New way to get rid of Obamacare.

Tim Constantine is joined by the Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey to talk about a new way out of Obamacare.
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V453 ObamaCare Our premium goes from 0.00 to 2.69 a month the deductible 500.00

42 thoughts on “New way to get rid of Obamacare.

  1. bobbygnosis

    If the self-appointed rulers act like bullies then simply stop paying them.
    This is not rocket science. They only have as much power as we agree they
    have. They are not God. Let them do whatever they wish and stop giving them
    money to abuse you. It’s incredibly simple.


    The unaffordable non-health non-care which is just a bunch of communism
    federal government control. oblamo is a puppet for those who want to make
    the American people slaves, oblamo has never done anything to help the
    private sector, the low life Marxist has pushed the NDAA, national defense
    authorization act which is un-Constitutional! Now this stinking regime the
    leftists in oblamo’s regime wants to shut down the last lead manufacturing
    company mainly to make it harder and more expense to make bullets. oblamo
    is a dictator who is pushed by the one world order freaks who own the
    federal reserve they are the banksters out of the bank of London llow lifes
    , wake up America!

  3. Phil McConathy

    When states stand up and fully utilize there actual power under the
    Constitution the better the chance of this law being overturned. The
    biggest problem is too many states that want the money from the feds and
    don’t think about the consequences later on. The more they rely on the
    federal government the less power they actually have to stop runaway big

  4. Steve Hull

    Karen Stickney you need to read the Obummercare law completely and you will
    find many hidden taxes that are in it. It also takes away from Medicare
    and Medicaid which are so important to the elderly and needy. Obummer is a
    wannabe dictator and he is trying his best to get there.

  5. Suzanne Cavalier

    The key is to flip the Senate with a strong enough majority to repeal this
    horrible law, but then we need to get rid of all the bureaucrats that have
    been hired to run this program. If we do take over the Senate many of the
    remaining Dims will be too scared not to join us in repealing Obamacare.
    Remember this on election day, please do not vote third party or we lose
    again, remember 2012. 

  6. Tom Lehner

    Tim Constantine is joined by the Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey to
    talk about a new way out of Obamacare. 

  7. Karen Stickney

    If you don’t like Obamacare, don’t use it! You conservatives like to deny
    people things they need because you don’t like it yourselves. Who’s the
    lying hypocrites now? Conservatives! I am being serious, not sarcastic.


    Get rid of the federal reserve which is owned by the bank of London of
    England which for years has made America financial slaves! Eustice Mullins
    has given a lot of research has has proven that they have caused most of
    the wars, and they want to cause a financial meltdown of the USA!

  9. Karen Stickney

    I am NOT brainwashed. I know the real truth about Obamacare. You are just
    lying like conservatives always do.

  10. Karen Stickney

    DON’T USE IT!!!!!! DUH!!!!

  11. Gary Snyder

    Ok, the jist of the 10th Amendment says the states do not have to abide by
    any laws imposed on them by the Federal Government unless the Constitution
    gives the Feds that power. My question is “Why was the 17th Amendment
    necessary?” That was the Amendment that repealed proabation. Why couldn’t
    the States opt out of Proabition under the 10th Amendment? To take it a
    step further, isn’t the 10th Amendment what allows states like California,
    Washington, and Colorado the right to make Pot legal when it’s against
    federal law?

  12. Wilhelm Z

    Well the “Affordable Care Act” was only supposed to make health insurance
    affordable for sick people and poor blacks and mexicans. SOMEONE is going
    to have to foot the bill, hint hint.

  13. cheyanne skye

    please look into genesis II and jJm mars My friend s HIV test came back neg
    9they cant find it) after being pos for 20 years

  14. Ladyshystar

    Wow! That is wonderful news! I was feeling very crummy last week. Didn’t
    mean to be such a whiner. This stuff just wears ya down at times. T.Y. for
    the info. Much appreciated.

  15. firstname lastname

    Speaker Boehner, Pelosi and the rest of our Congressional critters, it is
    an HONOR to pay for your Gold Plan and the coverage of your staff and
    families. The Tea Party tried to prevent the peasants from subsidizing your
    Gold Plan but as you can see the left cried that we tried to defund
    obamacare. We understand you make millions in insider trading yet here we
    are forced to pay for your Gold Plan. Perhaps next year you’ll allow us to
    pay for your car insurance too.

  16. Patriot log homes

    this is so frightening, we are looking at the same thing, it is getting
    harder to just feed our family with the rising cost of food.

  17. twice blest

    Remember when Obummer said the insurance companies were making too much
    money? I think they’re making more. Who made that deal? This
    administration. The fleecing of Americans. NO ONE is denied healthcare in
    this country – except the elderly who are told there’s nothing else we can
    do. My daughter is a nurse. It’s THE LAW!

  18. Felix Burke

    We keep hearing that the US is the greatest country in the world, how do
    you know have you “lived” elsewhere long enough for a true comparison ? The
    US may be the most powerful and thinks that it can push the rest of us
    around but it’s not the greatest it’s heading for the bottom because the
    people have believed the lies of their leaders. Government is inherently
    corrupt and must always be viewed with suspicion, a lesson that was never
    learned until now.

  19. Crucafixxx

    WE are the slaves, put back in the damn cotton fields, the government has
    made good on the collateral it posted in 1933 with our social security
    number. God live and let live. The rich are people farmers, just like the
    pyramids with no bottom their can be no top.

  20. greyhoundfriend123

    I’m sorry about your illness and situation and I know you didn’t ask for
    advise but I would say to never give up, I think that’s exactly what they
    would like. Luke 12:4-12.

  21. BKL8008

    Yes, you are correct. And they leave symbols of this everywhere – in music,
    movies, TV shows, you name it. It’s advertised all over the place, and no
    one sees it.

  22. Ladyshystar

    Yes I agree. I am a fighter but this darn disease just saps ya. If it
    weren’t for my daughter I would have probably given up years ago. The Lupus
    reared it’s ugly head when I was pregnant with her. They told me that I
    probably would not make it to see her turn 5. Shis just turned 19. TY for
    the scripture. When I start feeling crummy and down I look up and say Lord
    whats the lesson in all of this strife for me? Their has to be a reason.
    Know what I mean? TY again for your kind words.

  23. greyhoundfriend123

    “Engineered total collapse”, precisely. Whereby they believe they will have
    total control of people. Problem, reaction, solution. “We are on the verge
    of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the
    nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller

  24. greyhoundfriend123

    Mr. Christenson, I was very shocked by this as well, that’s a huge amount.
    I would be grateful if you would keep us informed of your further findings.
    Thank you for all you do.

  25. mcbillygoat

    People. Roosevelt, you know the greatest American President, he basically
    told all Americans to hand over their GOLD or face imprisonment. That is
    not a president. That is a THUG. Let’s complain about the government even
    though they are run exclusively by the central bank – The Federal Reserve.
    They’ve defrauded us and all we can think to do is try to beg them for a
    kinder fraud. We became a CORPORATION in 1871 people. The law has been
    created to enslave physically and psychologically.

  26. chem soup

    This will push me into bankruptcy.With all the money stolen from us it
    should be free.They can go f$%k themselves


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