Nancy Pelosi Defends ObamaCare

November 17, 2013 MSNBC News
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25 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Defends ObamaCare

  1. 4freedom4liberty

    Being a Democrat is a form of depression.
    It just doesn’t seem like they are happy about anything anymore. The Party
    of so-called openness and tolerance has become a shrill, whiny, hateful
    depressed bag of wind.
    Democrats are simply incompetent, but at least they meant well.

  2. Paul Colourzone

    C’mon nancy…you know the only reason you lie thru your teeth at this
    abomination is because you were promised a little more Kosher Ram meat.

  3. Bob Cobb

    If results actually made a difference in politics nowadays she would be
    committing career suicide by continuing to support this failed health care
    program. But being dems vote for dems and republicans vote for republicans
    and neither party will have any powerful leaders who will stand up against
    the party norms people like Pelosi can support a failed and unpopular thing
    and not have to worry about losing political points. The two-party system
    has given us the failed health care system we have had for a half century
    or more, and the same system is giving us this failed fix. Nothing good
    will come from government that is run by two-parties and semi-controlled by
    corporations. THEY ARE ALL LIARS!

  4. Rusty Hill

    She is not helping her cause at all. These politicians are looking real
    stupid. This is not acceptable. It is time to put and end to this charade.
    This is not federal government this is federal debacle.

  5. 666Nietzsche

    If the criminal scum who wrote this “Affordable Care Act” TRULY cared
    about getting everyone insured, it would of been far more cost effective to
    just subsidize the uninsured with insurance vouchers instead of creating a
    huge cluster fuck bureaucracy of broken hoops to jump through and waste
    money on. Frankly, its all sick in the head. 

  6. 666Nietzsche

    Voters in Nancy Pelosi’s district have agreed to re elect her under ONE
    condition, that she keeps the lower half of her body submerged beneath
    liquid AT ALL TIMES in order to mask the frightening and unusual odor of
    her vaginal halitosis. 

  7. Northeastshooter

    By Kirk Allen (THE ALLEN REPORT 12/03/13)
    Why President Obama and the Democrats Should Have No Worries.
    All around us we see moronic Republicans constantly talk about the broken
    Obamacare website, the President’s alleged lies or about Benghazi, IRS or
    some other “scandal.” But what these All American idiots fail to
    understand is that the Democrats have a solid, loyal voter base that is not
    swayed by current events.

    The naive Republicans in their quest to flip Democrat voters to their side
    continually fail to grasp that these loyal Democrat voters are ready,
    willing and able to vote Democrat no matter what the President or the
    Democrats do. Period.

    Loyalty is loyalty and maybe the Republicans have never felt that kind of
    dependability for themselves. But the facts are that many Democrats, to
    their credit, will easily overlook or explain away any scandal by the
    Democrats because they are looking out for the bigger picture.

    Proof is in the numbers. Those Democrats that are in the minority have
    proven again and again that employment statistics mean very little.
    According to a report by the Bipartisan Policy Center, from 2009 through
    2011, black unemployment is over 14% up from 11.9% in 2008. Minorities are
    significantly worse off in terms of economics directly due to programs and
    lack of programs instituted by the President and Democrats. Yet, through
    their sense of loyalty, 93% of blacks voted for President Obama. What the
    bonehead Republicans don’t want to comprehend is that minorities have
    become accustomed to a higher level of unemployment and a higher crime
    experience but those realities are offset because they also enjoy free
    food, free housing and a host of other free programs offered by the

    In their stupidity and racist way of thinking, the Republicans believe that
    everyone should think as they think meaning that the Republicans foolishly
    believe that everyone should want to work or want to support and raise
    children they have. That kind of close-minded thinking has lost many
    elections for them.

    In short, the Democrats and the President will have no problem in winning
    future elections because they are tapped into the reality that the current
    minority community clearly views family life differently, places little
    value on religion or making money and will continue to support a candidate
    that offers a life where many important necessities are free.

    Until the Republicans offer free stuff to minorities and stop their
    incessant rants about morality and family values, they will continue to
    lose elections by the bunches. America has changed…vote Liberal, vote


  8. steelbreeze420

    She is such a pathetic cunt…i just wish she would fucking choke on a
    grape or something and rid us all of her plastic ass face…


    So they are trying to make Healthcare a right. Not a privilege. So how does
    forcing someone to buy something make it a right and not an obligation? The
    Affordable Care act does nothing to make Care affordable. It makes everyone
    have to pay a company who has promised to actually provide the service that
    people have been paying for. And that they wait until they need to deny. It
    is odd that for decades you can pay into your healthcare plan. And as soon
    as you get sick. They tell you oh. well you had a growth on your toe that
    time. so you are ineligible for coverage now. And they make you fight them
    to either get your coverage or your money back. money that they have made
    millions of dollars off of. but you don’t get that money if you win. they
    get to keep that. Affordable care is impossible in a system where
    EVERYTHING is open for profiteering. They should have created a government
    option. Which would have forced Greedy insurance companies to provide an
    actual plan that was based on benefits to consumers. You know Real

  10. Ladyshystar

    PELOSI. The same DINGBAT that gleefully said “You have to sign it to see
    whats in it”. She is more full of S**T than a Thanksgiving Turkey.
    Let me paraphrase for her. “We grocely mishandled the simple website but
    we want a Mulligan and a few billion more to fix it.” I can’t even listen
    to her BABBLE of B.S.
    Or the presidents either. (I’m sorry I LIED.) So he wants a Mulligan too?
    Well why the heck not after all they are betting with OUR MONEY.


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