Obama Breaks Down How Republicans Ended Up With Trump

President Obama explains how the behavior and rhetoric of the Republican party over the last decade has left the country with an ignorant Republican nominee for the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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19 thoughts on “Obama Breaks Down How Republicans Ended Up With Trump

  1. saile 3

    Trump is just an idiot and a sexual predator. That russian agent trump is not doing a good job for Putin.

  2. saddoboxing1

    Democratic hippie Obama fan: "I never realized how cool war could be until Obama started them."

  3. Angel Messtanoffski

    Great president here. Doesn't give his people work cos he doesn't work himself! What the hell is this idiot doing? Why is he not in Washington doing what he was voted in to do?

  4. Britney Nguyen

    Scum Obama and Crooked Hilary must pay for Benghazi. I really want to see Americans do to Scum Obama and Crooked Hillary exactly like ISIS have done to Four Americans in Benghazi and dragged both of them through the streets. Worst president in American history.

  5. stopingrain.

    Trump is just a supremacist racist, a bigot, a crook, and an ignorant proud of it, but republicans idiots claim he is their savior. How can anybody else trust this party of idiots fearmongering lunatics anymore?

  6. Paul Latour

    Pres Obama is manipulating too many young people. With all the recent campaigning efforts, it's amazing how he able to juggle the side job of president of the US. It's your choice USA, would you rather have a passionate president who is going to try or a seemingly careless one who is more concerned about Trump's free speech than his own public service? Seems to me that Obama's a little hurt within by Trump's prominence

  7. Neil Kerr

    I know how he feels…its like rationalising with the nut on the train…its exasperating….and i suspect the lunatic is going to be driving the train next week…..vomit making.

  8. Andrew Chamberlin

    No teleprompter to save his ass.Now you the bumbaling, George Soros puppet idoit he really is.

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