
    (including the President) are wayyyy stupid
    1. they say they need young folks in it to pay for the older and sicker,
    yet the same young folks can stay at their parents plan until 26 (btw this
    also means that the insurance has to cover one more person for the same
    premium, really ? )…..failure
    2. more recent, they said they need 7 million by march 2014 to make it pay
    for itself, yet they delay the single and the employer mandate way beyond
    3. they said it will not add a dime to the deficit, yet most all that has
    to sign up get subsidize under it, where does this money come from
    4. they said you can keep your plan / doctor if you like it, yet all of
    them are “substandard” under they new law and standard they set forth,
    hence it would be illegal for the insurance company’s to extend, provide or
    keep them under the new law, in addition, for the President to say that
    company’s still can provide those plans would and does make the company’s
    engage in criminal activities (shit load of law suits coming down the pike)
    and show’s that the President promotes criminal behavior ……..failure


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