Obama Admits He Would Break His Promise… Before ObamaCare Passed

Obama Admits He Would Break His Promise... Before ObamaCare Passed

Obama has always insisted he would keep the ObamaCare promise — except for this one time in 2010 when he told the truth. Subscribe now to be updated on the …
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25 thoughts on “Obama Admits He Would Break His Promise… Before ObamaCare Passed

  1. Eric Cantor

    Until recently, President Obama has always insisted he would keep the
    ObamaCare promise – except for this one time in 2010 when he told me the

  2. coltor9

    The GOP Ryan, forced cutting Veterans pensions. Even disabled veterans
    pensions. You know, the guys with burnt up faces and no arms or legs.
    Fuc the GOP and everyone who votes for any GOP bastard!

  3. Harvey Hatfield

    Here is the proof that Obama is a liar. He knew that millions would loose
    their insurance before the bill passed!

  4. coltor9

    GOP John Boehner, signed up today for his Obamacare. $360 a month, as he’s
    a smoker, at a $225,000 a year salary.
    Obamacare is cheap!!!

  5. Zoran Cosic

    Hey cantor we the people will have universal health coverage one way or
    another and you and your republicon fascist can go and fuck your self.

  6. Vic S

    Anyone who is complaining about losing A shitty plan are a joke and should
    be laughed at. Its like going to a car dealership and saying no please give
    me the shitty car for a higher price. 

  7. cdngirl333

    oh my GAWD…that mind control slave has broken his promises the day the
    people fake voted him into office.

  8. Gomu Gomu No Red Hawk

    And the movement to impeach this fellow? Where is it? NOWHERE! Why? Because
    he is perceived as BLACK! and it would be Racist! Hahaha. Poor, North

  9. rjmprod

    Obama as not told any truth since he came out of the woodwork to run for
    president. He is and has been the biggest liar we have ever seen in that
    office, far exceeding any of the past occupants of the Oval Office of the
    past. He has only one agenda and that was a legacy of change, not good
    change, just change. And I believe at that he has succeeded. 8 years under
    his watch puts economic recovery back 20 years, and because of his
    disconnect from repair we may never recover as we sink deeper and deeper in
    the red.

  10. theetrue

    trust and obey talmud-zion-israel puppet
    obama’s lying word? –trust and obey our
    righteous eternal loving God’s truthful word.

  11. drach hart

    yea because the retarded a** president LIED and is a total joke for
    president who should be kicked or impeached from office . he stated would
    not loose insurance or doctor but with his f******* a*** health care
    program I did loose my insurance because of him.. so you can go to hell f*
    *** obama

  12. lebvetfmr lebvet

    LIAR! and who the hell is he and his elitist Democratic clique to tell me
    what a better deal is. a true euro social democrat. we know how you should
    live your life! Mr.President you have failed. Foreing policy, domestic
    policy and all inbetween! 

  13. Adam Araujo

    The government is now deciding what is “better” for us? Now that’s a scary
    thought, they need to just back off a little bit.


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