Obama Admin Announces Another Rule Change In Obamacare Rollout – Stuart Varney

Obama Admin Announces Another Rule Change In Obamacare Rollout – Stuart Varney.
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Krystal Ball, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, went after those liberals on Thursday who are expressing frustration with Democratic-friendly media outlets who a…
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29 thoughts on “Obama Admin Announces Another Rule Change In Obamacare Rollout – Stuart Varney

  1. Mass Tea Party

    Obama Admin Announces Another Rule Change In #Obamacare Rollout – Stuart
    Varney #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc #massteaparty
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  2. dvsxavier

    This British Twat has NO FUCKING IDEA.

    The gov’t is going to pay the difference to the insurance company. The
    insurance companies will not lose money on this deal. All they have to do
    is accomodate the new rules & the Ape is going to line the pockets of
    insurance company with worthless funny money printed by the Fed.

  3. WSOX Man

    This very young lady is a LIAR and a TOOL for the Liberal propaganda. How
    are Republicans trying to sabotage the ACA? Now if you think READING the
    law (after it was passed) and informing the public is sabotage, they you
    are one dumb gullible kid.
    MSNBC (I do watch some) Never ever criticizing the government. Hell they
    just don’t talk about the bad things the government does or doesn’t do.
    MSNBC would sooner show clips of Fox News or edit Republican
    statements>>>Rev Al Sharpton/ Ed Schulz.
    And who really views in to listen to this BS?

  4. woodenmajor1

    silly twit , this website clown show is merely the sea drawing out BEFORE
    the actual first all crushing waves of the oba-tsunamie strike the hapless
    public and the already shaky economy of America .dems will look back at
    this website fiasco as the best part of the whole obamatear experience
    ..you aint seen nothing yet .

  5. Dianna Schroeder


  6. Richard Mason

    Remember THIS is the party that would have handled KATRINA soooooooooo much
    better than the Republicans did…

  7. micers

    Krystal Ball needs to get a grip… Republicans did not call Obamacare a
    “Train Wreck”, that was one of the AUTHORS of the act… a Democrat,
    Krystal… another MSNBC stellar moment…

  8. George X

    How are they not propagandist? She did more about bashing Republicans with
    unsubstantiated charges, and think this is all a political game – when
    Republicans actually wanted to delay it for a year, to save the American
    people from cancellations until they can fixed what Democrats screwed up –
    but they were called hostage takers on the same program.
    Shame on you PMSnbc – you ARE propagandists, you were just force to report
    on this (even though more then half the time was used to lie about the
    Republican party) because even your viewers can check the failure on the

  9. Patrick Davis

    Hey teleprompter jockey. Stop staring at the camera and go talk to the
    millions of americans that lost their health insurance policies because
    ofbthis travesty

  10. Dunparrow

    Good for her for taking off her left blinder. Now she needs to take off her
    right blinder. As soon as she looks at conservatives with the same honesty
    that she’s looking at Obamacare, the sooner we’ll have the first
    right-winger at MSNBC. 

  11. Samuel McWethy

    Lol… She says the Republicans are claiming they are incompetent when
    that’s Obama himself is using their incompetence as an excuses for their
    numerous failures.

  12. I Hate Bush Too

    Blah blah blah Krystal, BITCH!!!! You and MSNBC are partly to blame for
    this atrocity law train wreck garbage. I blame you as much as I blame Obama
    and his incompetent group of clowns he runs with for this debacle. If
    Obamacare was ever found to be criminaly liable, MSNBC propagandist should
    face charges too. Bitch you’re really going to get on national TV and act
    mad that this law has been a complete failure, when people been saying that
    since 2009???? FUCK YOU MSNBC!!!!

  13. woodenmajor1

    lol..she thinks that the fked up web sight is the WORST part of Obama care
    ..note that she doesn’t even bother to mention the tens of thousands of
    working people being amputated from doctors and plans they have had for
    years .but hey ,who cares about them ….what matters is how this fiasco
    makes HER look .

  14. gameVStruth

    Everyone with half a brain knew that obamacare would be a travesty of
    mismanaged bureaucracy. That is why the republicans fought against it. Fact
    is the left only has propaganda as reality is absolutely damning to the
    majority of their positions.

  15. PietraBourneuf

    The Republicans were correct and Obama knowingly lied to every American
    about keeping their current plan and the cost of premiums. Yet, here you
    are calling THEM propagandist!? LMAO! The irony of this ridiculous video is
    almost too much. You are the epitome of a propagandist. You are also a
    useful idiot.

  16. vbrunt

    So is the GOP still all lying if msnbc suddenly determines that the facts
    back up their assertions? The truth is that you are all intelligent women
    and men – who should be angry that you were made fools of and lied to; and
    your libGods are master manipulators. In fact, they aren’t even letting you
    in on the game (purposeful epic fail to usher in single-payer) because it
    makes your righteous anger & disappointment look more authentic. Ms. Ball,
    keep walking towards the light, its never too late

  17. Bennett Hunter

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this on TV! “We are not the ones giving
    comfort to propagandists…” What a joke. All MSNBC does is run propaganda
    for Obama.


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